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Inkoze 10-04-2008 02:12 AM

Mary Summer Rain and No Eyes ~
No Eyes could "see" what would come from her own blind eyes... She, along with Michael St Clair have given the most accurate future possibilities that I have ever come across... Below are some of the things told by No Eyes and recorded by Mary Summer Rain in 1982 :

Most pertain to the U.S. - though the environmental and political ones are more global.

Please keep in mind Mary's essential message: these things that happen are the birth pangs of a new world. The phoenix rises from the ashes of old and flies free ... the new world begins. This new world is a better one with love and hope.

From Phoenix Rising, by Mary Summer Rain

Contractions / Economic Aspects

- Massive blue collar strikes
- Relocation of key factories overseas
- Computerization of factories
- Extended import / export embargoes/taxations
- Increased unemployment
- Widespread factory shutdowns
- Excessive taxation
- Small business failures
- Insolvency of many banks
- Stock Market mis-dealings / decline
- Drastic construction decline
- Devaluation of real estate
- Increase in corporate crime
- Drop in level of manufactured goods
- Increase in personal bankruptcies
- Widespread layoffs- Runaway credit purchases
- Cash as only accepted tender (I have a feeling we'll be seeing this soon)

Emerging / Natural Disasters

- Major devastation in California
- Earthquakes in new areas (this has been happening lately - such as England, New England)
- In-active craters become unsettled
- Mountains become unstable
- Return of the dust bowl
- Record-breaking floods
- Tornadoes increase intensity and occasion
- Liquefaction of soil beneath faults
- Intensified hurricane devastation
- Freak wind gusts /accidents
- Soil erosion
- Increased radon levels
- Rock/mud slides
- Insect infestation
- Sink holes
- Rapid temperature inversions
- Frigid winters/deadly blizzards
- Summer storms with intensified hail/lightening
- Seeping natural gas (fires/explosions)
- Underground fires
- Widespread surface blazes
- Major quake of the New Madrid Fault (southern Illinois or northeastern Arkansas) which may jeopardize the entire Mississippi River Valley area.
- Greenish hue to atmosphere - Phoenix Days
- Higher pollution levels

Eyes Searching / Transportation Accidents

- Plane crashes increases (Since 1982 they've increased - from small private ones to commercial ones)
- Shipping disasters increase
- Higher incidents of train derailments / accidents

Listening / Freak Deaths & Accidents

- Amusement park disasters
- Increase in homicide / suicide
- Freak household accidents
- Disease outbreaks
- Several catastrophic propane explosions- Germ Warfare release accident

Breath Heaving / Discord Between Nations

- Grave economical differences
- Arms escalation
- Warring altercations
- Terrorism increases
- Undeclared wars
- Clandestine dealing between countries
- High level secrecy

Wings Flexing / Spiritual Unrest and Awakening

- Questioning masses
- Political church actions
- Governmental interventions
- Repression from certain religious sects
- Increased UFO sightings
- Interaction with other intelligences
- Acceptance of paranormal
- Acceptance of ongoing spirit / afterlife
- More religious sects going to court to force their personal restrictions on general public

The Wailing / Nuclear Incidents

- Several close meltdowns / leaks
- Seeping radioactive dump sites
- Two catastrophic meltdowns
- Radioactive pollution of land/ rivers
- Several major accidents of nuclear missile truck carriers and the transportation of radioactive waste
- Radioactive releases caused from geological instability

Talons Tensing / Civil Unrest

- People's revolt and resistance movements
- Draft evasion
- Public's discovery of cover-ups
- Nuclear exchange

Crouching / Massive Revolts and Government Turnaround

- Taxation refusals
- War resistance
- Policy disagreements within governmental body
- Major upheaval within governments

Flying Free / Rise of the Age of Peace

- Total equality among people
- Discontinuance of all meat ingestion
- Construction reforms
- Cessation of most severe natural disasters
- Pollution-free energy innovations by way of the earth's magnetic field
- Rise of the "Indian Nation" (this is not racial - this is a mindset) through widespread adaptation of its Ways of natural living and deep human philosophy



333mark333 10-04-2008 03:56 AM

Re: Mary Summer Rain and No Eyes ~
I too have read the books, No Eyes was indeed wise and a great visionary.
Has anyone checked out Grandfather and the Tom Brown Jr. Books??

Inkoze 10-04-2008 04:47 AM

Re: Mary Summer Rain and No Eyes ~
yes i have read a lot of tom browns stuff,
and many others from way back when....

its always nice 2 know that others have read this type of material..



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