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Thread: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    "When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there." ~ George Harrison

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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    We received four (4) pages stapled together as a pamphlet. It was nicely inserted under a windshield wiper on the car. And apparently had been so inserted ad nauseam across hundreds, if not more, parked cars.

    Apparently, it was the rapture.

    I can still retrieve the research that proves this, although, as far as I can tell, everything remains unaffected.

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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    Your Guide th the End of the World

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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    Yep another prediction... and a funny thread. It's what we should be meeting this nonsense with. I hope this is the right thread to post my critical thoughts on the topic. I see people (in the everyday world) get suckered into these negative traps while they still deny any greater or metaphysical nature to reality.

    From what I can tell a lot of these predictions hijack metaphysical happenings/alignments. I think some of those people get unconsciously taken over by their fears. Some know what they're doing is BS and do so for money. Some seriously believe in the negative predictions and get taken over by parasitic entities. The predictions could be used for energy theft, negative forces using human minds to churn fear like a virus uses a computer.

    I think we live in a world where many people give too much power to the negative, and are resistant to realize how much could be done if that energy were put into positive paths. Not in new agey ways. Sometimes it's the small changes we make in our lives that are the most powerful. Although the more along we are with our self work the better effect we tend to have on the world around us.

    The alignments and whatever the predictions are based on might simply be subtle energy movements. There could be a lot of subtle movements of energy that happen every day but that our ego minds are blind to.

    I think the ego is like a machine that is concerned with control. It either wants to control everything (which would drive many mad if they were to suddenly awaken-notice the miasma of energies they don't control), or be controlled and even give itself to self destructive fantasies if it believes there's a greater external authority. Ego (at its most asleep) tends to be a schizoid mess of an inferiority complex and a dominance complex. It's externally focused - project the control on to others or be controlled by others/external forces.

    The mechanisms of the ego tend to take over and show through when people deal with grand negative predictions. Whenever there's negative hype in the news it's probably a good time to go within with a sober focus on awareness. The media often tries to spin neutral or positive alignments/energies in negative ways and they often succeed with many people. Which is too bad because we all could be doing so much better than that (including those in the media).

    The sleeping ego tends to be blind though and tries to make everything flat and literal, rather than explore the subtle and nuanced (reality as a paradox not a contradiction). There's not much more externally controlling than an event that can destroy the planet.

    We could see these predictions as tests of our own awareness and centeredness. Some of the predictions can seem quite real. What's more real though? The thou that thou are, a living light in the infinite miasma of creation, or fear and negative thinking?

    A lot of these alignments probably have significance but not in a crude and literal way that the ego seeks. I think there's an energy behind them that can be interesting and beautiful in itself, to just learn to read those energies and appreciate the vastness of creation. In my humble opinion not every event is meant to have a literal macroscopic effect or be something that we wield to change the whole world. Sometimes it's just creation in motion and the biggest thing we can "do" is witness it and appreciate its wonder.
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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    Quote Posted by Tarazeda (here)
    Yes it didn't end again, what a disappointment.

    However I have the feeling that many things have changed in the last couple of months, things kind of less significant on a global level but important on a personal internal level. The consciousnesses have shifted one more time and I don't mean it in the new age sense, we are not getting less dense bodies here in earth.
    According to my observation more and more people are turning to the alternative and realising that the mainstream flow is not relevant anymore or at least cannot be trusted. The speed with which this is happening is accelerating in my opinion and looking back at 2000 and now we are all a lot more aware and awake, Not all of the humanity but still our numbers are growing. .
    I think all these stellar events that fear mongers twisted to spread insecurity and uncertainty,in order to gain personal profit, mark peaks in the upliftment of human consciousness.
    I agree with this. Yesterday on a reality star's Twitter rant against Trump, there were replies talking about George Soros, etc. These are seriously mainstream people, making comments that five years ago would only have been found on an Alex Jones' forum. People are starting to think outside the box, which is an important first step, although it's a bit messy to watch.

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    Default Re: I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???

    - we can pretend, but nobody knows ( for certain )

    Only G.d knows, or maybe even he do not want to ....

    Be the guardian and leader of your own life, person and more ...

    :- )

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