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Freedive 10-10-2008 08:16 AM

Handbook in italian for Nexusitalia

Originally Posted by gurosao (Post 12059)
Let me now please when the traslation will ready I will post it in Nexusitalia.


Helllo Gurosao,
I got the ok from GGreen to distribute freely the italian copy of the handbook,
can I send it to you?
tks in advance,
best to all:original:

starlight81 10-10-2008 08:46 PM

Re: Italy
Hi there
i finaly found you guys :original:
i was hoping to get in contact with other italians, i'm from rome
i agree with you guys , a lot of italians are still not awake

i was thinkng about all the the stategic military american bases & atomic bombs that italy is hosting, if america gets another war started with iran, italy for sure will be directly involved and targeted, i'm doubting that in the worst case italy&europe are realy a safe place to be, but indeed we must organize, get in contact and awake the more possible

lets keep in touch

bella rega' :thumb_yello:

MalteseKnight2 10-11-2008 11:08 AM

Re: Italy
Best if areas in Italy where there are concentrations of food supplies,fresh water and caves are identified which are away from earthquake zones, nuclear facilities and military bases. Another element that has to be accounted for is distance from the sea...anything presently less than 40 meters above present sea level is likely to be at risk of rising sea levels. Can we come up with a shortlist for Italy, which we could depict graphically on a map ?

Also, given that a lot of electronics would go down...the internet is likely to gum up .....we would probably have to go up to old fashioned ham radios, with valves, given that with the severe electrical storms that could be coming, a lot of modern electronics gizmos are likely to be wiped out.

In the case of Malta, I guestimate that the safest area/zone would be in the North .....Rabat/Mdina to be precise.


meskalito 10-12-2008 05:30 PM

Re: Italy
Hi :smoke:
Un saluto a tutti,è con molto piacere che mi avvicino a voi,l'unico problema è dato dalla mia scarsa conoscenza dell'inglese ma vedrò di arrangiarmi! :)

gurosao 10-13-2008 02:05 PM

Re: Italy
Ottimo lavoro Free!:thumb_yello::thumb_yello::thumb_yello:

MalteseKnight2 10-15-2008 03:45 PM

Is it time to organize face to face regional meetings ?
Dear Friends,

I just had a peek at the UK site ...it appears that some of the UK regional groups are already thinking in terms of organizing face 2 face meetings by region. How about an eventual meeting in Rome or some other easliy accessible place ?

Just a thought......


Freedive 10-16-2008 08:43 AM

Re: Italy
hi MalteseK,
I like your idea, and rome sounds great to me!

Flynt 10-17-2008 06:43 AM

Re: Italy
Hi folks, I’m glad this opportunity is manifesting. Finally we have an occasion to realize a dream. :naughty:

WiNaDeYo 10-17-2008 10:16 AM

Re: Italy
Ri-ciao tutti!

Benvenuti a tutti i nuovi arrivati! Pian piano cresciamo in nummero.... bene!

Freedive, posso anch'io avere una copia del libro tradotto in italiano? Puoi mandarla a wanadeyoho@hotmail.com (notare lo spelling)?

Spero che iniziamo davvero a fare un pò di networking presto. Ma, ragazzi....io sono al estreme nord e per me di venire a Roma e fuori questione almeno al momento.... poi insegno e fino alle feste di natale sono bloccata. Sarebbe bello di poter trovare un chat dove chiaccherare un pò insieme (libero o msn?).

Bon! Ci sentiamo.
Pace e bene!

Freedive 10-17-2008 02:46 PM

Re: Italy
Ciao Wanadeyoho,
I'll do that right now,
happy reading!
un grande abbraccio tutti

starlight81 10-18-2008 01:32 AM

Re: Italy
Hi to all:original:

i like your idea maltese, lets do it , rome could be the right place because it's central, i live in rome area so it's perfect for me, but i have no problem if we want to meet also in other parts of italy, the important thing is that we meet


MalteseKnight2 10-19-2008 12:19 PM

Suggested Meeting In Italy
Dear Friends,

Would the month of December '08 /January '09 be okay for a meeting? The better the preparation beforehand the more we will get out of it. It appears that Rome is a good idea. ....perhaps the Rome team could identify a suitable venue...We would require a discreet location .not too far away from transport to make it easy to get there ....tipo a decent three star hotel preferably with good internet facilities so that the guys who cannot make it would still be able to particpate. I think it might be best over a weekend just before or after the Christmas period so that the hotel rates would be on the cheap side ...perhaps a friendly hotel/restuarant manager involved could be persauded to throw in some freebies.

If we are to have a meeting lets go about it professionally. We would have to derive an agenda....

The meeting could start off with a brief presentation of posssible scenarios.

At this point I would suggest that the FIRST ITEM on the agenda should be the maintenance of communications in case of any eventuality ....these means identifying radio hams and positive oriented psychics. ....and our possible relationship to conventional media.

The SECOND ITEM on the agenda cover be the identification of secure safe places.

The THIRD ITEM on the agenda could be assuring essential supplies......water and food....

The FOURTH ITEM on the agenda could involve sourcing energy/free energy/alternative energy

The FIFTH ITEM on the agenda could involve community building/adjustment

The SIXTH ITEM on the agenda could involve the spiritual context of the earth changes

I suggest that we also inform our colleagues in nearby countries such as Slovenia be to participate. We would also need somebody to chair the discussion so that there would be effective time management. ....as there is a lot of ground to cover. ....this is going to be a bit of a challenge.

But then perhaps we coould set aside some time for socialising/lunch/dinner.

Hoping that my humble suggestions have some value...at this point I am just bouncing off some ideas.


WiNaDeYo 10-20-2008 08:34 AM

Re: Italy
Maltese, I don't mean to be a party pooper, but aren't you trying to put your cart in front of your horses? I don't have anything constructive in act at this time HERE where I live, so I personally don't know how my opinion in a decentralized group (much less, international) meeting any time soon could be of great value. Most of the things you mention are certainly important, but first it has to be worked out on a local level for each of us. I think that only then, when things are really up and running, we can start networking with other faraway groups. I am really far away from any of you, and my actual reality, resources and needs, are definately different from each of yours; for example, food and/or water will probably be no problem for me and my group (when I will have one), but I assume someone on the islands will have to address this problem. And I can always head for higher hills if necessary and hit the real woods or jump the border, but you living on an island will need a fast boat or means of travel by air.

I think that each one of us here on the forum must come up with their own local plan, which is what the GB groups are doing and, lucky them, with good results so far.

What is usefull now is gleaning what they are doing and what their plans and program are so that we, too, can get things moving...each one in his own area.

I, personally, am emotionally blocked because of a private situation (divorce case and financial disaster) and I don't have the economic resouces to contribute to any kind of preparing a new "safe" community, but I am a prettty intelligent person with many talents and I would be willing to work physically toward creating such a place. I could give my time to researching, to trying to find a safe place, and I am willing to relocate, but I have no money to put into any iniziative. And I will not garantee that I could ever physically meet up with another ground crew.

In the meantime, my son and I are trying to get organized starting with an inventory of what we have and what we need for basic survival. We have started mentioning "things" to our friends to see how "awake" and receptive they are so we can get a bearng on WHO will be willing to take part in this adventure. Unfortunately, in our very small circle, we have found noone who is yet willing to let go of their faith in "the system" to get any collaboration. And that is why it is important for us to network with other members of the italian forum so that if need be, we can and might relocate toward these other ground crews.

I await any input at this point from all of you to continue this discussion...(I don't want this to get too long with this single post).

PS Se qualcuno non sa leggere questo post e vuole che scrivo in italiano, ditelo e lo farò, no problem!
Pace e Bene!

Flynt 10-21-2008 06:50 AM

Re: Italy
I agree with you winadeyo. We need to be decentralized, it can make easier to spread the word rather than separate from the civilians, but as Maltese said, we need also to build up an agenda. Things are moving faster. We need to keep in mind that there is no emergency right now, so there is still the opportunity to awake people. Remember we are all Humans and Humans take care of life. We have to consider also that in a state of Global War, martial law is a fact and this makes things really difficult, probably we will hide or worse, we will fight for freedom. In this case be decentralized can be useful.
We need to share the proper solutions to the problems, like : water, food and electricity. Probably some of us live in a rural location ( as I am ) and this makes easier collecting resource of food and water. Electricity is the real problem cause the need of spare parts: batteries, cables, etc.
In other words we should find solutions for the autonomy of self sustaining cells and link them in a network.

Take care friends.

MalteseKnight2 10-21-2008 04:56 PM

Re: Italy
Hmm, okay lets start off by working the communications situation by say identifying friendly radio hams/psychics ....that way we will have gone a long way without much expenditure.


gurosao 10-21-2008 07:26 PM

Re: Italy
Free I posted in "my" forum ur first traslation, if u have add on please send me at francois21175ok@yahoo.it.

Welcome to the others guys:thumb_yello:

Freedive 10-22-2008 07:25 AM

Re: Italy
Great Gurosao! :thumb_yello:I'm proofreading book2 right now, almost done, then I'll ask altrogiornale to do the same they did for bk1.
If you need me to send you the word files no problem, lemmeno (in case you want to make them available for download directly from any website you know), otherwise altrogiornale did a great and speedy job with the editing and the presentation, so they can be the hub for the downloading, but really, no restriction, the main objective is to get them out there and get Italy to read them.
best to all!

gurosao 10-22-2008 06:08 PM

Re: Italy
Ok Free,
I ll wait the post in Altrogiornale!:thumb_yello:

meskalito 11-02-2008 08:15 AM

Re: Italy
Freedive tutto ok?

Freedive 11-03-2008 04:59 PM

nuovo paradigma - libro 3 coming soon
ciao Meskalito, tutto ok, ogni tanto mi assento dalla rete, ti ho mandato un msg,
ciao a tutti,
come va la lettura dei libri del nuovo paradigma?

i primi 2 li trovate su www.altrogiornale.org nella sezione download,
quasi 900 downloads ad oggi...sono molto contento.


WiNaDeYo 12-13-2008 08:32 PM

Re: Italy
Original message:
Prima che scadono le 24 ore e non potrò più entrare il forum, volevo farvi sapere che io ci sono, qui in lombardia... pare che dovrò continuare come prima, sola... non posso pagare per scrivere sul forum. Va beh... sto organizzando un GAS in zona e spero che da quello si crea un network di persone di menti simili. Qui in Italia, c'è molto da fare.... non c'è molto info internazionale sulla tele e pochi sanno le cose che discuttiamo qui. Continuerò a leggere PC e PA finchè sarà possibile.

Se qualcuno vuole contattarmi, lascio questo indirizzio e-mail:xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pace e Bene

I am still here!!!! Sono ancora qui!!!!
Thanks to a guardian angel sponsor, I am still on this band wagon!
Grazie al mio sponsor angelo custode sono ancora sulla carrozza!
I plan to be posting more on the "Italy" section so keep an eye out.
Intendo di post.are (si dice così?) di più quì, allora.. .occhio.

Lets get on with it!
Diamoci da fare!

Pace e bene!

gurosao 12-13-2008 09:32 PM

Re: Italy
Ciao amici,
anche io non mi iscrivero' e non tanto per i $5....
Quindi per quelli che rimarranno occhi aperti e culo stretto!:winksmiley02:

Mi troverete comunque qui!:thumb_yello:


DawnJah 12-22-2009 03:58 AM

Re: Italy

Originally Posted by gurosao (Post 6848)
Hy to everyone:thumb_yello:
My name is gurosao and I m from Italy.

I was reading Project Camelot and I discovered this place!
Hey guys how many people in this forum:
Anyway I m a moderator in the forum NEXUS-ITALY and if someone need something u can ask without problem and if it's possible we will answer.
For the moment a big hug from the spaghetti's country!:thumb_yello:

POSSO PARLATE GUROSAO?????? Ciao, no conosco Italiano. La Scorsa estate, en italia, Firenze.....19 Via Cassamorata....La Universita A Pepperdine

Sono Preprando la Mexicana Cinima for la Familia Italiana a la Escuola....

I went to your Nexus forum and couldn't understand anything....But I was a ble to Read a lot....Brought me back into the Rythum of the Beautiful Italian language and culture....Eating Fruit on warm summer nights at 4am.....Great Food, Great People, Great Seistas, Beautiful Country side and Beutiful Music at the Piazza's on summer evenings.... I lived in Florence...Best time of my life....I started to speak Italian , before I left....I would go to "ROSA's BAR" in Florence, near the Ponte De Vecchio....Loved the HISTORY>>>>THE GREAT RENAISSANCE!!! Oh YEAH BABY

Your Friend,
Self Appointed Ambassador of Peace:wink2:

tigre 12-22-2009 09:03 PM

Re: Italy
Hi guys,
I'm new here, I live in italy but i'm not ialian :original:
My woods are close to fabriano in the marche ...

I just would like to say, that what is important is to activate ourselves ... this is for me the only freedom we have, action on mutation of our mind and by defination on everything is the only way get higher in understanting of events ... we all need to activate maturiness :)

take care, and talk to you soon

WiNaDeYo 12-23-2009 08:47 PM

Re: Italy
Welcome to Avalon, DawnJah and Tigre!

Pace e Bene!

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