About Project Camelot

Project Camelot was founded by myself and Kerry Cassidy in April 2006. The original site has now been archived - unchanged and in its entirety - as a library. For the library overview and index, please click here.

In addition, a general portal page (click here) gives one entry to several new sites, including Project Avalon and Kerry Cassidy's new personal site, Project Camelot Productions.

For the original, extensive, Camelot site, featuring free access to over 200 hours of comprehensive video and audio interview material, click here.

For the Camelot YouTube channel, featuring over 100 full-length videos, click here.

I will write more in due course about the chain of events - not yet reported in one place - which led to the separation of the two sites and the decision to archive Camelot as a library.

Of course, Camelot was taken down. That decision was made certainly by the end of summer 2009 - after our video conversations with Pete Peterson and Steven Greer, our stand on the vaccinations issue, and Henry Deacon's three public appearances culminating in his statement on stage at the Barcelona Exopolitics Congress that he had visited the Mars base.

Not only that, but we significantly angered the Church of Scientology with our Dane Tops interview exposé. And back in 2008, we had irritated the Illuminati after our interview with Leo Zagami and our contact with the Norwegian Politician (Khaqan Khan).

Then in October 2008 we met Jake Simpson. The evening I spent with him in which we encountered the highly-classified Anunnaki-sourced AI surveillance system is documented on our Jake Simpson report. We were both affected, but brushed it off. Nevertheless, we may then have attracted the attention of some powerful off-planet adversaries.

The effect of all this was the accumulation of anything between three and seven powerful groups of enemies - and Camelot's fate was probably sealed. There's quite a bit more to say about all of this, but the above may at least start to answer some questions that many have understandably been asking.

Our work, of course, continues - and the opportunity is that the two sites which now replace one, in addition to the archived library, will do even more to spread important information that people need to hear and understand, while permitting both Kerry and myself to focus on aspects of our mission that strongly resonate with each of us.

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