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Dr.No. 12-08-2009 07:14 AM

the one question I have for you
Hi, as it is my first post,
I better introduce myself.
Hi to all you fellow camelions
from Holland with love

One question I find relevant, as a way to illustrate .
the opposite extreems of energies that is pulling
human sanity apart. collectively
the good and the evil and how to spot the difference

Is Bush chosen by God to conquer the world ?

What really think: is that Bush is Brainwashed by his father since prebirth
to believe he is the chosen one..
And that he never will realize that he is a tool for the Evil side of the battle..

What I have been "Told" by my "divine connections" is:
The door is already open
their devils is already on their way
Pray through the religion YOU use, to fight this evil.
How you pronounce Evil or Good don't matter as long as you choose side..
And only so with your Heart, Soul and Desire.
We will need that strength in the end...

If we all use our "divine connections", with the best of our intentions,
to fight EVIL in the coming battle. we might have a chanse.
Lets decide to make it snow in hell.
Lets freeze him out into the open and shine the light of good upon him.
And he will run, without a place to run to....
It doesn't really matter if your a mormon or a tibetan munk.
What matters is what you feel in your Heart.
What you intuitivly feel is the right thing.\
Don't listen to me, Just listen to what you think about it...
For the end is near.
The end of this time.
And the beginning of the new time.
And I refuse to let THEM take it by force.
I refuse to give it to them without a fight.
They know, the illuminated ones , they know.
and they dont share this knowledge.
If you look deep into youre heart, where your GOD talks to you.
he will tell you.... you only have to ask for this knowledge.
Take the right pill, become a warrior of the endbattle...

Together we will make the right desicion and refuse THEM
another era of evil.....

The long unrest is about to come..And all of us will find us in a more or less fighting situation, that will last till the Final Battle...
I have known for a long time that this change would come..
So dont become to surprised when you "notice realizing it."
You will have to get used to your new way of paying attention to what's happening around you..

It's NOT a Warning
Its a Good Luck..

When you meet you're self in THAT Narrow Ally.way,.
Just Remember to say Hi.
you would Like that Better.
It does feel slightly awkward when you notice that you Pretend You're a fragment of your own imagination.....
I believe in the divine, so I guess I can call myself somehow religious.
But I dont 'give' myself to any dogmatic guruistic blabla.
For me , the religious experience itself is what makes me believe.
I have been using the oldest methode of them all..techniques used
by our ancestors in the morning of time.in order to alter my state of mind.
Thats where the religious experience meet you

I choose to call it shamanism,
I cant believe something that is only told.I have to Know for shure

Now 20 years later, I have (for my self) come to the understanding
that ALL religions is merly different cultural/Historical attempts to
explain this experience. These explanations have become
more or less dogmatized through istitutionalization.
And blind faith and fanatism seems to have become
"the way" And I can't do it like that.

The Australian Aborigonees is one of the oldest sivilisationz,
maby even the oldest. with a more or less unchanged
history of atleast 30000 years.
Also theire religious history..

Its such so simple, and highly personal.
To become "syncronized with the oneness of the universe"
when " Wink You become filled by the holy spirit"
as the biblical explanation say.
Reaching nirvana as the hindu's say
More or less everybody have had
atleast one or more spontanious induced
religious experience..
And Im under the impression that something changed
on a global scale 20-30 years ago, when it comes to
this 'force' ..The mayans called it the last days of awakening
before the time is.here.
We ARE living in a time with extreme religious
masshysteria.. We are All feeling this ,in our own individual way.
With our cultural and historical influences and differences.
But are we not affected and maby even influenced by the same
fenomenon. This God thing everyone talks about?
The last 1000 years, christianity, Islam and Judaism have been,
and especially now,still, more than ready to
rip eachothers throats out
Why? For what purpose?
To protect your religious values?
Telling eachother how wrong everybody else is
and The reasons for them ending up in HELL?

I know there is Evil "Spirits", because I have
been approached by them.
My rejection to do theire greedy intentions
and evil deeds forced me into "battle" more than once.
But I dont believe there is a Devil entity. with pure evil intentions..
When I joke about the devil not existing,
because it only is GOD when he is drunk...
Im quite serious about it.
I Can't Possibly Imagine A Revolution Without Having Some Fun
and we are coming closer and closer to the day
we Have to face our nightmares without the possibility
to wake up...According to what Ive been told by
The "spirits" in my "DREAMS"...
we have just entered the last 7 year cycle
before the world reboots,
I have had the number 2012 following me my whole life.
date? we dont know exactly what date it is..
but according to the maya calendar, that I less than 3 years ago
became aware of, clame it to be in our date december 2012..

I Can Feel them every single day...
They are so selfsatisfied and so ashured in their own
invincible ego's.; For they are the ILLUMINATED..
Blinded ,they forget to pay attention
and dont even know that when we let go
of the platform they told us to be society,
"their" underdogs will recognize their true color,
they will turn around and walk together .
that day when we all are dogs.

the questionmarks is growing bigger,and becomes unignorable.
the fear of loosing the purpose of this existence is digging deeper.
The meaning and Purpose of being The Underdog is at stake.

The People that base their worldview on these basic fundaments
our 'democratic' society, and their trust in the systems
ability to prevent corruption , lies, and the unbreakable safety of our
taxmoney, pensionfunds and healthinshurances.
render them incapable of imagining that these
universal functions that defines our society can fail..
And That there is some kind of "safetynet"
a failproof universal structure,keeping this system from collapsing,
By default.

We MUST be aware of the coming chaos
created by the awakening of the underdogs
the main Bulk of our society
when every single individual realise that they where wrong,
that they let them selves be fooled.Dooped and mislead
by their lies and deceptions.
yesterdays reality, the purpose of life itself..
Tomorrows emptiness of total loss,
everyone they ever believed
everything they ever trusted and
all that was their world and existance....
the knowledge of being the underdog.
the PAIN from feeling their bleeding SOULS.

We who know, should prepare.
We who have learned to be aware
Through everlasting pain we got to learn.
To help them know. throgh inspiration and joy
to Feed their ability of being a Human Being.
a selfsupporting and selfaware,
a Socially networking autonome lifeform,
councious and aware, of Physical and Emotional needs,
to independently trust their Social and Personal abilities.
and unpretentious selfworth.

when the sun fail to rise ,Friday dec.13 year 2012 ,
the inner echelon's victorious celebration of their sweet ILLUMINATION
the unexpected ignorance of their Own SOULS Bleeding.
Not realizing the bitter taste of their own blood
until the pain from their bloodless Souls
wakes them up to Die.

My visions have been pretty active lately.
I smell the signs in the air,and the approach of coming changes
And I cant't supress the coming RANT.
Things will start to happen during the next half year.
watch out for the signs of the time.
you will be able to smell it through the slow breeze.

There will be:
rumbles,riots and fear
more war, desperation and hate.

Fear will consume rationallity ,
the sheeple will start to feel abandoned by their shepards.
And they will not know what to do.
More than ever ,I mean.

We that are aware,
we that have waited,
waited with bizarre anticipation,
waited for what we know will come.
Can we let ourself be consumed by the coming,
Black allconsuming Public Panic.
The triggering of the subcouncious brainsoftware.
The unveiling of our primal instincts .
the irrasionality of true Survival reactions,
the logic of the reptilian core of our brains,
Fear and hate ?

Through Black Wizards, Black Whiches,
their mindcontrol magic and their EVIL rituals.
Their Scientific abuse of the public trust.
and their repeating mantras to make us feel safe,
through solutions like paranoia and distrust.

Soon they will crawl out of their dark hellpits.
And they will use their ONLY weapon.
A Weapon they Master
The only weapon that can kill The Human Soul.
Extatic FEAR that blinds our LOVE,
panic raging through our preprogrammed braincore.
The automatic behaviour of survival reaction,
released tension through brain produced chemicals.
Druginduced ignorance.
The abandance of logic,
Hacking the survival instincts of our 'reptilian brain'
The great design of Public Panic Reaction.
The creation of Virtual Rasionality instead of wisdom.
the very wisdom achieved by real life experiences only.

the rasional mind gives us the possibility to fight.
The wise mind gives us the reasons,
and the knowledge let us Fight our own fears through logic,
By not allowing ourselves to become afraid,
we will render their Weapon of MassDeception Useless.
What is there to fear? exept for the shadows of our
own imagination. The preprogrammed "What if" scenarios.
ready to be acted out in real life.The Reallity of MassHypnosis.

The Real Virtuallity of our Contemporary TV experiences.
Global Virtual Knowledge,
"I saw it on The Discoverychannel and on National Geographic.
Its for REAL, I know it for shure."
Global Virtual Experiences and the reactions we expect
The Real Experience of Real Reality,
making our imagination burn,
The collapse of selftrust and self esteem while our reallity turn.
The lack of narration and soundtrack will surprise us.
It wasn't even close to how They told us we would feel.
The destruction of the self through the creation of distrust.
paranoid manmade expectations,
Reallity by script.Virtuality by Statistics.
what will feed your fear?

Its not the end,,,, its a fresh new beginning.
But only if we all choose wisely, when we are forced to choose.

Dont listen to Hate...
Then you LOOSE

Don't be afraid,
it's only virtual fear.
Fear is only dangerous if you panic.
Know that
Show that
and everything's gonna be ok.
in the end.

I can sense things with something I can't explain as anything else
than a sensatory organ. Used through intuition and empathy.

I sense mother earth and her pain
from the devestating human exploitation..
taking more than we give back.
the evil of people that uses energymagic
to force, decieve, murder, and steal.,
to feed their selfish greed.
and the coming "battle"
to prevent "them" from stealing OUR world,
making all of us their "SLAVES".

Through my shamanic visions I've been told to go to Peru !
And to be ready for the last days of 2012 .
These visions have come to me strongly during the last 20 years.
During the last 10 years or so I have come to understand
more and more of the many aspects of my visions,
and from several points of view.
One thing comes very clear to me about it,
and that is the origin of these "messages". Peru.
I know I have to be there.
I've been told to be there for some reason.
I also know that I'm not alone to have received these messages...

I've been 'told' that many people have been presented with
certain 'information' and places to go.
This is what you explain as being a lightbearer.
And that this accumulates towards the different energy places on our planet.
I've dreamt about planetary and galactic alignments.
About certain events to see as guidestones up towards the Big event
in 2012. I believe we get to a major turning point
where the "good/bad" direction of our energy flow is to be "chosen"

Im a European and will need to cross the ocean to get to South America.
My visions makes it VERY clear for me, that the only way I can get there,
is to "travel on the water".

I'm still in Europe(Holland),
the "messages" tells me to wait for something or someone.

This leads me to the one question I have for you...
if you know of someone , with a boat, and a plan to cross the
atlantic , from europe , towards south america.......

with love and dedication

Dr.No. 12-08-2009 07:48 AM

Re: the one question I have for you
What is it to be a Human Being nowadays ?

The Sheople WILL NOT COMPLAIN until they realize that being DEAD is even more BORING than their lives was.

Nowadays, as pain seems to be the best known of emotions,
I have to ask my self:"What IS life really ?"
Is it only the time it takes to die?
just a quick trip from mindless euphoric conception
towards the burning flames of a crematorium?

Am I a Consumer ?,
a citizen ?, or a Human Being?
The infoleaflet never explained this properly.
All it said was:
"Follow orders
Do as you are told
Obey the LAW
Don't do things differently
Don't be a fool
Don't question authorities
Don't ask why
And don't mess it all up by waking up.

Express yourself in what you buy
Identify yourself with what you wear
and believe me when I tell you that
true freedom is only achievable through Apathy.
the freedom of Not Having to Choose
not having a choice "

There must be more to life than this.
I refuse to be told that this is all life has to offer.
I refuse to do what I'm told
I refuse to be afraid

It's just against my Human Nature.

Dr.No. 12-08-2009 07:51 AM

Re: the one question I have for you
If you are waiting for the Armageddon to happen,
you will become dissapointed.

prepare to survive
the unraptured armada
of revenging dissapointees,
looking for someone to blame.

when they're finished
sending each other to the heaven they longed for.
the peace they always preached,
can finally be heard .

the end timers have an eternity in heaven,
to learn how precious love for life should be

life is sacred
created by love
as fear of death
is by ignorance

tell me that your Jesus is better than my Jesus.
judge me while you pray and beg for mercy,
pay your price in hell ,demand your place in heaven.

I enjoy and worship the holiest of gifts given to us all
I live my life with love, embracing my soul with it.
to share my love with you, I must give myself away.
if you keep it in a box , afraid to let it go.
love will fade away, devaluate and die.

life is just a moment,
merely a blink of your eye.
love needs that life to grow,
from undistracted attention alone.
life is the paradise when love become forever,
Heaven is only NOW, until I blink again.
Hell is when you hesitate, loosing it from being late,

Initiate 12-08-2009 08:01 AM

Re: the one question I have for you
Welcome to Avalon Dr No. Great first post. I couldn't agree more with your heart felt out pouring. :thumb_yello:

mudra 12-08-2009 10:04 AM

Re: the one question I have for you

Originally Posted by Dr.No. (Post 195750)
the end timers have an eternity in heaven,
to learn how precious love for life should be

life is sacred
created by love
as fear of death
is by ignorance

tell me that your Jesus is better than my Jesus.
judge me while you pray and beg for mercy,
pay your price in hell ,demand your place in heaven.

I enjoy and worship the holiest of gifts given to us all
I live my life with love, embracing my soul with it.
to share my love with you, I must give myself away.
if you keep it in a box , afraid to let it go.
love will fade away, devaluate and die.

life is just a moment,
merely a blink of your eye.
love needs that life to grow,
from undistracted attention alone.
life is the paradise when love become forever,
Heaven is only NOW, until I blink again.
Hell is when you hesitate, loosing it from being late,

Welcome in Avalon Dr NO.
I have loved reading your posts .
You speak from your heart.
Where Love is there is no fear to be found .
Love ..constant and unconditional ...love that
knows no bounderies ...Love our soul foundation
is how we can create the world anew.
It's interesting you speak of Peru . I have received
a similar message.
So I'll probably be surprised as I get there to
find many more that have come and gathered on
the same spot as I :wub2:

Love Always

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