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Thread: The Band Wagon

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    Default The Band Wagon

    Looking through different websites concerning the so called UFOs, it is plainly obvious many are on the "band wagon" of trying to prove that the UFO is linked to other life out there. Many provide regurgitated material, some times inaccurately, material with out a known source, personal statements, opinions which are plainly supporting pro or anti so called "alien" stance, and of course egos and personalities clashes and disagreements.

    It makes me wonder whether the UFO subject is actually moving forward or being eroded due to lack of sound judgements good solid research, and the right people in the community (if that's what you wish to call it) to make such a call and provide a frame work which can be built on to find truthful answers which are unbiased and just based upon the evidence and truth that can be uncovered.

    Yet many are on the band wagon of trying to prove one thing or another, and the information provided is twisted, inaccurate, sensational, and down right deceitful. If the truth ever raises its head many will try to defend their corner and find weaknesses in the truth even if it means attacking those that are trying to bring it forth.

    Would you recognised the truth if it was before you in a world that is full of illusions, lies, deceit and gone half mad with seeking its own destruction is such an emphatic manner? Probably not.

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