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shanonatime 08-29-2009 07:18 PM

please help us spread the word!!! awake!!!
hello friends!!! please continue to help us spread the word about the upcoming
awake and aware conference in LA. this is most appreciated!!!
download the poster on the site! spread the trailer! spread the mini site! http://projectcamelot.org/awakeandaware also- if you plan to watch it streaming, which i know you will, help get everyone streaming together!!! heck, organize an event in your area where you all have a little organic coffee meeting and watch and discuss together... take donations and send em to kerry! :-) and awake and aware across the us and anywhere else. lol. why why why not???? :-) just help spread the word. because you know it's coming and you know you'll be watching... so do anything you can do now to help us make this the best first awake and aware project ever ever ever.
anything you can do with your advertising skills on your sites and blogs and facebook and twitterific amazing skills and just word of mouth etc- just do it! i was facebooking to death and think i may have to start up the account again- twitch. twitch. anyhow- THANKS for all who are helping- just by being here you are- but anything else you could do to make this a FULL house- we have like 1000 seats- would be amazing. thanks thanks thanks xoxoxoxoxo love and light-

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