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Wayshower 01-01-2010 11:44 AM

Challenge for the New Year
“Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong, moment of inspiration?
Yes, my friends.
It is not probable; but it is ever possible.”

The Message
Those words were given to us more than twenty-seven years ago by an extra-terrestrial source many centuries advanced beyond our present. They presage a key event in the primordial cycle of Earth’s development portrayed by many as Armageddon, the ‘end times’ – or we can choose to see it as a ‘new age’, a new beginning.

Those who realise that we shape our own destiny will readily appreciate that the question refers to the spiritual growth and development of our planetary race as we approach this milestone.

What an uplifting aspiration the answer represents! What a challenge: to nudge the possibility into a probability – and beyond! "

These are the opening words of a new e-book which seeks to promote thought and awakening as we enter a critical time in Earth-resident humanity's development.

The article, entitled, "The Challenge of Harmony" is freely available to either read online or download .pdf on my website, wayshowers.co.uk and you are welcome to spread awareness of it wherever you think may support the aim - which is to awaken as many of our brothers and sisters here at this time to the need to examine their purpose as our experience on Mother Earth intensifies.

The positive tone - illustrated by the extract above - also acts as an antithesis to the doom and gloom scenario that we may expect, particularly over the next few months.

I have sought to use simple language and common illustration in a carefully structured argument. As ever, it is offered with the caveat that if it does not sit well with you, then discard it and move on.

To those who will relate to its message I trust it will help you spread the word even further. 'If it reaches one, it reaches all', and as we know, it only takes 8,000 concentrated souls to change the world.

Happy New Year!

stevewough 01-06-2010 05:59 AM

Re: Challenge for the New Year
I know in the past there have also been weekly "challenges" like a certain amount of water or a certain number of hours of exercise etc. where you get additional points....that might be fun?!


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