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chelmostef 09-14-2008 10:04 AM

understanding and loving the animals here already
Hi All

For me The key to all of this is the fact we have intellegent life on earth allready (exculding humans, if we count, or aliens)
If we can not comunacate or make peace with these life forms on our planet already, how are we expected to comunacate with other life forms, entaties that are not from earth? I beleve untill we can respect each other and realize the sancticy of life as a whole, and its not just in humans, we cannot move forward. That is not to say people are not capable of this, its just not taught to them.
For me this inculdes not eating other sentient beings. I think untill we can respect them, how are we expected to respect each other?

I allways believe in hope, I Just hope people realize.

oxjmaups2005xo 09-14-2008 10:10 AM

Re: understanding and loving the animals here already
i think that too many people arent operating on a new higher consciousness level yet and are still attached to human instincts instead of being open to new future type things and new ways of thought process and spirituality without dogma which lets the cycle of stupidity live on. Sometimes i hate being a human myself because it feels like i have to brand myself like an animal instead of an itellegent being made in the image of the gods.

chelmostef 09-14-2008 10:42 AM

Re: understanding and loving the animals here already
I agree with you in the fact that we all have animalistic instincts and that we are trapped in a cycle of stupidity we cant break out of. But we are just animals thats my point we are no better than a cow or a whale in the fact that we all have souls that progress when we die, where we go after is the choices you make in this life.
We are the same as other sentinent beings but we, can express ourself in a more distructive way. Its all about the opposable thumb. A whale canot prgress much further than it has, just swims around all day eating and thinking, contemplating and singing songs to other whales. For all we know there could be talking to aliens in their songs, about the humans ruining the sea.
And that they might be a higher life force than us. This is why we need to respect everything and look further than just our homosapian shell.

lock'N'load 09-14-2008 11:01 AM

Re: understanding and loving the animals here already
Wouldnt this be along the lines of some form of telepathic communication?

Ive heard of people who can talk with animals and even trees. I can communicate with my cat but only on a very basic level when my vibrations are pretty high, but all the same its communication none the less.

From what i know (which is probably all wrong lol) many of these alien races communicate telepathically. It would make more sense to communicate this way, you could explain an entire theory in one moment, vocal conversation would become obsolete.

Its not easy to develop this ability unless you have a willing participent who wants it as much as you. Me and my brother used to play a game where one of us would think of a shape and a color. And then we would try and guess it, we got to a stage where we were accurate 80% of the time. if we teach our children this from an early age you can imagine how quick they would learn.

The main stumbling block when trying to learn stuff like this is a persons belief system. And young children are less likely to have developed a strong belief system so would therefore be more effective at learning a skill like this.

Gawd, i do tend to ramble. sorry :lol3:

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