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mattjb 11-07-2008 08:36 PM

Falling towards the sky
That is the dream i have been having for 5 years...or maybe the sky falling towards me is more accurate (i'm lying down in the dream) As i'm about to hit the sky (or vice versa) i wake up.

I'm now starting to recall information after these dreams that seems to be glimpses of the future. Haven't discussed this with anyone. Not sure what i expect as a response but i needed to share.

rosie 11-07-2008 09:11 PM

Re: Falling towards the sky
Hi Mattjb,
sounds as though you may be having an OBE (out of body experience).
The actual leaving oneself tends to stand out more then the actual experience itself if you are not aware of having one.

Once you become aware that you are having one, that is when it will get
interesting. I am not an expert or teacher, there are probably more experienced people on this forum that could go into further detail.

When you are "about to hit the sky and then you wake up" that is the point of your energy trying to leave, but your automatic pilot kicks in and wakes you up. Once you are in the other realms, you can glimpse anywhere you like, this may be the future you are seeing.

Just my thoughts, but sounds close to what had happened to me over and over until I started studying the OBE's.

love & peace

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