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Bill Ryan 09-07-2008 11:08 AM

New Project Camelot updates
Last night's Benjamin Fulford telephone interview (see the Benjamin Fulford thread) has been edited and is available here.

A transcript of our conversation with George Green two days ago is available here - already. Kudos to our transcription team: we weren't even aware that anyone had been working on it until it was done! (The best possible definition of delegation :original: )

* This new thread wil be for Kerry and myself to make Camelot update announcements. Please post any discussion on other threads. (Create them if they're needed...)

Bill Ryan 09-09-2008 03:43 AM

Re: New Project Camelot updates
The transcript of the 6 September Benjamin Fulford phone interview has just been posted at Project Camelot.

Clck here

Kudos again to our extremely efficient transcription team. Guys, you know who you are.

Bill Ryan 09-10-2008 02:03 AM

Re: New Project Camelot updates
Kerry and I have just completed a blockbuster of a two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on immediate current events but spanning time travel, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia, the coming US election, Benjamin Fulford's testimony, and what may or may not happen in the coming few weeks and months.

We hope to get this edited and uploaded in a few hours time, and wil let you know here on this thread.

Bill Ryan 09-10-2008 05:00 PM

Re: New Project Camelot updates
Click here for a blockbuster of a two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on immediate current events but spanning time travel, the Freemasons, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia, the coming US election, Benjamin Fulford's testimony, and what may or may not happen in the coming few weeks and months.

Bill Ryan 09-15-2008 10:49 PM

Re: New Project Camelot updates
The transcript of our 9 September phone interview with David Wilcock is now available here.

Kerry Cassidy 09-18-2008 01:37 AM

An important Project Camelot news update
We have just made this potentially very important announcement to the "State of the Planet" section of the home page of Project Camelot:

17 September:

A source has just informed us that their alphabet agency contact has been deployed to the Middle East. In the words of the contact, war with Iran is now a "done deal".

This contact had also said in a previous message that he was "too old for this ****".

Back in July, the contact stated that Israel will start it, and the US will back them, mainly with refueling. We have no further information to indicate whether this strategy is still current.

Our source [who is a member of the Forum] has asked for us all to pray for peace.

It is Camelot's view that an attack may be used to take the eyes of the world off the ongoing economic crash and on to the war scenario in a major effort to distract while things go downhill.

Our source Henry Deacon, who has worked with many different agencies on many different projects, has told us (in response to our sharing with him the above information) that he was contacted last week with a view to an immediate and urgent assignment in the Middle East at an extremely high rate of pay. Henry turned down the offer.

Bill Ryan 09-19-2008 05:51 PM

Project Camelot audio interview last night on Paranexus
Hi, All:

We did an audio interview last night with Paranexus. We don't usually post details of our own interviews, but this one was actually quite a good one. :original: The audio quality is NOT the best, but here's the content:

1) A detailed summary of the "Big Picture", including the Roswell crash, time travel issues, future human visitation, and the 2012 problem.

2) A detailed analysis of the October problem (i.e. what may be happening in the next few weeks).

3) Project Avalon and its mission.

69 minutes (23 Mb). Enjoy.

[PC users right-click and Save As, Mac users option-click]

We've tightened it up to remove music and superfluous chat, so it's a lot shorter than the original. 20 minutes of the original was also irretrievably lost - the first time this has ever happened to Paranexus. We edited around that.

Please forgive the audio quality, but you may appreciate the content. It contains some interesting information that has never been published on the Camelot site and may be the best audio summary of our work to date.

Kerry Cassidy 10-18-2008 04:20 AM

Gary McKinnon: His Heroic Dilemma
Gary McKinnon now faces extradition to the US "within days". [Computer Weekly, 13 October]

As many of you know, Project Camelot has been working behind the scenes to assist Gary with the case to prevent his extradition to the United States. Unfortunately, our efforts have not been successful -- mainly due to Gary's choice to follow the advice of those handling his legal battle in the UK.

Understandably, Janis (Gary's mother) and Gary have chosen not to use what we feel is their key strength in this battle to fight extradition and have instead chosen to concentrate on emphasizing more mundane aspects of the case such as his apparent lack of sophistication during the initial arrest where he frankly stated his guilt and then in the choice to use his recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome [an autistic condition] as a line of defense.

Whereas this condition may have contributed to his actions once he had been apprehended by the authorities, the real case is far more significant. As we have stated in the past on this blog, Gary McKinnon in his politically motivated hacking of Pentagon and NASA computers discovered important information regarding the existence of a secret space program which included fleet-to-fleet transfers of personnel, and what appears to be an off-planet astronaut corps.

This information has been independently confirmed by Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell, among others: Richard Hoagland, Linda Howe and Jim Marrs are just three respected researchers who have been investigating this crucial area.

Please read below for details of Dan's on-record statement that he and Marci are willing, if called to the witness box, to testify about the secret space program under penalty of perjury. By de-emphasizing the evidence Gary discovered, we feel he is squandering the only hope he had of building a case that holds world wide import.

The point here is that although what Gary did was illegal, there is substantial evidence that the security around the Pentagon and NASA computer networks has been lacking and, one might even think, set up as a sort of honey trap -- being purposefully lax in order to lure naive hackers with the objective of making prosecuting them simple once caught, and using this advantage to then increase the penalties and laws surrounding information security.

Project Camelot has received information from several high level sources that indicates that Gary was chosen to be made an example of, with his fate sealed long before his case went before the House of Lords. In essence, Gary had become the card the Powers That Be have chosen to use as a scapegoat to frighten off any future attacks, aimed mainly at the highly skilled Asian hackers currently threatening their networks.

Because of this decision, it was and is all the more crucial that Gary use the only trump card in his own deck to raise the overall issue surrounding his case that would force the hand of the US into releasing him... rather than publicly raise the specter of the secret space program and the web of deceit and obfuscation that has surrounded it for decades.

We cannot stress enough how disappointed and concerned we are that Gary and his advisors have chosen to concentrate on the mundane aspects of his case when these issues could not only free him from what could be a life-threatening incarceration with the risk of mind control and other such specters -- when he could be stepping up into a heroic role which we feel he had volunteered for long before coming to the Earth this time around.

Each of us has a mission. And Gary McKinnon is uniquely positioned to play a crucial part in blowing the lid off the secrecy that begins with all the issues surrounding the secret space program and its purpose, and could end with revealing in a US court the ET agenda and where we might all be headed as a species.


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