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Kate 09-09-2008 12:24 PM

HOLISTIC CURES / AID in the event of no medication!!
Please keep this as a resource LIST only...!
this thread can become a 'one stop' place for visitors to gather help/advice/learning from all available holistic sources!

cures? help for trauma? how to combat everyday illness ?

I will start it off with these great techniques for dealing with emotional upset/trauma/fears/phobias



ucan 09-09-2008 10:33 PM

Re: HOLISTIC CURES / AID in the event of no medication!!
I've heard that one of the Hopi Indians philosophies is that everything you need is within 20 feet of where you are. For one thing nature provides many cures, I'm lucky enough to live on the side of a mountain in Wales, UK - I have seen many wild herbs growing here including Sage, Chamomile, Mint - all very powerful healing herbs especially when used on an ethereal level- our vibrational fields can be maintained/healed using these simple herbs - I'm not an expert but I have practical experience of using herbal medicine - main stream medicine in the UK is a joke, the first stage is one of three prescriptions - Anti-Biotics, Pain Killers or Steroids and if that doesn't mask the symptoms enough then it's surgery or some other invasive method. First stage of healing is understanding that healing is a life long process - from the moment we are born we are dying and every 7 years every cell in your body is replaced, we create our bodies and we create our own illnesses. This may sound strange to some people and completely unacceptable to others (and I do understand this considering some of the dis-eases that can kill us), but remember you are an organism living on a planet, not a citizen of a society and you are responsible for yourself - look around you for the cures you need, they are everywhere - don't forget to smile/live/enjoy and remember that all of us have got a lot to learn/forget.

freedom dove 09-21-2008 05:01 PM

Re: HOLISTIC CURES / AID in the event of no medication!!
I think energy healing would qualify as something useful when there are no docs or meds available. Pretty much anyone can learn how to do this. There are different modalities, but I found one that is unlike Reiki, in that it doesn't use symbols. I read a really interesting article on the dangers of Reiki, and I've had my own strange experiences with it, so I stay away from it now.

Quantum Touch healing is energy healing without symbols. Here's the website: http://www.quantumtouch.com/

I bought the book instead of attending the conferences, since I wanted to learn how to heal myself--not necessarily become "certified" in it. Once you get started, you really can feel the energy moving through you and out your hands. It will feel warm to you but if someone were to touch your hands they would feel coldness. Of course, it's different for everyone, but that is basically true.

This is somewhat similar to Qi-gong, but instead of storing up the energy and then using it at a later time, it's more of a use-as-you-collect kind of healing. That's a little confusing. Sorry. I mean to say that you bring the energy in your body and then direct it out your hands to the patient all in one fell swoop. You're not collecting and storing the energy. It entails a "breathe and sweep" method that allows you to take in universal aether/energy and mix it with your intentions to facilitate healing for the person either directly to a wound or organ, or just generically with the intention that the energy be used for the person's highest good.

simple simon 09-28-2008 09:00 PM

Re: HOLISTIC CURES / AID in the event of no medication!!
Investigate Thieves Blend.

Here are 2 links, but a websearch will find MUCH more.



(about how it can be an effective treatment against the MRSA 'superbug' - other pages at the website have ooldes of other interesting info)


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