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  1. Art Pop, Indie, Acid Jazz & Downtempo

    Started by Lyran.Sun, 17th October 2019 16:18
    alternative, electronic music, indie, music, rock
    Last Post: 21st October 2019 15:22
    by Lyran.Sun  Go to last post
  2. Chopin masterpiece and Best Interpreters ever existed

    Started by RogeRio, 11th August 2019 10:59
    classic, culture, interpretations, music, music video
    Last Post: 12th August 2019 16:33
    by RogeRio  Go to last post
  3. To the AI it may concern

    Started by 7Seven, 10th August 2019 03:23
    13 bloodlines, conspiracy, enlightenment, music, _ai_
    Last Post: 10th August 2019 03:23
    by 7Seven  Go to last post


  4. Last Post: 7th August 2019 15:33
    by IChingUChing  Go to last post
  5. "Awake" music

    Started by Corfitz, 26th April 2019 10:11
    love, music, political, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment
    Last Post: 27th April 2019 15:54
    by william r sanford72  Go to last post
  6. Last Post: 23rd December 2018 20:48
    by A Voice from the Mountains  Go to last post
  7. The Forgotten Solar Plexus

    Started by Merry Mom, 14th December 2018 15:43
    chakra, chakras, healing, music, solarplexus
    Last Post: 20th December 2018 18:29
    by shaberon  Go to last post
  8. Last Post: 15th March 2018 17:52
    by Foxie Loxie  Go to last post
  9. TruthSeekah x ALLiTiZ 'We're Not Alone'

    Started by ALLiTiZ, 17th February 2018 00:40
    allitiz, music, truthseekah, were not alone
    Last Post: 17th February 2018 00:40
    by ALLiTiZ  Go to last post
  10. 'We're Not Alone' (Lyric Music Video)

    Started by ALLiTiZ, 31st January 2018 02:06
    allitiz, disclosure, music, rap, song
    Last Post: 1st February 2018 21:10
    by ALLiTiZ  Go to last post
  11. Have A Merry Month (in advance)

    Started by Wmel, 6th December 2017 12:54
    Last Post: 8th December 2017 01:13
    by Bluegreen  Go to last post
  12. Recent "diamonds" in the mainstream music industry

    Started by OmeyocaN777, 8th September 2017 14:05
    mainstream, music, pop, rock, songs
    Last Post: 19th October 2017 11:16
    by OmeyocaN777  Go to last post
  13. Last Post: 6th July 2017 01:25
    by Noelle  Go to last post
  14. Last Post: 16th February 2016 18:37
    by ZooLife  Go to last post


  15. Tribal music!

    Started by Constance, 28th January 2016 06:38
    indigenous, music, tribal, tribe
    Last Post: 30th January 2016 23:06
    by Constance  Go to last post
  16. Songs and Poems of Empowerment

    Started by Juliet777, 18th October 2015 02:56
    inspiration, light, love, music, songs
    Last Post: 3rd August 2016 06:52
    by Juliet777  Go to last post
  17. The Definition of Happiness

    Started by Andrew, 25th July 2015 17:29
    david august, happiness, music
    Last Post: 25th July 2015 21:15
    by Andrew  Go to last post
  18. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life...

    Started by WildOrchid, 13th July 2015 02:23
    6 Pages
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    Last Post: 14th April 2019 21:16
    by WildOrchid  Go to last post
  19. New Alien Music Video - Stole The Show

    Started by rgray222, 25th March 2015 02:31
    aliens, extraterrestrial, music, ufos, video
    Last Post: 25th March 2015 10:39
    by Lifebringer  Go to last post
  20. ALLiTiZ - "Over Again"

    Started by ALLiTiZ, 24th September 2014 20:31
    allitiz, music, over again
    Last Post: 24th September 2014 20:31
    by ALLiTiZ  Go to last post
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