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Thread: The Coming Neuro-tech Revolution

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    Default The Coming Neuro-tech Revolution

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    Default Re: The Coming Neuro-tech Revolution

    Thanks Omni, good points of view that I tend to agree with.

    You cannot really stop the development of this sort of technology unless you somehow remove human intuition and desire to progress technologically. If you don’t develop it your enemies will. Putin commented recently by saying those that control AI will control the world, so, the race is on.

    Unfortunately those satanic psychos’s who control the exotic stuff are fundamentally evil and want to weaponise everything in sight.

    To push humanity in ‘their’ direction I suspect they drip feed technology through Universities and large corporates, a bit like Colonel Corso’s job (The day After Roswell Book) who covertly rolled out some of the ET technologies into industry from the Roswell craft – the microchip, fibre optics, Kevlar, night vision and so on.

    And yes, their are likely to be many benefits and cures from technologies around AI linked to light, sound and electro-magnets - its all energy which can be used for good and bad
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