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NemisisFireOwl 04-24-2009 06:38 PM

2012 & Earth History
Hey Folks...
Found this very interesting and some of it makes alot of sense...talks about Genetics & various Alien Races and probably the most believable account of our beginning...enjoy!
Lis :)


energymyfoot 04-24-2009 07:43 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History

Thank You very informative...I don't know how I become so addictive to 2012 information....

NemisisFireOwl 04-24-2009 07:52 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
Aha proper links...thankyou :)

conec 04-30-2009 05:32 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
This earth history presentation blew me away. It really resonated with me.

burgundia 04-30-2009 07:25 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History

Originally Posted by conec (Post 133633)
This earth history presentation blew me away. It really resonated with me.

So far I have listened to part 1 and it blew me away too. Now, why are we here called Avalon? It was some kind of moon....but I do not remember when, in that story, because I am not able to digest all the information at once. I'll have to listen to it again, after I am done with all parts .

orthodoxymoron 04-30-2009 10:40 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
How does she know this? Is this a fictional version of galactic history? The gods forgot to brief me on these matters. If this is true and accurate...I would think this sort of information would be communicated by a grey to a group of scientists with cosmic security clearances at Sandia, Dulce, or Los Alamos...and not to common folk like me. Those who know...don't reveal. Those who reveal...don't know. At least now I know that I'm a Base Four Mutation. Glad I got that cleared up. If this stuff is true...this universe is in a horrible mess. Unbelievable horrors have occured, and are occurring, throughout the universe. I just want to think happy thoughts...and ascend the heck out of this matrix...even if I have to pass through a regressive negatively polarized torsional wormhole at warp-speed. Whatcha gonna do when Anu comes for you?

I was thinking that:

Apes + Dinosaurs = Reptilians = Lemurians = Earth's Crust Dwellers
Aliens = Aryans = Atlanteans = Pleiadians = Hollow Earth Dwellers = Giza Intelligence = Gods of This World
Insane Base Four Mutations = Us

Just speculation. After listening to the first three parts...I don't think I'm right...but I'm going to leave this here to make conversation.

conec 04-30-2009 11:54 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
we have information which resonates with some individuals and of course information which doesnt resonates with others. That is all we have for now.
To just keep searching and researching. :)

orthodoxymoron 05-01-2009 04:05 AM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
Who is this? This is totally blowing me away. Either she is a very, very good liar...or this is absolutely stunning material. The first two parts are hard to get through...but the third part just floored me. Now I'm going to listen to the fourth part. I hope I survive. This is freaking me out.

conec 05-01-2009 10:03 AM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
Went off and checked out Freedoom Teachings.
and now I'm reading all the newcomer material. Its kinda sad to think of all the **** thats going on here is a microcosm of everything thats being going on for such a long time.

Bbut I still have to think about the fact that this kind of **** didnt always belong to the human race. i always believed that this state of the shadow self wasnt natural.
So much of the descriptions about physics made so much sense to me as I had been interested in sacred geometry and quantum physics.
I really felt like this was stuff I was remembering and had not heard for the first time. Also I think David Icke talked about the same ideas, they dont contradict at all, also Michael Tsarion, Carlos Casteneda's books, Don Juan saying that to gain awareness in this reality we had to be impeccable warriors, that most people forget who and what they are but we have a chance to die and keep our awareness. That was why he was a sorcerer.

It just seems to tie in with a lot of stuff I've been reading for such the last ten years.
As always i shall practice descernment. :naughty::lightsabre:

burgundia 05-01-2009 02:01 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
Did you notice that certain fragments of those recordings are repeated or is it just me?

orthodoxymoron 05-01-2009 02:02 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
Thank-you Kathleen. Here is some info from the site:

A'shayana Deane, Ekr MCEO is:

Co-founder of Azurite Press MCEO USA, UK and Europe
Founder of the Kathara Alliance and the Azurite Temple MCEO USA (now Azurite Press)
Host, speaker and instructor of the Life Empowerment Workshop Series
Co-host of Azurite International Educational Travel Tours and Spiritual Development Workshops
Author of:
the Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System
the Tangible Structure of the Soul Accelerated Bio-spiritual Evolution Program
the Masters Templar Planetary Stewardship Initiative Coursebook
the Amenti Life Empowerment Videos
the Voyagers Series books (Granite Publishing USA)
co-author of the Maharata Text "Dance For" Program

Born in the USA, raised in traditional Christian perspective, A'sha experienced "Conscious Birthing" as an "Indigo Child", with open reincarnational memory since birth. At the age of 7 she was chosen for a 12-year (1971-1983) course of private MCEO Elementary-Intermediate training from the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Eieyani Priests of UR of Kauai, Hawaii, in MCEO Emerald Covenant studies and translation of the ancient Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates.

("CDT-Plates" are a set of 12 relic ancient holographic data-recorded discs that digitally store massive amounts of pre-ancient data, reportedly held for many generations since pre-Atlantian times in protective custody of the Eieyani Priests).

Following a NDE (Near-Death-Experience) at age 18, A'sha redirected her pursuit of a Psychology degree for a humanitarian spiritual service commitment, engaging full-time MCEO study, while working professionally as a Studio Portrait Artist and in the Theater Management and Commercial Printing industries.

A'sha entered the Eieyani Priests MCEO Masters Course at the age of 20, receiving intensive MCEO Ministerial training between 1984-1996 through frequent engagements with the Eieyani Priests of Kauai, completing a rigorous 12-year Masters CDT-Plate training course and 6th-Degree (of 6) MCEO Ministerial Ordination (Ekr.MCEO).

Her MCEO training includes:
the "Inner Christos Law of One" Spiritual Tradition
extensive Pre-ancient History studies
Kathara Core Template Healing applications
Keylontic (matter-template) Science
Scalar-wave and Time Mechanics
15-Dimensional Physics

Masters Spiritual Actualization training featuring advanced Merkaba/DNA Template/ Kundalini/ Ascension sciences and Planetary Templar (Template) mechanics

In 1996 A'sha accepted appointment from the Eieyani Priests in Kauai to serve as Eieyani Speaker-1, holding the first of three MCEO Eieyani CDT-Plate Speakers Contracts (publication endorsements for MCEO CDT-Plate and texts translation), completing an additional 2 years of MCEO Speakers training. Previously known as Diana Kathryn, or "Katie", in 1998 she began public use of the name "Aneayhea A'sha", or "A'sha", her name translation in the ancient Eieyani language, choosing this as her MCEO Speakers publishing name in appreciation for her MCEO training. In 1998 she conducted classes in NJ, from which the Amenti Series video course emerged.

In 1999 A'sha's first CDT-Plate dispensations were released (under pen name "Anna Hayes"; derived from "Aneayhea") as the Voyagers Series books, the Tangible Structure of the Soul Accelerated Bio-spiritual Evolution Program and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System.

Between May 1999-May 2000 A'sha conducted a progression of 12 intensive Spiritual Development Workshops in the US, which became the Life Empowerment Workshop Series audio/video course. Respected for her knowledge of New Science, Spiritual Development, Pre-ancient History, Extra-ordinary Experience and related subjects, she frequently appeared as a featured speaker on the US Expo circuit and has been interviewed on a variety of radio programs, including the Jeff Rense Sightings Show and SHINE, in the US and abroad.

At the request of the MCEO Eieyani Priests, in November 1999 A'sha founded the Kathara Alliance (Holistic Healing) and Azurite Temple MCEO Sarasota, FL-USA, a non-profit service organization through which Spiritual Baptism, Nuptial, Ministerial Ordination and Burial rites, in the egalitarian MCEO "Inner Christos Law of One" Tradition, were made publicly available.

In February 2000 A'sha published the Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System Instructors Manual for international correspondence study; while continuing a schedule of US Workshops she also began a series of Azurite International Educational Travel Tours starting with Egypt in March 2000. In October 2000 A'sha married fellow MCEO Speaker-2 A'za Deane of the UK, changing her published name to "A'sha Deane" and publishing the MCEO Masters Templar Planetary Stewardship Initiative Coursebook in 2001.

Between 2000 to 2002 the Deanes served the Azurite Temple USA as MCEO Speakers and Ministers, providing Spiritual Baptism, Nuptial rites and over 1500 MCEO Ministerial Ordinations, while co-hosting Azurite International Educational Travel Tours in Peru, England, Ireland Canada, Greece, Cyprus and Kauai, Hawaii. In spring 2002 Azurite Temple restructured to become Azurite Press MCEO USA, UK and Europe as MCEO spiritual service work expanded to publishing and preservation of MCEO texts and other complementary ideologies.

The Deanes continue release of Masters Spiritual Development CDT-Plate translations through 2002 Workshop tours and forthcoming books on the new, co-authored Maharata Texts "Dance For" Program and much-expanded 2001 printing of the Voyagers Series 2nd Edition books (Granite Publishing), while preparing for 2002-2003 Azurite International Educational Travel Tours to France, Greece and India and release of 3 new books in 2003.

burgundia 05-01-2009 03:14 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
My father comes from a very religious Catholic family. So as a young girl I had to go to church. i remember I couldn't wait for the mass to finish and I did not like Sundays because of that. When i was older my father was always telling me and my sister to go to church on Sunday. What we actually did we went to the ice-cream parlor to have ice-cream instead. I also remember that quite often i felt dizzy or nauseous when in church. Fortunately I am a grown-up person and I stopped going to church or to confession a long time ago. There has always been something in me that did not like religion or church.

orthodoxymoron 05-01-2009 04:13 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
I love to go into an empty church...and play a fine pipe-organ for hours...but I don't like the political, control, ego, money, and damnation aspects of church. My mistrust and disbelief doesn't help either! Perhaps churches should be meditation centers...with no formal services. Just keep the doors open during daylight hours...and have musicians and counselors on duty. Online donations, concerts, seminars, etc. could hopefully cover the expenses.

Sarahmay 05-01-2009 05:50 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
This is Keylontics and is probably Deane...but I've never heard these lectures. Very detailed.

I keep coming back to these teachings, although I'm not sure why.

burgundia 05-01-2009 06:25 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
I have learned one thinh from those lectures: not to trust anybody, rely only on myself.

orthodoxymoron 05-01-2009 06:59 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
I am becoming more open and trusting...yet more selective and doubting...simultaneously. Seriously. Even if this material is complete bs...it is a fantastic mental exercise. I am going to listen to this lecture at least two more times. I'm trying to imagine hearing this from a grey or reptilian in a Deep Underground Military Base(this is a grey area)...and being tasked with stopping the spread of this subversive information! It makes it more interesting that way!

Sarahmay 05-01-2009 07:00 PM

Re: 2012 & Earth History

Originally Posted by burgundia (Post 133926)
I have learned one thinh from those lectures: not to trust anybody, rely only on myself.

Yeah, and don't let anyone "activate" you.

orthodoxymoron 05-06-2009 05:07 AM

Re: 2012 & Earth History
I really enjoyed this. I'm relistening to the lecture. I could listen to this sort of thing non-stop...even if it's not true!! It was sad in many ways...but I just want to know what is REALLY going on...and what...if anything...we can do to make things better. This lecture sounded possible, at least. I'd like to hear critiques of this material...both positive and negative. They don't teach this stuff in schools or churches.

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