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Thread: C. Goode and B. Massaro – buyer beware alert

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    Default Re: C. Goode and B. Massaro – buyer beware alert

    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)
    I also mentioned - here - that the Gypsy/Tzigan designed tests to run on kids to detect if they were tribe chief / leader material or to never let them anywhere near a position of power.
    Yes, there are now well established tests for all three conditions; not sure how effective they are at this time. They don't seem to effectively keep these groups from causing damage in any case although therapy can help those that want help. And given the groups that control our world, I expect they feel quite comfortable with them and it's all part of the plan.

    It's my understanding that psychopaths are born with the condition, the other two are due to their environment as children. I know several people that have one of these three conditions, which took a while to recognize as they are all quite charming and skilled manipulators. One murdered one of my best friends, he's in prison now. It took that to bring it to the forefront of my awareness.

    I would not want anyone harmed but would like to see that we all learn to recognize and be aware. And contain such people before they can harm others when possible. Given a slightly more perfect world we would all act towards minimizing this problem rather than waiting for the 'authorities' to deal with it.

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    Default Re: C. Goode and B. Massaro – buyer beware alert

    Quote Posted by KansasGirl (here)
    This question is for Daozen:

    Have you ever been in a relationship with a narcissist? A lover, or friend, family member?
    Yes plenty... As narcissists are about 30% of the population they are everywhere. We all have those traits to a cerain extent. Those that think they don't are the most dangerous. I don't understand why exposing the evils of Corey Goode's narcissism is prioritized above the millions of other narcs out there. There are now dozens of threads on this guy, which I think is overkill. But each to their own.

    The good side is that Corey has flushed the UFOlogy field, by causing several people to show their true colors.
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    Default Re: C. Goode and B. Massaro – buyer beware alert

    The very first 2 minute and 12 seconds of the video in the OP make perfect sense to me. I agree completely with what he said in that opening statement. There is no real truth to be found in the cerebral domain. { my own way of saying it }

    Then he launches himself off into a whole splurge from his cerebral domain and corrupts the profound simplicity he opened with.

    A particulary potent trouble maker.
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