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Greenberet 06-27-2009 07:53 PM

A cure for Diabetes - Loose Weight - Never get Sick Again
Hi everybody!

I received an email about Dr. Robert O Young, and his pH Miracle discovery.

So I began to research like crazy.

Robert tells us that we need to control our bloodīs pH to a certain level, the optimal is 7.365 to stay healthy, get our optimal weight and never get sick again.

We need to balance our pH, or Acid vs Alkaline foods by eating the correct type of things. Our diet (or way of eating) should always be 80/20, meaning 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid, thatīs because the Bad Germs enter out body ALWAYS, and they only stay in if our blood/system/body posses a high level of acidity.

Like if a person walks in to your house, if it finds it comfortable, he/she stays.

I could go on and on about this topic, since I bought his book "The pH Miracle, Balance your diet, reclaim your Health" and its very darn interesting.

He also talks about Baking Soda, which balanced our blood pH, this also goes along with the MMS, that what it actually does, it gets rid of the Acid blood cells if iīm correct.

So find out what you are eating (almost surely its an acid diet) and fix your diet forever, with the correct alkaline foods.

So, here is a little video about Diabetes decease and cure:

And here, Robert O. Young talks about why we control our poolīs pH and our Golden Fish tankīs water, and not our OWN!!....... Also how to eat right.

Enjoy everybody, and please, spread this out.

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