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Sol Invictus 12-02-2008 03:24 AM

Hi there from Scotland!
Now I know you Finns are a talented lot so I ask for some advice. Do you all believe that Finland is a safe place to ride out the 2009 - 2012 time frame?

The reason I ask (in English) is that its a country I have seen many beautiful photographs of, but never visited and have little knowledge of bar what is fed to us in media and books.

Any thoughts, comments, views and the like would be appreciated greatly.

Sol Invictus.

jmk-fi 12-02-2008 09:05 PM

Re: Hi there from Scotland!
Yea buddy, welcome to finland anytime :)
I had a vision once about Helsinki flooding, but it was only about 1.5 meters of water on the streets. I live on a high place anyway.
There is no safe place, but i'll be rather in finland than on some small island or flatland.
Im ready to go anytime, so im not worried so much about any catastroph. I think most of us are switching dimensions soon, at least partially... One big secret, when we feed our lightbody enough, we become fifth dimensional beeings, and this physical world is not bounding us the same way as before. The "nwo guys" are trying to keep us from growing spiritually cause they know this secret.
If you are coming to finland, you have friends here.


Sol Invictus 12-02-2008 11:28 PM

Re: Hi there from Scotland!
All the Finns I have ever met were really nice warm welcoming people. I just look at the summer pictures, the winter pics, see the abundance of wild life and think 'those are the luckiest people on earth'.

Ill have to brush up first on the language barrier ;)


(I have to say though.... you wrote in flawless english... if I tried to write in Finnish i would be alll over the place).

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