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Lance 09-25-2008 06:20 PM

The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

"he revolution will not be organized,
the revolution will not be organized.com,
the revolution will not be Yahoo Grouped, Meetuped,
downloaded, uploaded, QWERTY'd, or blogged.

The revolution will not be handled by webmasters,
think-tankers, authors of policy position papers,
authors of anti-policy position papers,
secretaries, executives, executive assistants,
insiders, whistle-blowers, informants, counter-informants,
committees or sub-committees.

Your neighbor with excellent leadership qualities
will not lead you into, through, or out of the revolution.
The revolution will not be inspired, instigated, managed
or controlled by him, her, or them.
The revolution will not be organized.

No matter if you eat at McDonald's and can barely walk,
no matter if you drive an S.U.V. and rarely walk,
no matter if you were public school indoctrinated,
vaccinated, humiliated, ostracized, terrorized, minimized,
no matter if you live in a house owned by BofA,
no matter if you eat cat food, dog food,
Puppy Chow for your inner child,
no matter if you shop at Salvation Army, Saks, TJ Maxx,
when the Cold Hand of Power touches you,
it touches revolution.

They will come to chip you, rape you,
tell you you are theirs, imprison you in FEMA camps
because you spoke out,
because you doubted the official story,
because you looked with your own eyes,
spoke from your own heart.
They will come for you in black uniforms, black helmets,
swinging black batons, symbols of the New Authority,
and you will say,
"No, my children and I will not come with you."

You will say no -- not because Charlie Sheen
inspired you one night on FOX News
to look more closely at falling towers.
You will say no -- not because Alex Jones
led you through the darkness with a bullhorn.
You will say no -- not because Howard Zinn
handed you the Book of Truth on a silver platter.
You will say no because you are your own
star of truth shining the way.

At your unique hour, in the dark,
beneath a burning paper currency moon,
the Cold Hand of Power will touch you and revolt you."



THE eXchanger 09-25-2008 06:23 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized
is that as i signed in

Currently Active Users: 1111 (402 members and 709 guests)

11 11 PEOPLE are here reading about it !!!

402 members -- Almost all of them, good --
The weeds will be pulled from the garden !!!
They show up, and, stick out like sore thumbs !!!

and, 709 snopes !!! :mfr_lol:

imagine that !!!

those here, who are NOT brave enough to put on a face !!!

some of these people
do you think they will realiSe
that the people they work for are very evil ???

and, doing this type of work for a pay check
is very karmic...& eventually you will pay for this.

sooner or later you will come to face
what i call, "The Consquences"
and, when the choices start adding up,
and, you realiSe you are a part of The iLLs,
you might say, to yourself,
what the hell, am i doing !!!

(some of you have information/and, have a whistle to blow--
and, it is time to blow them, and, loudly)

if you are reading this,
and, working for them
and, you are the people,
who crashed our words

Ironically, all those words
said by many,
did go out into the ethers,
and, still eXist in this time.

Taking them down, did NOT erase them

Those words, are still "keeping us" keeping on !!!

Quite a few of you members,
are, writing me, private emails,
and, telling me about your eXperiences,
with some of my suggestions/and, telling me,
how it is working for you--
and, this is very eXciting.

"major shifts, are taking place"

"wow, i was up for days"

"things, are NOT getting to me anymore"


funny thing is, the best words,
have NOT yet even been spoken,
just wait, when 2700+ people,
all start talking, as, it appears,
that is eXactly what is occuring here !!!

The results of all of them,
are being eXpressed in this NOW !!!
and, that is something
that can NEVER be taken away !!!

If you are one here,
doing one of those jobs,
it is very karmic, and, sooner or later,
you will stand in judgement for what you are doing,
and, what you have done.

i believe, very strongly,
the game is starting to get real interesting...
i am NOT surprised at all,
that the churches,
refused to give,
in order to help you all bail out !!!

(isn't that interesting)

all the sides, trying to climb up the pin

do NOT trust one another -- NOW isn't that grand !!!

as, i have always said...
there might be, 9 at the centre,
and, 1, who tries to keep the other 9 honest :mfr_lol:
but, when none of the nine trust one another,
nor, do they weave energy, as beauty/and, energy,
nor, do they put things out in the right light,
for how long, do you think, you can stand strong !!!

the inner circles,
they are already starting to crumble...and, turn on one another:lmao:

These people, i refer them,
as, what they are ill !!!

"The iLLs",
9 mad men
and, one who is probably hood_winking
all the rest of them :wink2:

The game of hood-winking is over !!!

We are going to tell people,
eXactly who NOT to eXchange with,
and, even why !!! :thumb_yello:

If you truly believe,
this world is NOT waking up
it's time to take that in
and, reflect it, Think again :yikes:


It is a time,
for a few, followed by many to speak up
and, say, eXactly what is on your mind

POST YOUR THOUGHTs TO this thread:

This is a time, for great eXpression,
say what you mean, and,
mean what you say ...

more and more people,
are waking up to their mission,
and, waking up to their purpose,
and, in saying that,
it is time, for many to tell their truths !!!

and, in the process to really LIVE IT !!!

Currently Active Users: 1111
what an interesting number...
a double master number/and, a gateway to avalon

please people...
our members, who are here,
it is time,
for others WHO ARE HERE,
to speak up here


YES, the words here, i am sure,
will be quite profound (esp. when others post too)

give us, your best words ...

this is to be, a thread in the time of avalon

what do you feel, i mean, really feel

PUT your heart, the lower, and, the higher heart,
PUT your mind, the lower, and, the higher mind,
into this equation, and, then POST !!!

LET US all make this post/or thread

The TRUE Reflection,
of the many who are here in this NOW !!!
(with their faces on)

and, truly make YOUR WORDS COUNT !!!

It iS quite apparent, we have many readers !!!

come back, and, frequent this thread,

lets keep adding to it, perhaps, this is like "the family of Avalon blog"

i can NOT think, of a better thread to post them on here !!!

i am susan
the eXchanger

Heretic 09-25-2008 06:28 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized
I really like the last line the most

"The truth cannot be organized"

that says it all to me

thanks for this, made me smile a big cheesy grin


Jenny 09-25-2008 06:29 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized
:thumb_yello: eXchanger!

That's exactly why I applied for the Mod function.

Creating a Radiant Zone in my house, garden , village, my body, my mind, my heart, my spirit.

I wanted to walk my talk here as well and be of service.

Out in the open is the best place to breath freely.


Z for Zorro!:mfr_lol:

THE eXchanger 09-25-2008 06:45 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized
"truth is truth...
it iS what it iS"
White Lotus Star

"Truth can NOT be eXpressed,
unless, it is contained in the equation of LOVE"
White Lotus Star

"truth iS, the highest eXpression of LOVE"
White Lotus Star

"truth is, the highest eXpression
of beauty, and, of energy,
wooven with light,
which creates, and, eXpresses itself,
in the grand tapestry of LOVE"
White Lotus Star

"will it to be, so, it will be"
White Lotus Star

i am Susan~White Lotus Star
The eXchanger

Heretic 09-25-2008 06:50 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized
Ok here is my thought for the day which had guided me through my life.

I discovered the secret of the sea in meditation upon the dewdrop. -Kahlil Gibran

Every moment of every day you are exposed to possibility and each of these moments is the universe in disguise. See every moment as the dewdrop.

THE eXchanger 09-25-2008 07:03 PM

Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

Originally Posted by Jenny (Post 27688)
:thumb_yello: eXchanger!
That's exactly why I applied for the Mod function.
Creating a Radiant Zone in my house, garden , village, my body, my mind, my heart, my spirit.
I wanted to walk my talk here as well and be of service.
Out in the open is the best place to breath freely.

Z for Zorro!:mfr_lol:

J for JENNY!:mfr_lol:

(lets all add, words, beside the letters)
for things we believe in

i'll start it : (everyone join in--by copying it,
and, adding to it)

A for adventure

B for Bill (for starting this forum) & best

C for caring

D for determined

E for ethers, energy

F for fun

G for gracious

H for heart

I for inner_worlds

J for joy

K for Kerry (for starting this form) kindness, knowledge

L for love

M for Mother Earth,

N for New

O for outer_worlds

P for positive

Q for quick

R for respect

S for strong

T for truth

U for united

V for victory

W for wit

X for eXchange

Y for Yes

Z for Zebra ? (i need some help)

WE can add to, delete, or modify these a,b,c's
in our alphabet soup
and, express to the world,
why we are all here, right now !!!

This could be FUN !!!:original:

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