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Stardustaquarion 12-26-2009 12:54 PM

Jordan Maxwell-Toxic Religion
Found this and now listening to the first, very interesting topic

Here is the link for the first video


Cheers :jawdrop:

Moxie 12-26-2009 02:57 PM

Re: Jordan Maxwell-Toxic Religion
I'm on part 2 of 6.
Religions are corporate entities & quite political, Vatican incredibly powerful... that 9/11 was not an attack on the american people, but on the World Trade Center... International Monetary System based on an occult UCC Uniform Commercial Code of International Banking, the umbrella code... the word code meaning encrypted.

Interesting about the Statue of Liberty (vs Statue of Freedom) having to be placed in water, as in maritime law... Liberty is a "pass", given to you, granted... Anything given to you or granted, can be taken away.

subtle use of the language that we don't realize... ex: american civil liberties union (not rights) "civil" comes from govts. Religions & politics work hand in hand.

Religions & religious thinking/ideologies is the basis for war throughout history.... and all the major religions can be traced back to the planet Saturn/Saturnalia (worth studying).

Thanks for sharing this....

Moxie 12-26-2009 03:16 PM

Re: Jordan Maxwell-Toxic Religion
Jews going to temple on Saturn's Day, Saturday... Hexagram/StarofDavid is historically the Star of Saturn

A Black square, Mecca - symbol for Saturn, the God of Chaos,
black robes on priests/judges/school graduates...

Saturn was referred to as El (God)... ELites, ELders, ELected... words have occult (hidden) sources, religious signficance.
Symbols, numbers, timings... gotta love Jordan Maxwell's work.

people do not realize the origin of words & symbols.

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