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THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:31 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Channeled Messages from the Founders
Australia Workshop Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
October 1, 2006

Greetings, we are the Founders. We are pleased to make your acquaintance today. This channel has already explained the method of delivery of these messages. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of our energy is available through this channel. It is not easy for us to speak through Earthly channels because only a small portion of our energy can come through these vehicles. These vehicles are only designed to receive energy up to what you call seventh level, so it is necessary to step our energy down to what you call seventh level in order to speak through these vehicles.

We are Creator Gods that have come to Earth during the time of Earth’s transition – what you call a Galactic Cycle – it is actually a Grand Cycle – it is a cycle of the precession of your axes. It is a point in time – Earthly linear time – where the alignment of the poles of your planet correspond to a specific frequency generated from what you would call quasars, which are large stellar bodies, and approximately every 26,000 years your Earth tilts at exactly the right angle to align with these scaler electromagnetic impulses, so at that particular point in Earth’s evolution your electromagnetic field fluctuates and changes in such a way that it creates a great deal of change on your Earth.

Your Mayan civilization has recorded this in their calendars, and your prophets and psychics have foreseen this time of great change. It is a wonderful opportunity for you as evolving souls to experience these great changes and to grow from that experience.

In the outer realms of Creation, everything happens in cycle. You have the cycle of your Earth revolving around the sun, which you call a year. You base your Julian calendar on these cycles. You divide your year into various units of measure, and you have become aware of the larger cycles – the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years, the Galactic Cycle of approximately 227 million years, and there are larger cycles than that – there is the time it takes your galaxy to revolve around the Great Central Sun of your Universe, which is a period of about 10.8 billion years.

At the same time, you know that your Universe is continually expanding. God is continually expanding. So there are many cycles and there are many levels and dimensions to your Universe. In your recent meditation you experienced a little bit of your 12 levels of Self.

In our lesson today, we are going to talk about soul evolution – how your souls evolve, what to expect as your soul evolves, and we are going to cover a few details and mechanics of your soul evolution. Let us first review some of what this channel was talking about before regarding how souls come into embodiment and how they move between embodiments.

Your Universe is composed of 12 densities. Each of these densities has its own unique set of rules and principles that govern that realm of Creation. In addition, there are universal laws and principles that apply to all densities and dimensions simultaneously, and we will go into some of them.

When you became individual souls, you emerged out of the Godhead. You had a blueprint – a big plan – a part of the Divine Plan – already encoded within you. You had 12 densities already encoded within you. You had a Self, or an aspect, for each of the 12 densities of Creation, and you had encoded within you a way of perceiving each of the 12 densities. Dear ones, the higher densities, which you call eight through twelve, are what are known as “collective soul levels” or “collective consciousness levels.” When you are in densities eight through twelve, it is as if you are evolving back into the Godhead, but in reality there is no such thing as evolving back into the Godhead because, using the analogy of the child being born, as the child grows up, does he try to get back into his mother’s womb as he grows up? Hopefully not, and if he does try to get back into his mother’s womb, this is a severe psychological disorder, is it not? And yet, as that child grows up, he becomes more and more like his parents. He begins to look more and more like them, speak more and more like them, talk more and more like them, and he goes out into the world and does many of the things his parents do. He understands what his parents understand.

So as you evolve from eighth to twelfth density, you become more and more like your Creator – like your Divine Parents. So evolution in its natural state goes from individuality at the seventh density, which is how you are born as an individual soul – you come into what is called seventh density as an individual soul, and you begin evolving and growing through 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th densities. When you reach the level of 12th density, you become known as a Creator God – you are able to create like your Parents – you become a God in your own right, capable of creating entire universes. In fact, you DO create universes. In God’s one infinite Universe are many hundreds of thousands of other universes that are the creations of those aspects of the Godhead that have reached 12th density. As individual souls, many of those universes are available for you to explore. So in other words, we your elder brothers on the path – if you want to use that expression (it is a meaningless expression to us, but it may have value to you, so we will use it) – we as your elder brothers on the path, have created many wonderful things for you to grow into and experience as you evolve towards us – as you evolve and expand your awareness.

There is an infinite amount of Universe available to explore, so you never have to be concerned with running out of things to explore. Learning is a continuous process even for us. You may think that as 12th density souls we have completed our learning process, but that is not so. Learning is an infinite process as is growing and evolving – and that is the beauty of it – that is the majesty of it.

There are many upon your plane that think that as they grow into higher dimensions they will become bored. Everything is love and light. It is like the concept of Heaven where you are an angel playing a harp and sitting on a cloud. Obviously that is an extremely limited concept of Heaven, and indeed, if Heaven were about sitting on a cloud playing a harp, you would eventually become quite bored indeed and would gladly welcome a shift into the eternal fires of hell because at least the devil knows how to throw a good party. Correct?

Of course, we know that is all just a state of consciousness. Those of you in this room know that is a state of consciousness. We think it is a rather amusing state of consciousness, for indeed if the fires of hell are burning, they must be burning away your old issues. They must be purging and cleansing you. So perhaps souls would grow a great deal faster living in hell rather than living in Heaven where all they get to do is learn a new song on their harp and maybe help St. Peter welcome newcomers. Eventually you would probably run out of clouds to sit on and have to create new clouds and new harps. So anyway, getting back to our story… We felt this diversion might pick you up a bit. This channel has told us that we get a bit too serious. In reality, seriousness is a meaningless concept to us, but because it is so difficult to describe our realm in your Earthly terms, it may come across as seriousness. Your ability to laugh and have fun is very important and it helps you grow as souls. So we hope to become less serious as we explore this means of communication further.


THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:33 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
BTW eXchanger...I'm transferring this info to one of my threads. Thank-you for posting all of this.[/QUOTE]

LOL--most of you here, do NOT know who to ask for the 'real' answers

stay tuned -- this thread is going to get very interesting ;)

THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:34 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The Arcturians on Alternate Timeline Dynamics Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
August 12, 2005

Greetings, beloved friends, we are the Arcturians, here with an important segment on the nature of time and space alternate realities. This is a complex subject that very few humans understand. It is not an easy subject to discuss due to the limitations of your language. This channel has put forth some rather basic information, with our assistance, in the past, but we have not gone into depth and there are many areas relatively unexplored and yet to be understood.

In order to communicate these ideas, we must use analogies, much as your scientists of superstring theory do. In one such analogy, scientists use the concepts of “Flatlanders”, or people living in two dimensions, to examine what happens when three-dimensional reality impinges on their flat world. We will use a similar analogy in describing multidimensional time and space fluctuations.

The popular analogy regarding time and space is that it resembles a tapestry or quilt, with time-space realities interwoven like a fabric across a virtually infinite panorama. This panorama represents dimensions beyond time and space. Keep in mind that time and space are the threads of the fabric, not the fabric itself. Within this fabric are what we call timelines, or threads that are given energy and life, i.e., creation. A timeline is a continuity of time and space that has been given consciousness by God’s Creator Sons. We are Creator Sons. You are Creator Sons. Creator Sons are souls with the consciousness of God imbedded within them, and that means EVERY soul in Creation.

Beloveds, you were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. Your Creator brought into the universe many tapestries of light, love, wisdom and power. Among these is the tapestry of time-space. You, as junior creators, are given domain over this tapestry of time and space. In other words, you are given the authority to create timelines (and spacelines) within the tapestry. Whenever a thought or spark of consciousness is rendered unto the tapestry of time-space, a timeline is created. If the timeline is created by an individual soul, it resembles light filaments or fiber optic wires lighting up with electricity against a dark background. Whenever two or more souls join in consciousness within a given timeline, the ignited strand of fabric grows in brightness and intensity until it leaves a sizable imprint on the tapestry. Timelines that have the collaboration of millions of souls (such as the timeline of planet Earth) have great brightness and power. You could say in your limited vernacular that collective timelines are stronger and more “real” than individual timelines, although this is not entirely accurate.

There are an infinite number of possible timelines, and a finite number of probable timelines. Probable timelines are those fabrics that are given a great deal of consciousness. If there are almost seven billion individual souls on your planet and six billion of them are giving consciousness and focus to a particular timeline, that timeline becomes a probable reality, meaning that the reality “dominates” the surrounding threads of the tapestry, leaving a great imprint on the Akashic medium. The Akashic medium is similar to what you call a camera, or snapshot, or photograph, in that it records the movement and manifestation of timelines within the tapestry. All activity with the time-space matrix is recorded in the Akashic medium and can be recalled by anyone versed in Akashic retrieval. You can think of the Akashic as a giant universal computer memory bank with infinite storage space. Souls can recall a particular event along a particular timeline simply by accessing the Akashic.

Although individual souls cannot change Akashic imprints directly, they can dynamically alter the intensity and experience along each individual timeline. When a soul alters a timeline, the quality and intensity of that timeline changes. However, because the Akashic continually records imprints in the medium, every change, no matter how minute, is imprinted as if it were a static occurrence in time and space. This, although ultimately illusion, gives the appearance that reality is a solid, unchanging linear progression, and that once something has occurred in time and space, it remains forever unchanged.

In this series of lessons, we will explore the truth about changing timelines, altering timelines and jumping timelines. This is an advanced series, currently beyond the capability of the channel and most humans to fully comprehend. We will attempt to go slowly and hopefully will not lose anyone. It is perhaps unfortunate that the limitations of this language mean that we are bound somewhat by the third-dimensional laws and limitations when disseminating this information. Therefore, it will, of necessity, be given in a linear manner, with varying complexity, in a series of small parts so that the reader does not feel overwhelmed or lose interest due to its length.

Every moment of every day, in linear time, souls are creating new possible and probable timelines in the infinite fabric of time-space. Every thought in your consciousness changes, however imperceptibly, the nature of the fabric. In any given moment, you have an infinite number of possible paths to choose in order to manifest your next moment of creation. Most of your actions, thoughts and experiences will proceed along predictable timelines of mass creation. For example, you have a collective timeline called evolution of planet Earth, which proceeds with relative stability, even though there are a number of variables. As an example, one minute from now you will probably be doing something similar to what you are doing now. Perhaps the physical location of your body will change somewhat, perhaps different thoughts will flow through your mind, perhaps you will get up from your computer and turn on the television, etc. However, your body will still occupy the same general space on a planet hurtling through space at tremendous speeds around the center of the galaxy.

The collective timelines are constantly changing. To illustrate, let us dive into the basic physics of your planet. There are five general movements of the Earth through time and space. The first is the rotation of Earth on its axis, occurring once in what you call a day. Then there is the revolution of the Earth about the sun, occurring once in what you call a year. Then there is the precession of the solar system as it moves through your region of the galaxy, which is known as a Grand Cycle of approximately 25, 920 years. Then you have the movement of this region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, which occurs about every 225 million years. Finally, you have the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy through and around the Great Central Sun of the universe, which occurs about every 20 billion years. All of these movements are actually spirals, not circles, although the smaller ones appear circular or elliptical because you cannot see the higher dimension interactions involved.

The point in diverging into basic physics is to illustrate that even your collective timelines (the ones large numbers of souls have agreed to create) are constantly changing, even though they change in a periodic fashion through what you call cycles, or repeated passes through a spiral progression.

As we said earlier, this material is a challenge to present in a manner you can grasp. We feel we must break at this time to give you a chance to assimilate what we have given so far. We will continue this discussion at a very short time in your linear future. We are the Arcturians.


THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:35 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The Arcturians on Alternate Timeline Dynamics Part 2
Received by Sal Rachele
August 25, 2005

Greetings again, beloveds. We are continuing the series on alternate timelines. As we stated before, this is a vast subject and one that is very poorly understood by most of your scientists and philosophers.

Today we will take a look at something called “time compression”. This is the relative effect of time and space on the different densities or dimensions of existence. For the sake of this discussion, we will equate dimension with density, although technically they are not identical ideas.

In your world of entertainment there are science “fiction” shows that often come close to describing higher density concepts. One such show, part of your “Star Trek” series, involved a race of invading beings that vibrated at a higher rate than humans. They were invisible to the crew of the Enterprise, but sounded like insects buzzing about. Some of you may recall that episode. At one point, the captain and some crew members drink a substance placed in their coffee that enables them to vibrate at the rate of the invaders. When the crew members entered the vibratory rate of this race, the rest of the crew appeared to be in very slow motion, almost stopped.

Late in the episode, the higher vibrating crew members, in cooperation with the aliens, made repairs to the ship at what seemed to be “lightning speed” relative to the rest of the crew.

Many of you are aware that the great archangels and ascended masters, as well as some of our own people, work with hundreds, if not thousands of Earth souls. Have you often wondered how a particular ascended being can have thousands of channels, contactees and healing subjects? Where does Archangel Michael find the time to come to so many humans? Could it be that time takes on a whole different meaning when you are vibrating at a rate equivalent to the archangels?

Not only can a highly advanced being speed up time, or slow it down, but he/she can also move into the past and future time segments. “Compressed” time means that a highly evolved being can experience a few seconds and during that few seconds millions of years has passed on Earth. At the same time, such a being can go about Earth, giving healings, communicating telepathically, disseminating teachings, repairing psychic “holes” in Earth’s atmosphere, and many other tasks, in what amounts to the passing of a few seconds of Earth time.

So in other words, time can be sped up or slowed down as the ascended being sees fit, depending on what tasks are to be performed. Note that all tasks of an ascended being must follow the structures of human free will. Also note that when working in future time segments, actions taking place in the past and present will affect the probabilities of the future timelines. This will be the next area of exploration.

Many of you have a hard time grasping the concept of future timelines. Yes, it is possible to examine and participate in what you call the future, but it is like a canvas that has a partial picture that constantly changes, depending on what is taking place in your past and present. Let’s say you are a painter and you don’t like a particular color on your canvas. You can paint over it or remove it with paint thinner and repaint to your heart’s content. The future is similar to this. We, and many ascended beings, can view the constantly changing panorama of the future, make changes when it is in your best interests to do so, and watch the resulting tapestry change again. Any changes we make to a future timeline will affect your past and present timelines. Time is not linear. It does not go one way. It is permeable and malleable. Your scientists doing their “quantum entanglement” experiments have discovered this. You ask why it is not discussed in your “mainstream” physics. This is because of the enormous implications it has on your concept of “linear time.”

Ultimately, time and space are illusory, meaning that they change as your perception changes. However, within that illusory nature are many levels and dimensions of perception. Your perception that time is linear keeps you in a box, so to speak. Your whole world is predicated upon keeping that illusion consistent. Now many of you are finding the perception that time is speeding up, and that is a collective experience that happens as you raise your vibration. However, at the same time you will find, some of you, that you can accomplish far more in a smaller period of linear time. In fact, some of you have been through what you would call many lifetimes of growth in just the last linear year of your world. So in a way, time is a paradox in that as it is compressed, you use both more of it and less of it at the same time.

There are, of course, other factors that affect your perception of time. All time intersects in what is commonly called the eternal now. There are entire philosophies based on the idea that the only time that truly exists is the eternal now. This channel, and others, have drawn diagrams explaining the difference between horizontal time and vertical time. The eternal now can be thought of as a vertical plane that intersects countless past, present and future probability lines of horizontal time. When a soul is aware of the eternal now, he/she can “ride the elevator” up and down through the horizontal timelines, experiencing past, present and future probabilities at will.

The realms of time and space can be likened to a canvas upon which the creator gods (you and us) paint their pictures. We are all learning to create like our Infinite Creator. Time and space represent the canvas and the mediums necessary to paint the pictures of creation. Whether or not the picture turns out to be lovely or grotesque depends on our state of consciousness. The more a soul evolves and expands awareness, the more tools are available to paint the picture, and the more latitude is given regarding the boundaries of the canvas.

There are a natural set of safeguards built into the fabric of time and space. A soul that is not sufficiently evolved will be unable to make use of many of the features of the artist’s laboratory. Can you imagine the chaos if any soul at any level of vibration could change time and space on a whim? Even free will has its limitations. Souls are not allowed to make significant changes to a timeline if it violates the free will of other souls or deprives those souls of needed experience. This is why, for example, we cannot go back and prevent Atlantis from sinking. There are too many souls who needed to have that experience. Yes, we can change the consciousness surrounding that event and help souls heal the guilt, pain and sorrow associated with that event. As we help souls heal from traumatic events in the past, the present and future changes in beneficial ways. This is a cooperative effort between us and the souls we work with.

We could spend a considerable time discussing the limitations of free will and how free will affects timelines, but for now, this is enough to contemplate. We will be back with you in the near future. This is the end of Part 2. We are the Arcturians.


THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:36 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The Arcturians on Conspiracy
Received by Sal Rachele
February 9, 2006

Beloved Creators, we are the Arcturians with a message designed to help illuminate your understanding of organized chaos and the power struggles rife upon your planet.

The word “conspire” in your English language actually means to breathe together, which means to come together and expend effort in support of a common cause. This means that whenever two or more of you are gathered, to quote Sananda, there is great ability and power to affect Creation.

The word “conspiracy” has come to mean covert military or political action that benefits one group at the expense of others or at the expense of the many. Certainly this is one definition that has merit and can be explored.

In this message we will examine and take a direct look at the most pervasive of the conspiracies on Earth. Keep in mind that there are many “micro-conspiracies” that can be reduced to as few as two people – we are only going to look at the largest and most well-established levels of organized chaos. We use the term “organized chaos” more than just humorously, for the most insidious of the conspiracies have as their goal the utter destruction of organized society.

Why would any group work to dismantle the progress of humanity? Perhaps we must start our understanding with a look at the most dense and dark of all conspiracies, the organization of so-called “Dark Lords” – their origin, intent and manifestations.

As you may know by now, your world has been fought over by many other-worldly factions for aeons of time. The “dark forces” are those souls that have organized and conspired to control and manipulate the “light forces” so they can “snatch” the light away from the light forces thereby gaining in power and dominion. All dark forces believe that they are separate from their Source and must therefore take energy (money, prestige, power, etc.) from others. Since most souls will not knowingly surrender their power and energy, the dark forces must use devious and covert means to attain their goals. It is relatively easy for them to gain power if the “victims” of their attack do not realize they are being attacked and drained of their life force energy. Therefore, most dark forces operate in the dark quite literally – quietly pulling strings behind the scenes in an effort to siphon off as much as they can from the forces of light.

If you are a serious student of spirituality, you know that there is no force that opposes light. However, light can be directed into dark places in two ways. In one of those ways, the darkness can “take” from the light in order that it may convert this light into an array of distorted impulses, thereby taking on the appearance of the gathering of power and a feeling of superiority and ego-dominion. This apparent transfer of power from light to dark is ultimately an illusion and cannot hold itself together indefinitely. Sooner or later it must disintegrate and the light impulses return to the Source. This “entropic” energy exchange is inherently flawed in that it must acknowledge the “inbreath” of the Creator – the impulse of life to evolve and move into greater intelligence, order and awareness – known as a “centropic” force in physics. However temporary this apparent move toward darkness may be, it seems very real to those whose life-supporting energies have been tapped and drained by the covert warriors of darkness.

The second way the light approaches the darkness is by shining its radiance directly into the dark places, thereby illuminating them and dispelling the illusions that keep them going. This is the beneficial application of light directly from Source, as channeled through the lightworkers of Earth and other planets. This channeling of light in order to illuminate the darkness is done by tapping directly into Source and directing Source energy into the dense places of Creation that have been unable or unwilling to open and receive God’s Loving Presence.

What is taking place on Earth at this time is an outpouring of Divine Light that is penetrating and permeating the darkness and causing it to rile up in defiance and lash out in attack. It perceives it is being destroyed, and in a sense, that is correct. When light has fully illuminated something that was kept in the dark for a very long time, the darkness vanishes in an instant. The density level on Earth prevents this “instant” from being instantaneous, however, and what you, the people of Earth, are going through right now is the transition period in which the darkness is being exposed and will soon cease to be.

In order to fully expose the darkness, let us briefly summarize the various conspiracies and reveal their modus operandi and level of influence.

(1) The Reptilian Factions

The Reptilians hail from several fourth density worlds, originally headquartered in the Alpha Draconis star system, but now spread throughout many regions of space, including sectors in Orion, Sirius and even the neighboring galaxy of Andromeda. Certainly not all races from these star systems are aligned with the Draconian orders, and not all Draconians are Dark Lords. However, these races of beings, residing in fourth density, are within the astral planes of Earth and are siphoning off energy from those who reside in anger and fear. Their primary goal is to influence the leaders of this world to act in their behalf, to channel energy to them and to increase their power and dominion over sentient life forms. They have infiltrated the leaders of most of the major countries of your world, as well as their militaries and police forces. They live off the fear generated by humans, and give fear in return. They are kept in power so long as the people remain ignorant of their presence and ignorant of the energies being perpetrated upon them through their “puppet” governments and rulers.

(2) The Illuminati

This organization, which originally meant “illumined ones”, began as a series of secret mystical orders, but quickly became corrupted by power and greed. Today the Illuminati is composed of international bankers and members of the power elite of society. They meet in secret, performing rituals designed to increase their power and control. Their goal is world domination through control of the media and information distribution systems, as well as the monetary systems of your planet. Many of them are controlled by the Reptilians, but some are working for the Galactic Confederation, a “conspiracy” of souls aligned with Source.

(3) The Greys (Zeta Reticulins and their helpers)

The “greys” refer to a group of humanoids hailing from several star systems but primarily from Zeta Reticulus. They came to this planet to save their species from extinction. They determined the only way they could do this would be to breed with a species that had sufficient life force to infuse their race with the needed genetic material in order to reverse the decay and atrophy that had set in due to their denial of their emotional nature. Humans, an emotional species, were selected for this breeding program. Many of the members of the Zeta race volunteered to incarnate on Earth, agreeing to later be abducted (returned to the ships orbiting Earth) in order to disseminate genetic material. This program involves removing human Zeta incarnates from Earth once they reach childbearing age, impregnating them with Zeta embryos if female, or extracting sperm if male, returning them to Earth for a period of time, and then returning them to the on-ship laboratories to extract and grow the fetus.

Not all Earthly abductees are purely Zeta in nature. Some have mixed DNA, which has caused controversy and concern among Zeta scientists. There are elements of the violation of human free will involved in these experiences. If a Zeta incarnates on Earth, he or she has the right to exercise free will and cannot be removed against his or her will without a violation of universal principles. Some Zeta incarnates remember their mission and go willingly aboard the craft to be impregnated or have sperm removed (depending on their gender). Most do not remember their mission and may go unwillingly and unwittingly to have these programs implemented.

Zetas have formed alliances (conspiracies) with certain branches of the governments of the world in order to have their identities protected. They have furnished certain technologies to these governmental factions in exchange for this protection.

(4) Secondary Conspiracies

The work of the primary conspirators has a “trickle-down” effect on other organizations and groups. For example, in your United States, there is a movement by your government to spy on its citizens in the name of protecting the country against terrorism. The real purpose of this program is to consolidate power into the hands of those within the government that are being controlled by the factions detailed above. Once again, as with any “dark” conspiracy, the success of the conspiratorial mission depends on the fear and anger of the subjects, as well as their ignorance. If the people of Earth wake up to what is going on and refuse to live in fear and anger, the conspirators have no power whatsoever against them.

The point of this detailed analysis of conspiracies on your world is to remind you that knowledge is true power, and awareness of your Divine Source within is infinitely more powerful than any so-called “dark” force can ever be. Dear ones, bring forth your Divine Power within and direct God’s limitless light and understanding into the dark corners of your world. Expose these sorry conspiracies for what they are – desperate attempts to replace God with fear. They will not succeed. Only the light will prevail. The light of God shines upon all equally. With your help, it will shine away the cobwebs and bring joy into the troubled hearts of the people of your world. Being aware of these conspiracies allows you to recognize the true picture of why your world has been a place of suffering and misery for so long. That is all changing as we speak. Great legions of light are joining us in the heavens and offering their assistance. We are collectively removing the veils of ignorance from your world. We are removing the etheric frequency barriers from your atmosphere. Earth will once again join in the positive conspiracies of the Galactic Confederation and other benevolent organizations designed to help awaken souls throughout the Universe.

We apologize for the length of this message, but we feel it is necessary that many souls receive this and seek to understand it. We are servants of the most Radiant One, the Source of All Creation. We are the Arcturians.


THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 04:38 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
From Chapter One:

The Nature of Creation

Greetings, beloved Creators, we are the Founders.

The events taking place upon your world over the next several years
will have a profound impact on all life forms residing there.

In these messages, we will detail many of the changes and explain them
from several vantage points in order
that you may more thoroughly understand what is to come.

We will start with a look at the Creator's perspective.

In effect, this introductory message regarding the Earth changes will answer the question, “Why?”

The Infinite Creator created ALL THAT IS,
including all universes, galaxies, star systems, solar systems, planets, life forms, planes, subplanes, dimensions, densities, laws, principles, forces, power, energy and of course, spirit.

Everything is of God.

Everything IS God.

God exists within time and outside of time.

God exists in all time frames, timelines and dimensions.

God exists in the void, although the concept of existence is irrelevant there.

Your language is inadequate to describe many of the aspects of God
, but we will attempt to illustrate the parts that are relevant to Earth changes...



Who Are the Founders?

The Founders are 12th dimensional Creator Gods
who were involved in the original engineering of human DNA.

Their central teaching is that we are all 12-dimensional beings capable of evolving
to the point where we can create entire universes.

As God's children, we are being taught how to create like our Heavenly Parents.

This world (and countless others) is our scratch pad where
we learn about karma, free will, love and other principles of Creation.

At this pivotal time in human history, the founders are revealing information
about evolution, DNA, soul fragmentation, higher dimensions,
Earth changes, ascension and many more relevant topics.

It is suggested that the reader begin with reading the 10-part History of the Earth
which is posted above

Sal offers all-day workshops with the Founders in the USA, Australia, Canada,
The UK and other countries.

What is Timeline Healing?

Quantum physics has proven that time and space have many peculiar qualities.

The quantum entanglement principle essentially proves that time is an illusion
and that past, present and future can all be changed.

Timeline healing is similar to past life regression, psychological reframing and soul retrieval work.

During a session, one has an opportunity to go into the past
and visit past life selves and give them healing and wisdom.

It involves a part of you coming from the future (present time)
and visiting your evolving past life self.

Souls who have received timeline healing have reported changes on a cellular level,
resolution of phobias, and even reports of genetic reversal of life-long maladies,
birth defects, chronic disabilities and other so-called "incurable" illnesses.

(Sal makes no medical claims regarding timeline healing.)

Contact Sal to book an appointment by phone, Skype or in person


THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 05:55 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by Tango (Post 193991)
Do you feel a Click inside you head... When you go in...?
Our responsibility is to guard against our own negative thoughts
and attitudes. And,to protect our spiritual consciousness from being used
by Negative forces.
We are bound protect the life force at all costs.
Once again do you feel the Click.? Do you know what I'm talking about.

Dear Tango:

There is within your head,
a vast variety of contact points,
ingla, pingla, and, susumna channels
(the trinity/or the trine of The Higher Mind)
or, The Pineal Gland
which when activated
create 'brain synapses'

Clicks, are the starting, of the activation
of 'whole brain' operation

There are some beings on earth,
who came in, with 'whole brained' functioning

The clicks, are a part,
of a full opening of the third eye
as, well, as, the connections
of the left/and, right sides of the brain
so, you come into a full /or whole brain
operating - sense of being

The click, is a part the process,
however, when it goes past
the click,
you are very likely,
to have a huge door,
start to click/and, creak as, it opens

and, with the third eye
which, can eXpand, to be as, large
as your whole head

in the core/or within the centre
of the Trinty/or Trine
of the 3 Glands

is a room, and, when it opens,
if you pre-prepare it properly
it can be a room of rosebuds/and, very fragment

When, i was approx. 12/13 years of age
i was taught, to plant rosebuds into all different parts of my body
whilst mediating - or, dreaming

My third eye, was open,
as early, as, i can remember
however, as, the years passed,
it went was just part of my head,
to almost, my whole head

one day, when,
i was approx 28/or 29
high in the mountains of the him, on a trip,
i thought it was the high altitude,
there was clicking/and, creaking going on in my head,
i wondered, if i was going to be sick

Then, within the core of my third eye,
i saw a huge door,
and, all of a sudden,
there was this huge click/and creak
and, it opened

and, inside the room, it was full of the rosebuds
and, they were all starting to bloom,
and, the smell of roses was everywhere,
and, in front of me, inside my head,
was a 'huge candle", with a huge flame
and, within, that flame, is where
many things, NOW, come in, to eXchange with me
and, at least NOW, the door doesn't creak

HOWEVER, i remember, those clicks
very well, prior to this occuring,
and, once, you have this type of profound eXperience
you will very quickly realiSe
all your answers, they are hidden within,
and, only those things,
that are in 100% alignment with your missions, your purposes,
and, your tasks, can get to you there
if that is the command/and, the demand
you put out there
~as, the terms of allowance
for what it is, you choose,
to allow/or NOT allow

it is a 'free-will' ride, all the way to the end* :mfr_lol:

the eXchanger

end* - hehehe, there is NO end, just NEW BEGINNINGS,
for nothing, ever truly, comes to any end !!!

THE eXchanger 12-05-2009 06:08 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
A little more ...

There eXsits ingla, pingla, and, susumna channels
where the moon aka ingla
where the sun aka pingla
meet together when carnal desires are subdued
these are like nerves,
that when breath moves over them,
and/ the susumna is active
the delta waves become active in your brain
by utilsing your incoming breath aka pran-vayu
and, your outgoing breath aka apan-vayu
come into balance /or equilibrium.

Without that, you can NOT activate the susmana nerve

So, it is important, to pay attention
to controlling the breath aka pranayam
some people chant mantras,
like AUM , etc.,
to activate it

the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 06:22 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
NOTICE - all private questions will be answered publically


THAT isn't fair

Hello exchanger
you would make a great friend...
are you a Pleiadian walk-in as we seem to be gathering...
i do everything intuitively

Yes, it appears, a lot of you, think that way
however, you act, very differently upon the posting boards

if you want answers - you have to be part of the process

Why should we answer a question for one,
when you can post your question to this thread,
and, then, share it with all ???

that makes no logical sense to us

one question--resulted in a week of work,
to create a website, however, that answer,
is soon, to be publically made available

We will NOT skirt, your questions

and, we will NOT answer your questions, privately

fair is fair, we are here, to share

and, do that broad spectrum

About the question--


No, we are NOT a walk-in
we are a walk-through
which is different
we have completed our TRINES, or Our Trinites,
something, we are here, to share !!!

We are a 9th density / 33rd dimensional being, eXpressing through 3 matrixes, 2 complete

we have one pleiadian guide / a light being
who is like, a lady of the lake, only a lady of the light
who was, also present, in the grand cycle of
The Arthurian Times, where she guided me,
The were 4 groups of 6 beings, + 2

6 + 6 sat on one side of a table - white side-and,
6 + 6 sat on the other side of the table - green side

the whites and the greens
the grial line/and, the elemental line / or fey-or faere line
(many of you here, were there)
since in 'oneness' we are all parts of the original
12 x 12 x 12 ....)

plus arthur, and, Queen G for 26 (plus 2)

plus the Mother of Merlin, for 27 (plus 4)
plus the Mother of Arthur, for 28
plus The Father of Queen G, for 29
plus The Mother of Queen G, for 30

plus 3 more - for a magical group of 33

(Bill Ryan, was a part of this group,
and, so, too, was Kerrie Cassidy,
this is why, they went to Avalon together,
and, this is why, they cooked up,
the idea of project camelot, together,
which has eXpanded into project avalon,
back in 2008

*i* revealed information,
back in June/july or august of 2006
to them, or, at least to Kerrie Cassidy,
when Rebecca J, and, myself,
had a conversation (with Kerrie)
(where *i* revealed, she was The Mother of Merlin)
and, *i* have had, a couple,
or perhaps, a few short conversations,
and/or emails with Bill Ryan,
although, he was NOT the only piece of arthur,
he was a part of the 6+6 on the white side of the table)
(so, he does carry, the arthurian grail line)
and, he is a part / of the 144 points of light
that make up the higher self/essence/and, monad
of the higher aspects of Arthur in 9d/33d MATRiX

Which might bring us all to an understanding,
of 12 x 12 = 144 x 12 = 1728 / energetic 18 /or 9
Completion and, New Beginnings

In the Arthurian times, the greens completed the grand cycle

The whites, came close, winning 11 out of 12 quests
before Arthur/and, Queen G, meet their demise
and, were buried together in a hollowed out, carved oak treee

The being in question,
The Light Being of Viv / or Ane
was in fact, part of the the remaining 3 of 33
The Lady in The Lake,
from the 7 / Seven Sisters or, The star system of The Pleiades
this information, is being pulled,
from The Light Libraries of Alcoyne,
where the channel, is The Record-Keeper
able to read / and, enter-or scribe into
the secured sections !!!

Merlin, was another one

and, the 3rd one - was a pair,
split in duality - one , from the other,
The Forever Grandfather / and,
The Forever Grandmother ~ both guides,
from past/present/future - and, where living there
in the Pivot of The Now ~ working as higher guidance

We are a part of that 144 points of light, of The KulKulKan.

so, there you have it
6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 2+ 4 + 3 = 33

We are, a complex being
that has merged, past to present, present to future,
and, threaed that through The Pivot of The Now,
and, brought in ourselves from 1,000+ years
in the future - NOT an easy task

in fact, in 2007, Rebecca Jerignan,
who most of you know,
came to us, when we telepathed to her,
and, helped us, get back into this life,
when we sat, stuck between the worlds
in a NDE ~ which she can verify, as truth

it is vital, and, very serious stuff

sometimes, we ponder, why most of you
choose to just read/and, NOT participate,
and, get active, and, get activated ???

we operate at 9Dth (or ninth density)
and, up and through 33 dimensions
through 2 completed matrixes,
and, the third one, that we are currently in

We developed a lot of terms,
and, coined, quite a few phrases
related to: The Thirteen Keys
and, 111 Keys of The High Magic
(which, we will post)
We are a high magican,
of Circum Ferre 360, aka Full Circle - or The Round
and, we will post more
later in this thread

We do have a lot to share,
and, would appreciate, that some of you,
get active, upon this thread.

We are in the process of completing our M.Sc.D.,
or Doctorate in Metaphysics
and, are at the level of Doctorial Candiate
(slated to complete spring 2010)

We teach, what we know
& what we have actually eXperienced
in well over 33 years of our own research

it is TIME !!!

TO BRING it all back, to The Round,
The Original Round

The Forever Grandfather,
The eXchanger/Susan
and, The Higher Aspects of the 33
still all work together ~ in oneness
we are here,
and, we await your questions
we are here,

*i* = The complex, *i* operate with, all of the above

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 06:29 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
This is added into the post above,
for those already reading:

we add this:

The being in question,
The Light Being of Viv / or Ane ~
is connected to The Lady in The Lake, from Arthurian times
from the 7 / Seven Sisters or, The star system of The Pleiades
this information, is being pulled,
from The Light Libraries of Alcoyne,
where the channel, is The Record-Keeper
able to read / and, enter-or scribe into
the secured sections !!!

also...(many of you here, were there)
since in 'oneness' we are all parts of the original
12 x 12 x 12 12/144/1728 *

*sal, brought some of this through in channeling
we've got a tape on it, but, it needs some minor editing or transcription

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 06:55 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
question: this is a rather direct question, since you are in the north,
and, have likely lived there a long time, what if any earth changes have you been seeing ? thank you XXXXXX


This answer will take a few posts,
just as, some of the other questions,
open flood gates, and, created the necessity to write a book,
if, even it is just provided for a free download
(which we have been working on)

We are currently gathering some testimonials
related to comments we have made to others,
related to the shift of where the earth sits, in relation
to the stars/planets/moons etc., on a cosmic/or galatic alignment

yes, it has changed-approx 13 degrees

We have lived in the same area
for over 50 years ~ in 2007, around Winter Solt.
(we notice these types of things,
as, we do a lot of our research utilising,
connections to planets / and, moon(s)
not just earth, has a moon
and, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn,
as, well as, all the stars seem to be off,
by approx 13 degrees~aso the sun rise/and, the sun set,
is off too, by eXactly the same, 13 degrees

since, we also have a cottage,
it is off there too,
by eXactly the same degree

fortunately, we have mentioned this to many people
and, many people have confirmed,
the same - the good old sun doesn't come up; where it used to
the sun doesn't set, where it used to
the moon rise is different
and, the placement of stars, within the cosmos
is different too

likely the result of western astrology being outdated
by approx 2000 years
(although we know western astrologers, would NOT,
nor, will like, to hear that, as 'new' news~how now, will they calculate things ???)

as, we said - time would encompasses / a book
in order, to reveal, all that, we have come to know,
in a study, that has taken almost a lifetime,
and, most certainly, at least 33-to-35 years of time,
in our current cycle, upon the earth

The Grand Octal ~ "oct" meaning '8'
moves through 8 points,
The Mother Earth moves around the sun
in an elliptical circuit, deviating less than a second per year
and, we move through eight significant sections/or spatial milestones
that mark the beginning/mid-point, and, end of sessions

The Equinoxes, Fall/and, Spring
The Solstices, Winter/and, Summer
and The Cross Quarters ,
or, what occurs in the north hemp
the opposite occurs in the south hemp.

The earth's tilt and, the sun's position,
put The Ecliptic along 47° arcs~not to mention,
also, that the 23.5 figure (represents; just half of it)
just like half of a puzzle

The polar axis is seen, like an imaginary line
one that extends through the north/and south geographic poles.
The Mother Earth rotates on its axis
and, it revolves around its Sun .

The Mother Earth, her axis is tilted approximately 23.5 degrees
into the plane of The Ecliptic aka The Plane of Planetary Orbit
of The Sun, or, the path of the sun, across its celestial sphere

This tilt of The Polar axis, creates the variations in light/or, solar illumination
aka, insolation, and, directly results in the cyclic progressions
of the seasons/or, the 8 points mentioned above .

The Mother Earth rotates about the polar axis
15 angular degrees per hour (and, important number)
and, it makes its complete rotation in 23.9 hours.

Time has been changed,
and, the length of a day, on earth, has been changed,
to screw things up, down here.

The Mother Earth rotates on its polar axis,
so, it makes a elliptical orbital revolution around The Sun
365.26 days.

The rate of rotation / and, The rate of revolution
are both functions of The Mother Earth's mass/
and, its position in the oribital cycles.

Its rotating is what results in the cycles of night/and day
across the celestial sphere. It was how theory was built
by the greeks, and, Ptolemy~The astrologer / or astrology eXpert
of his day.

There is a paralel to Polaris (The North star)
and, its precession, which creates the circular wobble
and, holds The Mother Earth in approx 26,000 year precessional cycles,
and, is currently leading towards another type of alignment with Vega.

So, people talking about 23.5, are merely talking about
half of 47, 47 degrees), there is a lot to know,
and, a lot still to discover...about time,
and, about missing time .

In older times, the older / or ancient civilizations
were sky watchers, and, as such,
were fascinated, and entertained themselves
by charting/and, watching the cyclical motion of the cosmos/and,
the heavens, the stars/the planets/and, the moons.

The abilities of astro studies (without telescopes) etc.,
was sacred knowledge, at its best

The druids knew, of 13
The celtics knew, of 13
The lemurians / and, The Atanteans knew, of 13
and, so, to did the old civilization in Africa,
where know stones are being found,
and, also - the mesoamericans
going back, to The Anasuzi, almost 26,000 years ago
(when the planet, did NOT sit, where it sits today)
there were reasons, to discard PLUTO as a planet
(since in astrology-there is 6 + THE BRIDGE/OR SCALES of LIBRA + 6~
ALTHOUGH in those days, things were NOT scribed/nor, written
(and, druids utilised 6 + 1 + 6 ~ but related things to trees)
and, recently, we found a photograph online - of a half finished tomb
(here reflected ~ 6+1+6) or 13

The Pope Greg X111 (sinful-he utilised 13) LOL

took away the old calender - and, started the gregorian calender
in the year of our lord fifteen eight two (1582 ad)
on the twenty fourth (24) of the Month of February
WHICH is interesting, since, that date
is the date, that the biggest hood-winking in the 16th century occured
to trick man/and, woman ~ into following a calender
that was NOT in sync, with their own cosmic/or celestial or
galatic cycles of 13 moons/per year ~ and/or the chinese who follow
a 60 year cycles (more on that to come)

the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 07:28 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
question: why discard pluto, did you forget to add something there???

ANSWER: yes, we apolgize,
tranmissons, coming in too quickly,

pluto in capricorn - was dangerous to The iLLs

(as, it signals a time, the truth, it is told)

astrology-astrologers-changed much in 16th century
much, NOT written down
before that, and, all the burning of the 'good books'
in the time of aleXandria

we remember, those times,
sitting in the cinders/and, within the ashes,
crying ~ that much of history was lost
eXcept, coming to a realisation
that all things, are records, in the akashic records
and, within the grand light libraries, of all times

when pluto moves into capricorn
the truth is told, **** happens

Pluto is the lord of the underworld,
and, back on 26 jan 2008, he returned to the skies,
and, that has NOT occured since, 1778.

It is about death/and, rebirth-since, there is no 'real' end

It marked a time for truth,
and, for the people to dare to negotiate
and, to set in place, new levels of eXchanges

Some people, have tried to play 'pluto' as a doer of evil / a bad guy,
and, this clearly is NOT a truth

pluto is all about truth

it appearance in the skies at this time,
says, truth will be told

Pluto works with his brothers,
Zeus, The Lord of The air,
and, Posidien, who is The Lord of The Seas,
and, he loves to empower, the disempowered.

His rise, in the skies, at this time, is pivotal...
it is a time, for the truth to be told

He comes to remind you,
of your powerful hidden forces,
which lie within, and, although he is,
a distant/or unseen planet, to your naked eyes,
he is currently there - ready to render his power to you
he rules, scorpio, and, the warrior, in all

Look back to the time, he was discovered, in the skies,
the 1920's what happened - the 3rd Reich, the start of Fascism
and The Bomb~ the splitting of atoms

perhaps, in some of us, it activated our own 'time bombs'
the one, that awakens you , and, snaps you back,
into all that you truly are

War has forced us, to start to think differently,
to be a piece of peace, or, NOT to be

Sure, The iLLs, tried to take pluto out of his role,
by making it a non-planet, however,
you can NOT make a fool , out of The Mother of Nature

True force, true power, eXists,
all you need to do, is just ask/ask/ask to tap into it,
it is really quite a simple process

Pluto will bring about the air of the ability to conquor
anything, that is NOT operating in 100% alignment
with The Will of Mother Earth

It will put in place, many tests,
and, it will pulverize/and, break down
anything, not operating right.

It brings with it, the death of old, and, the birth of new
total and, complete transformation, as it eliminates that,
which does NTO work, and, brings into life,
the things, that do work -- it is a great teacher/and,

iT returned in 2008, under the sea-goat of capricorn
and, that is, always all about
restructure, and, structure
getting rid of old systems,
and, old status, disempowering all those authoritative bodies
who do NOT operate, in the good of all

pluto, when in capricorn, is the leader

he brings reward for good effort,
and, he bring punishment for bad effort,

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 forward,
is going to test, the old stuff, and, render it useless
only the 'good' will pull through...
many old corporations, and, old boys clubs, will collapse,
into ruins, come completely apart, at their seams,
the sea goat/capricorn, will well practised, and, has
iniate wisdom, and, will accept only 'service, good service, to all"

New leadershp, will rise ...
and, those who are determined, and, practical,
and, are looking to restructure things simply,
will find, everything, they ever hoped for, does eXist

This current cycle, where Pluto rules in Capricorn
is actually, the 9th one, since, the start of AD~and
it occured in 42 AD

Look forward, to major changes

The eXchanger

joe2288 12-10-2009 07:36 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Hey exchanger great posts i agree with alot of what your saying i follow the

work of delores cannon and david wilcok very closely but im wondering if you

have or no of any videos that describe what your talking about just post them

that way i can watch them thanks :thumb_yello:

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 09:50 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
NO, this is a body of work,
we've been working on for the past 33 years
so, it is NOT out there yet
(at least, NOT in the mainstream)

some people here,
at least, a few of you,
have eXperienced,
some of what i do

perhaps, they can make some comments

we are getting rather tired
of trying to do everything alone

thank you
susan/the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 09:51 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
to reveal THE PROJECT,
(not the eXchange project~that is something different)
but, my project ...
which ultimately funds, the other ???

or, is that type of solicition
out of bounds ???

SUSAN/THE eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 10:14 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
QUESTION: do you listen to half past human ???

answer: no, *i* do NOT listen to half past human
*i* am way past human :mfr_lol:

(pardon the pun)

however - we do believe he does very purpose_full work

and, he is a good guy,

just like Bill Ryan !!!

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 10:53 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Hi eXchanger,

"THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them"
- what an amazing thread with loads of great information,
its rare that I see so much truth frontloaded in one thread like that.

Be my friend!

yes, let's be friends :)

your are my 619th friend here

thanks for your comments, they are appreciated

the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 10:56 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Mr. Sal Rachele, my good friend,
from www.salrachele.com
is going to join us,
here on Project Avalon/Project Camelot
so, we all can discuss this further,
and, in greater depth, length, and, width...
*i* hope you all will be nice to him,
he's got a lot of knowledge,
and, he looks forward,
to eXchanging with all of you!!!

The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-10-2009 11:11 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by WarriorServant (Post 197100)
What would you prefer?

1). A world where humanity has reached a spiritual level of understanding aware enough that all negativity could be, if not eradicated, reduced to a point where it causes absolutely no problem that cannot be fixed.

2). Free energy.

Explain your answer.

energy is, "what" it is

it has negative force
and, it has positive force
and, it also has to have a "zero-point"
or, "an original spark"

there are a lot of beings,
top heavy on knowledge,
and, still bottom heavy
when it comes to application

without positive/and, negative

- how is it, you would learn lessons ???

and, how is it, that,
if you had, only positive charge,
it would propel anything

hmmm--perhaps, that is why we had the dream

The etheric levels, has 3 parts
NOT just one part

something like,
the chicken/or the egg...

the egg of the chicken,
and, the seed of the ****-a-doddle-do,
are both required,
and, must both be present,
to blend in a trinity/or a trine
in order, for two parts, to make a third part

if you lose the chicken,
or, if you lose the ****-a-doddle-do
in the equation,
you do NOT get any more chickens
however, there still eXists POTENTIAL
for positive, for negative
and, for zero point

and, too- there are some ****-a-doddle-do's - that do NOT do !!!

the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 12:46 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
60 year chinese astrology different
as, the air is NOT one of the elements

The elements are
Wood and Metal
along with Earth, Fire and Water.
they are assigned to directions
(North, South, East and West)
and, also to colours, seasons and planets.

The characteristics of the five elements are as follows:

Metal: The metal person is rigid and resolute in expression and intense, with strong feelings. The direction associated with Metal is West, and the season is autumn, which makes it the fixed element for the animal signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog.

Water: The water person is a good communicator and persuader, intuitive and sympathetic to others and good at conveying feelings and emotions. The direction associated with Water is North, and the season is winter, which makes it the fixed element for the animal signs Pig, Rat and Ox.

Wood: The wood person has high morals, is self confident, expansive and co-operative, with wide and varied interests. The direction associated with Wood is East, and the season is spring, which makes it the fixed element for the animal signs Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon.

Fire: The fire person has leadership qualities, and is decisive, self confident, positive and assertive. The direction associated with Fire is South, and the season is summer, which makes it the fixed element for the animal signs Snake, Horse and Sheep.

Earth: The earth person is functional, practical, solid, reliable, organized and methodical. The direction associated with Earth is the Centre. Some Chinese astrologers associate Earth with late summer.

The five elements operate together with the twelve animal signs
in a sixty year calendar.

The five elements appear in the calendar
in both their yin and yang forms
and are known as the ten heavenly stems.

When trying to calculate the relevant year of the cycle in relation to the Western calendar, an easy rule to follow is that years that end in an even number are yang, those that end with an odd number are yin.

The cycle proceeds as follows:

If the year ends in 0 or 1 it is Metal.
If the year ends in 2 or 3 it is Water.
If the year ends in 4 or 5 it is Wood.
If the year ends in 6 or 7 it is Fire.
If the year ends in 8 or 9 it is Earth.

so, if you were born in 1958 -after the chinese new year

you are a dog - and, since it ends in 8

you are a 'brown/golden earth dog'

here's a gr8 link to chart yourself
(without paying a chinese person, a small fortune)


on a 24 hour clock ie; 345pm is 1545
345am is 345

Male Metal
Male Soil
Male Wood
Male Soil
White Monkey
Brown Tiger
Green Rat
Brown Dog /Golden Earth Dog

THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 12:50 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The ancients always followed the moons

13 moon cycles - make up a year

so; wise to get a 'free' vedic chart at


the eXchanger

also-this new years eve


and, it is NOT the 13th moon of a year

(a year really doesn't go jan 1 to dec 31)

(and, a day doesn't really have 24 hrs in it)

however, the 'good old moon' and, the '28 guardians of the moon'
they never lie !!!

note like pope X111 - greg did !!!

the new calender was the hood-winking of this world !!!

more on that, in another post

THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 01:02 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

The foreskin has twelve known functions.
They are:

to cover and bond with the synechia so as to permit the development of the mucosal surface of the glans and inner foreskin.

to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers.

to protect the glans penis from friction and abrasion throughout life.

to keep the glans moisturized and soft with emollient oils.

to lubricate the glans.

to coat the glans with a waxy protective substance
to provide sufficient skin to cover an erection by unfolding.

to provide an aid to masturbation and foreplay.

to serve as an aid to penetration.

to reduce friction and chafing during intercourse.

to serve as erogenous tissue because of its rich supply of erogenous receptors.

to contact and stimulate the G-spot of the female partner.

The above list was compiled from various sources by George Hill

PLUS this:

13. The churches, thought it was a good idea,

to take this away, since, men who have been circumsized

- would lose OUT big time

- and, they would utilise it as a way to make money

NOTE; this is important

This surgery takes away the main male pleasure zones
with about 20000 fine touch
and stretch nerve endings amputated,
they'd be less likely to have sex,
and, go to church instead !!!

Myths about circumcision


THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 04:05 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
question: why the penis posting ???

Answer: cause if we are going to eXchange/and, share what you are

the 'lower gonads' also have a 'trine' ~ and an eXtended chakra system
(pardon the pun)

and, also, in the female there is a 'trine'
the clitorius - is a small penis
and, there is a 'trine' there too

and, it all fits into "the 13 keys" we are going to eXchange/and, to share
with you

in future posts

we also need some help with drawings/etc.,

the eXchanger

ps; there are a lot more than 7/12/or 15 chakras

you will be very amased at what you can really eXtend into ~ it's all about growth & eXpansion

THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 04:45 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
if you ever want to really be able to manifest things...

always remember to:

utilise 12 words + 1 number sequencing
(with the rose sigil, you can likely transport
your secret name, to one of these)

"will, it to be,
so, it will be,
and, so it is "
333 333 315 * *use your own /although, we were taught, it's a good idea
to make up 2 or 3 of them -isis had a secret name
and, you should to, one you do NOT tell anyone


command, and, demand
in 100% alignment with
purposes-missions & tasks

that's another one - do that, and, NOTHING can MUCK with you !!!

THE eXchanger 12-11-2009 06:53 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Decided to keep everything all together,
since, this group is likely to dove-tail a lot of work together

Free Teleclass!!

Global Connection

Even though this took place on 11/11/09 you can listen to it at your leisure.
Call 641-715-3529 and enter PIN 907296

There is a celestial energy attunement-with bowls/etc.,

Around the world people will be pausing from their daily activities
to connect with each other energetically.
11:11:11 is a gateway/portal where we can align with these energies of mastery.
We will be quiet and sink into our hearts and re-align with our higher selves and re-member what it is like to live daily from a space of unconditional LOVE.

To see the beauty in our life experiences, to be thankful for life.

You can join us for 11 minutes as we will open with an intention/prayer and then be guided to re-connect with the energies of LOVE. You will FEEL what LOVE really is and be able to re-align yourself with a commitment to yourself, to tape in this energy daily. Let go and ALLOW-SURRENDER the thoughts of FEAR that keeps us away from the divine which is in each and everyone of us.

Approx 1 hr

FREE Teleclass
compliments of www.kerrieoconnor.com

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