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Thread: NORAD and Unknown Tracks 1986 -1989

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    Default NORAD and Unknown Tracks 1986 -1989

    I have finally been released records pertaining to the remaining unknowns detected by NORAD within the Continental United States Regions, Canada Regions, and Alaska Regions.

    In 1986, 813 Unknowns where detected, 535 were Scrambled on, 218 were intercepted, Identified ATC 340, other 132. Remaining unknown 123 object which were not identified by NORAD, NJ 3 Operations Directorate.

    In 1987 908 Unknowns were detected. 622 scrambled on 622, Intercept 269, Identified ATC COR (Air Traffic Control Correlation) 353, Other 157, Remaining Unknown 129

    In 1988 986 Unknowns, Scrambled On 503, Intercept 211, Identified ATC COR 490, Other 161, Remaining Unknown 124

    In 1989 832 Unknowns, Scramble On 466, Intercepted 168, Identified ATC COR 366, Other 200 Remaining Unknowns 98.

    All these figures come for the Deputy Directorate for Analysis, NORAD Planning Staff.

    These records were located in the Joint Chiefs of Staff files and transferred to USNORTHCOM who contact NORAD to declassified the records.

    Due to the dramatic change after the 9th September 2001, NORAD no longer directly responses to Freedom of Information Act Requests, nor does USNORTHCOM who have constantly stated NORAD is a bi national organisation and not subject to the FOIA, I have how ever after a lot of effort and correspondence and requests I pursued the declassification of some NORAD records to no avail through the US FOIA.

    The situation at present is has follows to obtain NORAD records, current records are a complete no go regardless and there is no legal way of obtaining them.

    Lets give you this analogy:

    The baker produces bread, yet we cannot get any bread from the baker. So we have to go to someone else who has some bread and request them to send the bread to the baker, then the baker will decided whether to give you the bread or not. If he decides not to give you the bread if the bread came from the baker and under the bakers control, there is no way of pursuing to make the baker change his mind.

    With the amount of UFOs or alleged UFOs reported it would seem many are not detected by NORAD or not referenced under the term "unknown" or apart of the Unknown Track Summary produced yearly by NORAD.

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