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THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 08:33 PM

THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Earth Changes

According to the Hopi,
we are entering the "fifth world."
There have been at least four previous worlds
(and I suspect many more),
all ending in various cataclysms.

The fourth world is dying as we speak.

It represents the pinnacle of third-dimensional ego-based power-driven competitive masculine archetypes, characterized by a ruling elite,
called the “Illuminati”, which means “illumined ones.”

The original illumined elite became corrupted by identification with the material world and hence, fell in vibration to its present sorry state

. See Illuminati and the Dark Forces.

My predictions have been very consistent over the past 25 years.

The 80-20-0.1 ratio outlined below
hasn’t changed significantly during that time.

I get these numbers from my soul or higher self.

They are apparently based on the soul's projection of the current states of awareness (and the anticipated raising of awareness) of the populace.

In Life On the Cutting Edge, an entire chapter is devoted to the various scenarios that mark the closing of the Great Cycle, as spoken of in Jose Arguelles’ books and the work of David Wilcock in his Convergence series.

The Hopi Prophecy depicts a descending spiral (3D), a shining sun (4D) and a stairway to heaven (5D). Below I offer a description of these three paths.

3D scenario--The descending spiral on the Hopi petroglyph refers to those souls who steadfastly refuse to raise their vibrations out of third density or who allow themselves to be misled down an ego-based path by the ruling elite and the entertainment/media complex, among other “false prophets.” The most likely scenario to unfold over the next two decades involves the majority of present-day humans exiting the earth plane through death by various means--immune system failure or exotic diseases, war, famine, etc. The process will likely be complete by 2030. The dates of major cataclysmic events will likely be 2007, 2012, 2017 and 2030. The latest information suggests the following cataclysms:

2007 – Economic collapse brought about by high energy prices and inflated currency, causing widespread war and famine.

2012 – Earth enters into electromagnetic null zone, signifying the end of the Great Cycle, causing mutation in humans.

2017 – Comet brush-by (the false Wormwood) causing severe mutation in humans.

2030 – Asteroid brush-by (the true Wormwood or Planet X) causing severe electromagnetic imbalances.

About 80% of humanity will likely choose the 3D path.

They will exit through death and be reincarnated on another planet more suitable for 3D entities.

4D scenario (the Hopi sun representing the fifth world)
--About one-fifth (20%) of the population will likely create
spiritually-based intentional communities in areas of the Earth
not overly subject to natural disaster.

These people will live in relative paradise,
due to the dominance of positive, life-creating thoughts in their consciousness.

They will harness alternative energy sources to power their communities.

5D scenario (the ascending stairway on the Hopi petroglyph
)--About 10 to 30 million (<0.1%) of Earth’s souls will likely achieve ascension during this lifetime. They
will enter into the 5D Earth, a world of indescribable beauty and harmony. From this vantage point, they will assist those in the 4D realities (and perhaps even those on other 3D worlds).
A very tiny portion of the ascending group will go on
into the celestial realms (6D - 8D),
but most of them will have a desire to help raise the awareness of
3D and 4D civilizations and will therefore stay with the 5D Earth.*

Details Regarding Specific Years

According to well-placed sources,
the present oil crisis and devaluing of stocks will lead to an economic collapse, likely around the year 2007
(sooner if the present administration in the USA is re-elected).

Based on numerous sources, including the Mayan calendar,
something highly significant is expected to occur on December 20, 2012.
My information suggests this is when Earth
will enter the electromagnetic null zone.

The EM null zone is a region of space whereby the magnetic polarities temporarily collapse, creating a zero-point vacuum
in the time-space continuum.

The outer effect of this shift would be a wave of tremendous incoming energy, sufficient to trigger mass ascension in souls
who are ready to receive it.

It could also trigger massive cataclysms in the 3D and 4D realms, including complete failure of telecommunications and computer systems.

I was given information and saw visions indicating
that in 2017 the tail of a comet will brush Earth,
instantly mutating all living cellular organisms.

Those who are on the ascension spiral will be accelerated at light speed
into the 5th dimension at that time.

Those at lower vibrations will likely leave their bodies at that time and be transferred to another planetary school to continue their lessons.

Approximately every 3600 years,
according to Zecharia Sitchin and others,
a heavenly body (probably an asteroid)
brushes the Earth and causes varying degrees of cataclysm
(depending on its trajectory and effect on the EM fields of Earth).

Our consciousness can greatly affect the severity of this brush-by,
which I believe is scheduled to occur in 2030.

Episodes of Wormwood, Planet X, Niburu,
or whatever name you want to call it are described in elaborate detail in early civilizations.

Apparently this asteroid (or planetoid, as it is at least half the size of Earth) also has a group of beings called the Nibiruans
in the ninth density of the planetoid,
some of whom influenced the early evolution of Earth.

There is a debate as to why scientists have not yet discovered
this incoming object.

This could be due to suppression,
but more than likely its relatively small size
and unusual orbit would cause it to be mistaken for an ordinary asteroid
until a few years before it enters Earth's orbit.

Choosing a Scenario

There is, of course, a choice.

We can be part of the 80% of humanity that stays in 3D a
nd goes down with the ship (reincarnating onto another 3D world).

OR we can be part of the 20% that evolves into 4D
and creates enlightened self-sufficient communities on the New Earth.
OR we can be part of the
<0.1% of humanity that evolves into 5D
and becomes part of the Heavenly Earth (the Ascension).

The choice is ours!

Our only problem is:
How attached to that old world are we?

How much do we cherish that Hummer in the driveway
(or SUV or whatever)?

Do we believe our sustenance comes from God,
or from Visa and MasterCard?

Do we believe we need all this old-world stuff in order to protect the body?

From what? I figure the worst that could happen
is that we might lose these shells (our bodies).

Actually, we can take them into the 5th dimension if we want.

I say, bring on the changes!

The degree of our consciousness
will determine whether or not we are wiped out by a natural event,
because we draw experiences to us based on our consciousness.

If enough of us wake up, the comet (or whatever)
will have minimal effect on Earth.

If we keep slumbering soundly and voting for neo-conservatives and greater “security”,
we will likely be rudely awakened by a global event of some sort.

More Details on the Changes

I do believe we are in for a turbulent time in the years ahead,
for the following reasons:

1. We are moving into what has been called an "electromagnetic null zone", or an area with decreased electromagnetic activity.

Whether or not this causes a pole shift
or some other shift remains to be seen.

2. We are nearing the end of consumer mentality
because we are running out of easily extractable oil.

This will force us to embrace higher technologies or go the way of the dinosaurs (in the 3D plane).

3. We are waking up to our multidimensional selves.
This will bring all that is false to the surface to be released.
This is already happening.
Any social or political structures based on the old paradigm will swiftly fall away and be replaced by 4D structures.

4. When a comet's tail brushes the Earth,
it sometimes causes mild disturbances,
and sometimes total cataclysm (as with the dinosaurs).

I know, scientists say it was an asteroid that killed the dinos,
but I say it was the tail of a comet.
(Not that there’s that much difference between a comet
and an asteroid as far as the effects of a brush-by are concerned.)

5. The Planet X debate is a hot one these days.
There are enough independent astronomers
(not bought and paid for by the Illuminati)
that are searching the heavens
that I think by now we would have something definitive
if a large body were approaching Earth.

A small comet or asteroid could perhaps not be detected
until a few years before impact or brush-by,
but the large ones should already be visible.
I think it’s likely that Planet X is a planetoid
much smaller than Earth,
but capable of doing significant damage.

6. I believe up to half of humanity
could experience immune system failure
as we approach the end of the Great Cycle
and the energies get very intense.

Many are subconsciously overwhelmed
and unable to cope with the rising energies,
and may choose to exit through immune system failure.

Whether or not the immune system is compromised
by Illuminati experiments, soul fragmentation, unresolved emotions,
pollution, etc., the answer is always the same.

Realize that we are perfect creations of God,
or to put it one step further,
we ARE God expressing through individual body/mind complexes.

Our awareness of God is directly proportional to our overall health.

I take all stories of doomsday with a grain of sea salt.

They are reminders of the alternative to awakening,
as if we need to be reminded.

More on Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

What is manifest in the 3D world is the composite projection
of the thoughts of all 3D souls.

Jung called this the “collective unconscious”.

I will call it the “collective subconscious.”

The collective subconscious of all people
with terror thoughts will create a reality based on terror.
If we do not like the picture we see,
we know what to do--change our thoughts.

Others may still choose to create terror,
but we will be largely unaffected by it if our consciousness
does not buy into it.

There is talk of a pole shift.

It’s true that the EM field changes polarity every so often,
but many are saying the Earth could flip on its axis.

In order for the earth to reverse
its direction of rotation or turn upside down,
this would require a tremendous change in momentum,
greater than anything since the Big Bang probably.

A polarity shift would have very little impact on the rate
or method of the earth's rotation.

Although Newton is a bit outdated, some of his laws are pretty important.

His laws of motion dictate that in order for the Earth
to physically reverse its poles,
there would have to be some huge outside force
acting upon the Earth.

Therefore, if such a reversal were to take place,
it would likely be the result of collision
with a large asteroid or rogue planet.

A polarity shift means that the electromagnetic field
around the Earth changes.

If the North pole were positive and the South pole negative,
for instance, then after the shift the North pole will be negative
and the South pole positive.

The Earth would continue rotating as before,
but the field generated would flow in the opposite direction.

Low pressure areas would spin clockwise
in the northern hemisphere instead of counter-clockwise, for instance.

The most serious effect of a polarity shift
would be on devices that utilize the electromagnetic field to operate.
This would include such things as human bodies,
electronics (including our beloved Internet)
and the vortex and energy centers of Earth herself.

This is not to say that the human body would not survive such a shift.

It certainly could under the right conditions (ascension).

As for the electronics,
perhaps we should be a little less reliant on such for our well-being.

There would be great magnetic storms across the Earth
due to the change in pressure zones.

Cold areas could become warm, and vice versa.

It is likely that most life forms would either move into a higher density
or die off and reincarnate elsewhere.

Unless Earth is hit by a large asteroid,
a polarity shift will likely occur in stages,
giving us some preparation time.

I think we can expect a major EM disturbance in our lifetime,
but it would most likely cause only a polarity shift,
not a physical reversal.

Nevertheless, the effects could be drastic.

I've heard from a number of sources
(so I'm sure it's not just wishful thinking)
that there is a special planet being set up to receive
the bloodthirsty warmongers
who currently rule the Earth,
where they can play their games of torture, deceit and revenge
to their heart's content.

I look forward to the day when that planet is no longer Earth.

*NOTE: It's a lot easier to help 3D and 4D from 5D
than it is to help from 6D, 7D or 8D.

Most 6D and higher entities have a difficult time communicating directly
with Earth souls in a language they can understand.

After all, how do you describe the vastness of higher dimensions,
even if you have a great level of awareness?

Some do in fact give assistance,
by using teleportation and holographic projection,
but most prefer to use telepathy and channeling.

Finding a clear channel is not easy,
with all the human distortions, but a few do manage to get through.


THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 08:45 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Sal Rachele is a 6th- level Old Soul-C1E7 #1029
(potential exists to go 7th level-in this lifetime)
King cast PRiEST
Essence Twins/Task Companions - Discarnate priests
Travelling Companions - discarnate kings
Last King cast to the soul family on The Side of Energy,
King Mastery Row - Global Completion / Prosperity
Last King Cast to the soul family of C1E7


Susan/The eXchanger is a 6th level Old Soul-C1E7 #343
(potential exists to go 7th level-in this lifetime)
King cast SAGE
Essence Twins/Task Companions - Discarnate priests
Travelling Companions - discarnate kings
Last King cast to the side of Truth,
King Mastery Row - Global Completion / Prosperity
Last King cast to the soul family of C1E7 on The Side of Truth

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 09:16 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Another pivotal member,
of this same soul family
did radio shows,
back in the early 80's - 1983 -



if you want to learn some interesting stuff

check out his 'new' website,
with all the 'old' stuff,
this man, was decades ahead,
of almost everyone else

he set the 'original groups' in the metaphysical field, on 'fire'
with his knowledge

we were blessed, to cross his path, in the late 80's

here's got a great website here: http://radioastrology.com/

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 09:33 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Question (send privately)

When are you going to tell your story ?


There is a lot to tell, regarding 'my story'
so, i'll attempt to do it, in segments

First, i came in, as an 8th Density Being/able to get up; and; through 32 dimensions of time/and, space ~ an octarine indigo elder
(octarine-relates to light body~ and, 8)

in 1966 - an energetic year of 22
on 7/29/1966, at 2;02pm est
i drown in Little Lake, Peterborough, Ontario
and, during that eXperience,
i saw things, and, was told many things.

i was pulled from the bottom of the lake,
by, my discarnate grandmother-Goldie,
along with a huge eagle, and, another bird,
that flew through me, and, beat me, back into life...
it was NOT until a trip, to Peru,
in 1984-another year, of an energetic 22,
in my 36th year, at 35 ~ i saw a condor,
and, knew, that was the bird that came in 1966,
when, i was in my 7th year (at 6) and, drown.

In 1975-an energetic year of 22
i started a process of turning on my light body

by 1984-another year,
of an energetic year of 22
i completed the process of being,
a totally awake

Many beings on earth, started a major awakening/or stirring
in 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, or, 2002

also years, with an energetic 11,
like 2009 = is 11
and, it's a master number year,
and, a 'major' wakeup call !!!

Did you find, anything occurred to you,
in the years mentioned above ???

Please ask questions -

Lets discuss some 'good stuff' on this thread

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 09:36 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
And, another member of our soul family - c1e7

is Rebecca Jerrigan - you all know her, she, does



check out her archieve,
there is amasing stuff in it

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 10:04 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The Truth about ETs

Regarding the UFO/ET issue: Some of these statements are difficult to verify, but nearly every day I get confirmation that my perceptions are largely accurate. Here's my brief synopsis (received directly through telepathic contact and filtered through my God Presence):

Approximately 60% of all UFOs reported are from solar systems outside our own. The majority are from Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centauri, Rigel & Betelguese (Orion), Sirius A & B, and the Pleiades.

Approximately 20% are above top-secret military tests of experimental craft, often reverse engineered from Zeta craft.

Approximately 20% are natural phenomena mistakenly identified as artificial craft.

In addition to the above, there are millions of encounters with beings from other dimensions (parallel, higher, etc.), most of whom are benevolent.

We Are All ETs to Some Extent

There is really no difference between ETs and humans, because Earth has been genetically manipulated for aeons by different ET races to the point that almost all of us have genetics from other star systems.

There are often some physical genetic markers carried from generation to generation that can help identify one’s ET heritage. For example, those carrying genetic material from Nordic Pleaideans are often tall and muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes.. But with all the mixing and blending of our melting pot planet, this is a hard thing to track. For example, I am Venusian, but I do not have any markers that I'm aware of (I'm Italian with dark hair and eyes and olive skin while most Venusians are fair skinned and blond by nature).

Actually, if a non-human being were to walk among us (and some do), he/she might not even be noticed. Not only can some alien races disguise themselves, but many already look a lot like us.

As I've stated before, approximately 80% of all ETs are benevolent, kind, loving souls who sincerely want to lift humanity and welcome them back into the cosmic family. About 20% of ETs are malevolent, power-hungry beings with total disregard or even disdain of humans. Of course, there's some neutral middle ground (mostly alien scientists who have no ill feelings toward humanity but are not evolved enough spiritually to be in a position to decide what's best for us). In the name of research, they might dissect a human to learn more about him/her. (The subject of abductions is another matter for another time.)

The problem is, most of the negative ETs are vibrating in the 3D and 4D realms
and so are often visible to 3D and 4D humans.
Many of the higher, more loving races exist in 5D, 6D and 7D
and can only be contacted by humans who are attuned to those densities.

So it APPEARS there are a lot of negative ETs involved with Earth.

And of course, most of the world's rulers are controlled by negative ETs
(because of their lust for power).

There are many different "species" of aliens.

Here's my latest assessment including those in human embodiment:


Orion Constellation
Councils of Rigel & Betelguese, Incarnates from Mars and Maldek

Pleiades System 7D
Adamic Race (original earthlings) from Lyra/Vega DNA, Atlantean Priest-Kings

Sirius B Binary System
Biblical Gods, Greek Gods, descendants of Israel & the Middle East

Venus, 6th Density
Generally blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned humans

Pleiades System 4D
Nordic-type tall muscular humans (original Vikings, Scandinavian races)

Andromedan 4D
Oriental-type humans with small slanted eyes

Antares 4D
Red giant race mentioned in Genesis, Nordic-types, stocky European

Zeta Reticuli 3D
Human incarnates of original Zeta race before hybridization

Zeta Reticuli 3D Hybrid
Human incarnates derived from breeding programs
less than 0.1%

Andromedan 3D Hybrid
Human incarnates derived from breeding programs
less than 0.1%

Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Polaris
Human incarnates from these star systems (mostly 6D-8D)
less than 0.1%

Arcturus 7D-9D
Emissaries incarnate in human form
less than one million

Nibiru (Planet X)
Nibiruan Council members, on and off-planet incarnations
about 80,000

ETs in alien bodies
Humanoids with off-planet incarnations
about 32,000

Walk-ins (soul transfers)
Various races taking over human bodies through soul transfer
about 6,000

Other categories (3D-12D)
Humans from star systems not mentioned above
about 50 million

Other entities (7D or higher)
Spiritual masters from higher dimensions (avatars in manufactured bodies)
about 300

Population percentage breakdown by density (current vibratory level of humans):

3D -- About 78%
4D -- About 22% (includes yours truly at approx. 4.65)
5D -- About 0.1%
6D -- About 0.00001%
7D -- About 0.000000001%

Here is my assessment of the types of craft observed in our skies, including the ones I've seen physically. The percentages are out of the total observed by humans:


Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter
Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D

Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter
Illuminati Black Ops (Earth)

Black, triangular, a few meters across
Alpha Draconis 3D (Reptilian)

Multicolor, saucer-shaped
Pleiades 4D/7D, Venus 6D

Spherical, green glowing
Pleiades 4D/7D

Black, triangular, very large
Illuminati Black Ops (Earth)

Cigar-shaped (mothercraft - very large)
Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D

Grey, Cylindrical
Andromeda - 3D/4D

Interdimensional, various sizes and colors
Sirius B, Orion, other systems (5D-9D)
about 3%

NOTE: The Orions interbred with humans nearly half a million years ago.

To my knowledge they have only a handful of emissaries from the constellation circling our heavens.

The same goes for the Sirians.
What about an impending invasion?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it already happened over 500,000 years ago and yeah, they won.
No new invasion will be successful because Gaia (Mother Earth) is ascending
and only those souls on the path of ascension will be allowed to remain on Earth beyond the 2012 - 2030 A.D. window.
See Earth Changes.

This information may or may not even matter.

Please use your own divine judgment when dealing with ETs and especially when dealing with humans,
as the percentage of negatively vibrating humans is much higher than that of ETs.
In fact, if it were up to chance (which it is not),
you would stand a better chance of meeting a positive ET than a positive human.

Detailed Descriptions of ETs

A complete description is found in Life On the Cutting Edge.

The Orions look like us because almost 80% of us are Orions.
The Pleiadeans look like us because they were the original root race of Earth.
The Sirians are a bit taller and lighter than the average humans.
The Antareans are large, muscular and have reddish-brown skin.
The Andromedans tend to incarnate as orientals, but the original ETs are tall and lanky
with large heads and small slanted almond eyes. The Zetas come in three main flavors:

(1) alabaster white and short with huge black almond eyes;

(2) short and grey with large black almond eyes (the most common); and

(3) tall, blue-skinned hybrids with small slanted almond eyes.

The other races are higher dimensional and can change their appearance at will.

The Venusians are fair-skinned, blond and translucent.

The Arcturians are large, blue-skinned translucent beings.

The higher-dimensional Pleiadeans are shimmering golden figures of light.

The highest level Pleiadeans look like the blue-white stars in the visible Pleiades star cluster.

ETs in Our Solar System

Note: Some of this information is also available in the article on Souls and Soul Rays.

Jupiter has advanced civilizations in the etheric atmosphere of the giant planet,
vibrating at 5th and 6th density levels.
They are not completely free of service-to-self (STS) vibrations and there is some kind of hierarchy to their government.
They are large translucent beings originating in many local sectors of the galaxy.
They were called to Jupiter to learn and grow spiritually with the assistance of Arcturians and Venusians.
These beings have developed the power side of their nature more than the love side,
although they are generally of a positive energy.

However, that energy is somewhat harsh compared to the Venusians.

Their biggest lesson appears to be finding balance between love, wisdom and power
and integrating the mistakes they made during the Mars experience hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The Orions (who have controlled Earth for the last half million years)
sometimes incarnate etherically in the atmosphere of Jupiter once they have ascended
from the warrior-masculine-aggressive Martian paradigm.

Most of the rulers of the Jupiter conclave (about 1,000 rulers and 150,000 entities)
are being tutored from higher realms in the ways of unconditional love,
and how to govern a planet without ego superiority issues (a tough lesson).

The Venusians are a sixth density race from which the goddess mythology arose.

They look very much as pictured in visionary paintings – long flowing golden hair, flowing robes and translucent bodies of light, some with wings.

The Martians are really the Orions prior to coming to Earth.

They began their incarnations on the surface of Mars
and later went underground when their atmosphere was destroyed by warfare.

The Maldekians are really Orions that once inhabited Maldek,
the planet between Mars and Jupiter
. They blew their planet apart with warfare and what’s left is the asteroid belt.
The souls incarnated on Mars and Earth after the destruction of Maldek.
The destruction of this planet threw the other planets out of their original orbits
and created problems far beyond the solar system.
For this reason, the Divine Councils of the higher dimensions
have intervened and will not allow the total destruction of any more planets in this sector.

The Saturn Tribunal is a council of higher-dimensional entities
from various systems that use etheric Saturn as their base of operations.


THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 10:06 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
"the above article,
is dated, meaning some new information
has come into eXistence,
since it was written,
there are NOW 9th density beings incarnate upon The Mother Earth aka Gaia"

KULKULKAN, The Forever Grandfather
Susan~The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 10:24 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

"Here in the mists of avalon,
esp. from the time, of its inception
there are QUITE a FEW souls
who are incarnate, at this time,
with alignments to their 9th density monads
(and, they are awakening,
and, they are becoming aware,
that this level, of eXisting, eXists)

- and, they hold,
the potential, to merge with their 9th density monads,
and, then, to pull in, their future selves
through THE PIVOT of THE NOW

There, are also souls on earth,
who are aligned, to their 8th density level of ESSENCE
and, those,
who are aligned, to their 7th density level of HIGHER SELF.

We will be eXplaining this
to all of you, in MUCH greater depth,
as, it is, impossible to share all of it,
within one message"

Brightest Blessings,
of energy, light and love...

The Forever Grandfather

(THROUGH Susan/The eXchanger)

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 11:04 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Sal, and, Susan crossed paths online,
in a group called www.soulwise.net
back in 2002 - a year of an energetic "22"

Although this year, could be said, to be a "4"

You do NOT reduce master numbers --

when 11 or 22 show up -- do NOT reduce them

1, 3, are both simple numbers

2 is the first complex number,
where 2 simple numbers are added together (1+1=2)

3 is the first number, where one simple number + one complex number,
are added together (1+2=3)
or, where 3 simple numbers 1+1+1 = 3
or, where 1 simple number 1 is multiplied by 3 = 3
This is called a Trine / or a Trinity

4 - is the first number, where 2 complex numbers are added together
or, 1 simple number, is addeded with 1 complex number (1+3=4)
or, 2 complex numbers, number 2 are multiplied by 2 = 4

5 - is can be complex, so, we will discuss it, on it's own (later)

6 - is the second double of 2 complex numbers (3 x 2)


6 - is the sum, of the first simple number,
the complex number (5) + 1 = 6 added together

7- (i'll get into that later) - as, it can be added several ways

8- is the third double,
where 2 x 2 x 2 = 8
it can also be factered

9 - is a triplicate of the multiplication of 3,
the 2nd, simple number
3 X 3
or, can be factered as;

10 - 5 x 2

11 - is the first master number

12 - is the second master number
and, can also be factored as:
4 times 3 ,
or 3 times 4
2 times 6,
or 6 times, 2
(and, has an assortment of factors-too numerous to mention here)

13 - is the 3rd master number

22 - is the 4rd master number

33- is the 5th master number

(We will expand this, a little later)

as, it is important to know

(most here, probably already know this)

The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 11:23 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
ANOTHER ONE of our most favourite people
on the planet, is NONE other than


The Meaning of Repeating Numbers

For the last six months or longer
I have been seeing the numbers 333 or 444 a
nd then it changed to 722 223 numbers like that everywhere.
Then my daughter was visiting and she looked at the clock on the microwave and it had 444 on it and then she said that she had been seeing 333 and 444 a lot and it was bothering her because she thought something bad was going to happen.

Thats when i told her i was doing the same thing. What does it mean! Rickardz

When numbers begin repeating themselves around you
it is often a signal that you are on purpose in life,
and to be awake for new opportunities... a signal to connect with your soul... Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I keep seeing repeating numbers, like 11/11, 22/22, 22/11, 16/16.
What does numerology have to say about it?

This is a common question.
It seems each and every one of us at some time in our lives deal with this phenomenon. There is no simple answer.
Each set of repeating numbers has a different meaning.

As a rule of thumb, when a person keeps seeing the same number pattern - sometimes with slight variations - it points to two things.

The meaning of the numbers involved are a current issue for the individual, and the numbers function as a warning to get the person to pay attention.

For example, when the number 11 is prominent within the pattern,
as seems to be the case more often than any other number, intuition
- or the acceptance thereof - is an issue, and .....
you better take some time and make the effort
to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

I have used a comparison method between the repeating numbers
and their equivalent within the Tarot deck.

I think you will see a major connection between the two. Just another reason to know within that everything really is connected and following a universal pattern.

The following is a listing of the numbers that are found most often to be prominent within those patterns, and a somewhat general description of what they represent.

11, 11/11, 2.11, 11.2, etc.

With the number 11 the issue is always one of subtlety, intuition, sensitivity, awareness, and the presence of knowledge that is not being applied.

You need to trust your intuition.
Your gut feelings tend to be more reliable than your "rational" understanding. You are making the wrong decisions based on what you think you know,
while deep down your intuitive understanding is telling you to go a different direction.

Very often, people experience this number pattern in the early stages of a relationship, and in that context, it should be considered a warning.

Take it very slow.
Be very careful.
Don't stick your head in the sand when you realize something within the relationship is not quite right.

Chances are, it isn't. This does not mean that just because you see the number 11 appear everywhere, you should get out of the relationship.

But it does mean that there are certain things you should be aware of. Actually, I should say you are, deep within, aware of them, but you need to make the next step and consciously acknowledge what you already know on a subconscious level.

When looking at the corresponding Tarot card,
we find the Justice card.

Teaching, education, and guidance come under the 11 Justice Tarot card which seeks to bring about balance through justice. The symbol of the scales on the card itself represent karma - work, action, reaction, and the law of cause and effect.

The lesson the Justice card brings us is to weigh the meaning
of the present conditions and achieve balance
by overcoming errors of the past.

The Justice card is ruled by the astrological sign Libra, who teaches us to communicate through our seventh astrological house of cooperation and love. Libra also rules the kidneys, the organs of elimination that maintain the chemical balance of the body. Through the elimination of the poisonous toxins in our lives, we ensure a balanced life.

The scales represent balance.

There are seven straight lines of equal length in the scales, representing the seven centers in the body, and the seven original planets - Mercury, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, and Saturn.

Astrologically, 11 is ruled by the planet Uranus.

This is a testing vibration in which you are required to weigh and analyze the tremendous energy that is flowing through your life. If this great personal emergency is used impetuously or unwisely, it can bring accidents (a by-product of nervous energy), legal difficulties, and impulsive decisions.

In short, you have to take a close look at your life and "read between the lines." Your inner self is attempting to communicate with you and you are not listening. Open up and acknowledge what you know. Trust thyself.

22, 22.4, 4.22, 22/22, etc.

The 22 almost always deals with the productive part of your life; your job, your responsibilities, your creativity. You are either ignoring opportunities, or you are afraid of the potential results - even if they are promising (or precisely because they are promising).

You are quite possibly at a stage in your life when the door is open to a promised land. Very scary. Can you handle it?

The great Russian master Gurdjev, talks about "extra effort."

This is the secret to success on all levels of life; material, spiritual, emotional. In a nutshell, the explanation is this. People who do not put forth effort end up losing every opportunity and every chance of real happiness. They are the losers among us.

Poor, unhappy, and full of self-pity. Petty crime, jealousy, anger, cynicism, lost love, and blaming every one but themselves, is a loser's daily experience.

Those of us who understand the need for effort and live up to that, do fine. Perhaps not rich, perhaps not involved in the perfect relationship, perhaps not anywhere near as successful as we think we deserve to be, we nonetheless muddle on in relative peace and contentment.

We have our friends, we have a job, we have opportunities.

Then there are those who have it in their nature to apply extra effort to everything they do. They don't just do their jobs.

They do it better than is required.

They apply themselves completely to everything they do.

They are perfectionists. They demand the most of themselves. And not just in their jobs. Their spiritual experiences also reflect this. They don't accept anything because it is easy, or convenient, or expected, or comfortable.

They search and sacrifice. They question, and they put everything on the line for just one more little bit of understanding.

They risk friendships and romance in the search for knowledge. On the emotional plane, they are hard and unforgiving to themselves, but compassionate and generous to others. They don't make excuses or try to shift the blame.

And, lo and behold, there is balance in all things; they reach a happiness and contentment, an inner peace and visible spiritual strength that is recognized and admired by many. They win. They always reap their rewards. This is Gurdjev's lesson: Effort is always rewarded exponentially.

When looking at the corresponding Tarot card we find The Fool who represents the God force within. The Fool has walked the 21 lessons of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, to complete a full cycle and move beyond the present incarnation. 22 is an ancient numerical symbol for a circle and therefore represents the Alpha and Omega, by which the Lord described himself in the Bible. Here is the cosmic life force about to descend, inexperienced, into the world of manifestation.

Astrologically, the planet Earth is associated with the Fool and the number 22. Since 22 reduces to a 4 (2 + 2 = 4), the Earth holds dominion over this vibration. Consciousness is a state of mind. A blending of spiritual consciousness with the proper use and control of the world's material offerings, including the body itself, gives the perfect state of being. Once this can be achieved, the individual is no longer bound by Earthly considerations but merely uses them with reverence and respect.

If the 22 is found prominent within a number pattern that just keeps popping up in your life, it means you have it in you to become a person for whom the path of extra effort is the natural path.

You just need to shift gears.

16, 16/16, 4/16, 416, etc.

The number 16 also is quite common, and is perhaps the one to be viewed most strongly as a warning. You are approaching a dangerous time in your life. Your perspective of yourself, of who you are, clashes with reality and the world you live in. You are misreading many of the signs.

Your perspective is probably off by a dangerous margin. You need to take the time to step back and re-evaluate your life as open-minded and honest as possible. Start with the assumption that you are probably wrong on many fronts. Be self-critical. Be brutally honest with yourself.

If you can do it, you may want to consider taking some time off. Quiet time. But also talk to others. People you are close to and trust to be honest and straightforward with you. Let them have the opportunity to see your doubts and fears. Listen to what they have to say.

The number 16 is associated with The Tower card in the Tarot. The keyword for The Tower card is awakening. This comes as a clear flash of understanding, a bolt from the blue bringing awareness of the true nature of self. What inspires fear in the mind of the ignorant liberates the enlightened, just as electricity frightens the primitive but is used constructively by the knowledgeable.

A flash of lightening is another symbol of the electrical serpent force, or the kundalini.

Lightening strikes the crown or head or place of understanding and knocks the man and woman out of the tower.

The analogy depicts erroneous ideas being knocked out of the two parts of the mind, conscious and subconscious, by the lightening of true understanding.

Astrologically, The Tower and the number 16 is ruled by the Moon and Mars. Mars is the driving force within any given mechanism, including the human body. It also rules the head, through Aries. After the kundalini or Mars force within the body is driven up the spine, there in the head, final illumination must take place.

Copyright 2006 Gina Eaker - All Rights Reserved

I am writing to you, because everywhere I look, I see 9:11 or 911 or 119, etc. Everytime I look at the clock it is 9:11 am or pm, cars with license plates with these numbers are popping up at me so frequestly I am wondering. In a movie recently, called "Hanging Up",
Meg Ryan, mentions 911 on the scale regarding some earthquake.

I see master numbers a lot, from 111, 11:11 to 999, infact that's all I see most of the time when I am driving, or watching TV, ( which is rare ),
or on bills, clocks, etc. I see them and thank God for them, even if I cannot always remember what they mean.

I just feel they have very good energies about them and there is a good reason why I see them.

But ever since I sang this Sept.11th at the United Methodist Church , my first church appearence, I keep seeing this number combination over and over again. I feel 911 is trying to tell me something and I wonder what the Universe is sharing with me through these numbers?

If this does not cost anything, because i am very low on finances, could you help me to understand why I keep seeing 911? I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you from my heart.

With all my love, light and hugs, Piyali.

911 is an international emergency signal, like SOS,
so these numbers are coming up to remind you that we are in a global emergency... time to pray hard and to shower the universe with loving thoughts. Numbers are associated with a specific frequency, so seeing them repeated so often speaks to that frequency being active in your life...
and some say that these numbers are triggering awakenings deep
within our subconscious.
Many folks are reporting this phenomenon right now...

Here is an interesting article on the subject. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

~ 555 ~ The Return of Mu

Numbers in your field
We wish to speak to you this day of the many signs you have been receiving. You are not alone and there are many who will hear this call and even more who will read these words and will understand that which has perplexed them.

You have been receiving what we have called the 'gift of the angels,' for many have seen the master numbers in your field for quite a long time. It is because your biology is ready to make a shift to the next level.

Your DNA has started to re-connect and it needs an external signal to do so. Here it is that we on this side of the veil have nudged you at exactly the right time to turn around and look at the clock.

We nudge you to please turn around and see the numbers that are displayed in front of you.

Those numbers are triggers for your biology. They signal your biology to begin the process of advancement into higher vibrational states by connecting the DNA. These master numbers are not the only triggers for there have been many. This is also the deeper meaning of what you have termed to be crop circles. They are signals to your biology.

When your biology is ready to accept them, we have simply turned and pointed the way to say, 'look now and accept the signal.' It is then that you look and you try to attach a meaning to the numbers that you see. We love your humanness for doing so and we tell you the meaning is understood by your biology and often not your mind.

11:11, 12:12, 911, 333, 444 What are all these numbers?

Herein lies the true meaning of the master numbers that have magically found their way into your reality. Now you have gotten comfortable with the master numbers being in your field and the interactions that you have allowed yourself to see. Ah, at the exact time when you learn the rules, the Game changes. That is what is now happening.

For just when you get comfortable with the 11:11, the 333, the 444, the 12:12 and the 911 that you have been seeing, along comes a new set of triggers. Now humans have begun to accept the gift of 555.

The number five and in particular the triple number five has been prevalent throughout the globe recently. You will see it more as time advances, for it is a very specific signal that your biology is now ready to receive.

Your own angelic presence is calling in this gift of the angels. We will now explain the progression of the numbers you are experiencing.

'1' upon a Time
Let us first start with the number one. First there was the word. One is the OM vibration. One is the singular I AM vibration. It is the unity consciousness personified. One is the unity consciousness as expressed in the third dimension. It is what you will be returning to in time. The one is where the Game began. The one is infinite, for it contains all things. It is difficult for you to understand even the simple concept of infinity for you live in a finite world. For now see the one as the beginning.

Entering a field of Polarity in the Second Dimension

The second dimension offers the field of polarity.
The second dimension is not a final resting place, nor does it ever support your energy fully. However, much like the bridge that we show you as the fourth dimension, the second dimension has been a place to travel through and receive energy imprints. These energy imprints have given you polarity, which was necessary to play the Game. The contrast of polarity has enabled you to see yourselves. It was this contrast that allowed you the illusions to define that which has been previously indefinable.

You humans are such wonderful expressions of the Universal energy.
We see that you love your Game so.
Whenever the Game gets boring you create another little area to play in.
It is wonderful to see the imagination that you have exhibited.

You have done well. Setting the energy in the biology took signals to your DNA that was enabled by the 11:11.

This was the signal for your DNA to begin the process of reconnecting. The two sets of two ones signify the first dimension travelling through the second.

As you move through the second dimension and take on the attributes of polarity, you have split into the two sexes. In this polarity you see black and white, up and down, right and wrong, you see fear and love.

We tell you that all of these are illusions of polarity. For there is no black or white, there are only shades of grey. Up and down are only relevant to where you are at that moment. Right and wrong are products of your judgments and fear and love are really two sides of the same circle. All is part of the whole.

Yet since travelling through the second dimension, you see with polarity, which allows the infinite to study itself as finite.

This was the meaning and purpose of the Game. The 12:12 is a signal to our biology that signifies the first expression of the third dimension. Emerging from the second dimension are two sets of threes.

333 in the Third Dimension

Then you move into the second part of the third dimension where everything is threes.

We tell you that the threes was a very difficult transition yet you have done so well with the threes. In fact the threes are not finished playing out.

Even now as the fifth dimension is being introduced on the 555 of your clock faces, please notice that there are three fives. Ah...the threes are not yet finished. In your Game now, your entire existence can be explained by dividing by threes. Everything in your field is a multiple of three.
The triangular shape of the energy, which defines the third dimension, causes the very base of this three energy.

We love to watch you play the Game in the third dimension.

Even as you get bored you entertain yourselves with the drama you so love. Do not condemn yourselves for your attraction to drama as it has served you well in the third dimension. Oh we love you so, and we laugh when you call six, six, six the sign of the devil. It is so humorous to us that you would take the threes, double them and call it the devil.

You are so imaginative!

And we love you as we see your attraction to the drama.

You are the threes, for you are a manifestation of God in finite form.

As such, you define that which you create. And now your Higher Self is beginning to show you something new.
For as you have played so long in the third dimension, the third dimension is now finally entering the third stage.

It is no coincidence that you have a tremendous event right at your footsteps.

The Third Millennium

You will now be entering the third millennium.
This is a magical time.
This is a step never before taken, for you were not going to be where you now stand. The way Plan A was scripted was for you to end. You were not to be here and yet your choices have opened the door to the new Game. Your choices have made it possible for you to take a step into the unknown. And as you create every step of the way, we are there with the cosmic winks. We are there with the little signs asking you please look over at the clock right now, trying to show you that you are more than what you think. You are the masters walking in bubbles of biology.

You are the exalted ones and you are beginning to see the magic happen.

444 Mastery and Empowerment
The 444 that you see, is a representation of the fourth dimension as seen from a perspective of the third dimension. You are moving into the fourth dimension. Your relationship to everything around you is now changing and this is representative of this movement.
This is a time to incorporate mastery of self. This is the time to step into your empowerment. Though the attributes of the fourth dimension keep you from seeing yourself as empowered, know that incorporating empowerment techniques will serve you well at this time.

Every time you see the 444 re-member Mastery and Empowerment.

The Magic of MU
There is a magical time that you have spent on this Planet.

There is a magical time when you have been in touch with your power.

The days of Mu are returning.

Does that surprise you?

You were all there.

Some of you have been there more than once.

The days of Mu were a magical time when each of you walked within your power. For the full power of that which you really are is attainable while you are in biology.

The infrastructures around you are beginning to change. We see that unfolding now. You are one, and you are not separate from each other. As one person cries out that they need help, all will now hear it.

There are many who gave their lives to help illustrate this point.

Governments are changing.
Businesses are changing.

It is told that if you stay on course and continue to blend the magic with the mundane, that the days of Mu will return.

Lemuria is not a myth, and you were there.
And you will re-member it if you ask. For it was a time when you walked fully within your own power. This will happen again as you begin the days of five. Yes, that answers your question, does it not?

For you are now blending the three with the five, is it any strange event that you would have three fives showing up in your field?

The days of Lemuria are returning.

Mu has come home.

You have created it.

A Misdirection of Energy

There will be much resistance to this as it comes forward
with the days of Atlantis burned in your cellular memory
at a very deep level.

So let us speak for just a moment of Atlantis and exactly
what caused the destruction.

For there was a misdirection of energy there that caused the entire shift that abruptly ended Atlantis.

It is human nature to categorize yourselves and each other.

This tendency to categorize leads naturally to placing one category higher than another

. We tell you nothing can be further from the truth,
for all are playing very important parts on the Gameboard.

If only you would have adopted the use of discernment rather than judgment, it would have all been avoided.

There will be more coming on this entire aspect of your own history in our time to come, but for now allow us to show you very simple ways that this is seen even in your daily life.

The Story of Amor Begins

We have a story to tell that is forthcoming
about a twelve-year old boy who lived in the days of Mu.

For now let us tell you of that same twelve-year old boy in the days after Mu, for he survived. He felt the call and he moved to Atlantis.

In Atlantis, you blended the magical and the mundane in the area of technology. The same technology is now on your Planet
that has been here many times before.

Much of which you have not discovered is waiting for you.

As you look at your computers and your Internet, you see the technology exploding right before your eyes.

We tell you it is a direct reflection of your spiritual advancement,
for the collective spiritual vibration of the Planet is what supports the technology. It is working. Y

ou are creating it and you are doing well.

We tell you Amor was forty-five years old when he found a job in the Temple of Rejuvenation . Amor went to work every day in the temple.
He loved his work for even though he played a very small part
he was able to help people.
Even though Amor had a lot of concerns about what was happening,
he knew he had a part in helping people.
Amor's job was to help people into the temple
and to cleanse themselves of their clothes
and of whatever impurities they were carrying,
for this was a time when they would rejuvenate themselves.

This was a time when they would connect with the massive technology
that was a product of the Mother.

The Atlanteans used great technology in the field of rejuvenation.

Amor had the opportunity to come from the area of Lemuria
and to land in Atlantis to blend the technology with the spirituality.

Ahh, but there is one part of the Game that prevails, for there is only one rule on the Gameboard . . . Free Choice.

The blend Amor offered was chosen by only a very few.

The 555 is the beginning of the fifth dimension

The prevailing attitude of Atlanteans was that they were superior
to the people of Mu for Mu was sinking.

Lemurians found themselves travelling to Atlantis to escape.

Amor found himself being a refugee in a land
that was strange to him.
Still he knew he had something important to do.
Amor connected with those around him and tried very hard
to make this new place feel like Home.

His goal was to bring the love of Mu to Atlantis.

For a time, it worked, for the magic was there.

And the vibration of five moved forward.

The fifth dimension was being created in the land of Atlantis .

The 555 had begun.

It was during this time that you chose to see lack and limitation.
As the great influx of souls found refuge in Atlantis
it strained the systems, f
or the technology was not in place to support the vast number of beings.

Although you had the technology for rejuvenation,
you thought that you did not have enough to go around,
and rather than focus on what you did have,
you placed your camera of perception in a place that said,
"we do not have enough so we must devise a system
to take care of those that we can take care of."

It was here that a class system developed in the days of Atlantis.

It was here that a subtle expression of slavery came to your greatly"advanced" Planet of Free Choice.

This misdirection of energy has come back to visit you
many times during the Game.

It was here that all the teachings of Mu,
all the teachings of empowerment were lost in the blink of an eye.

You felt that you had to decide who would use the technology
and who would not.

We tell you now that there was enough for all,
had you only adopted the realization that everyone was playing important parts. Instead you chose to see some as more important than others. Here was the misdirection of energy that set into motion the fall of Atlantis.

This was a time that you stepped into the fifth dimension.

The effects of carrying misdirections into the fifth dimension are unrelenting.

Amor worked to help people cleanse themselves
so that they did not walk into the Temple of Rejuvenation
carrying impurities.

If only he had been able to keep you from walking into the fifth dimension carrying impure beliefs, Atlantis would be well today.

The Return of Mu

We tell you this now because you are reaching that stage again,
ahh-but now you are approaching it quite differently.
For you are now coming from a field of spiritual advancement
where you walked within your own power.

Now you are coming gradually into the steps of blending
the magic in the mundane
and carrying your power in every step that you take in human form,
and for this we honour you.

We see the turmoil you face.

We see the restrictions that you have and we love you for it.

For only in being able to take those kinds of steps,
only in playing in that kind of field,
is it possible for you to do the Game.

And we see the times you doubt yourself
and we wrap you in our love for we tell you it is not about you,
it is about your connection to All That Is.

Please re-member the days of Mu.

Go back to the times when you stepped in your power
for you are walking those footsteps again.

Feel the fear of the cellular memories as the days of Atlantis return.

Feel the fear and have the courage to do it differently this time.

Know that you have choices. B

e responsible for seeing the whole picture
and you will now move into the 555.

See that all are playing important parts,
for the ladder of human advancement
will not advance until all rungs of the ladder are filled.

One of the most destructive ways that this misdirection
often plays out among Lightworkers
is something that the Keeper calls "Spiritual Competition."

To illustrate our point, many of you reading this now believe
that seeing the numbers 555
means that you are more advanced that those seeing 11:11.

Your biology will need different signals at different times,
so you may see many of these triggers at different times.

They do not come in any order of importance so please do not attempt to apply human attributes to our side of the veil.

Please understand that the need to place one thing above another
degrades all things.

It is your hesitation to fully walk with your own power
that is the cause of this misdirection.

When you centre your own energy and dare to walk fully
in your own power,
then there is no need to place one above another.

Making life choices without judgment is what we have termed Discernment.

This is the first tool of the higher vibrations to which you are acclimating.

You are far beyond what we ever imagined,
for we were there at the beginning.

We helped you devise the Game.

We helped you script the roles that you are now finishing.

It was here that we all looked at each other and said:

"Maybe, maybe if you make these choices you can go farther."

We had no idea that you would actually
re-member who you are.
And here you are.
Dare to embrace the passion.
Find one small success and build on it
. Find one thing that you love about yourself
and build on it and you will do well.

555 a vision of Mu

As you see the fives, re-member Lemuria.
Re-member who you were and even if you have difficulty,
hold the vibration of the all knowingness for it is yours.

It is a signal that it is coming back.

Make space for it in your lives.

Make space for empowered humans to walk right next to you.

Make space for yourself to become empowered,
for that is what you are doing. That is what you are seeing.

Three fives are a magical number
and they will enter your field often now.

Lemuria is coming to Earth again.

The 555 is signalling your biology to prepare.

You are creating it. Welcome Home.

There is much more you will understand about the numbers
as they come forward.

You are now firmly in the fourth dimension.

It is the fact that you are peering into the fifth dimension
that brings the 555 triggers to your field.

The fifth dimension has not the safeguard of the time lag.

Therefore one must be masters of their thoughts
before safely stepping into the fifth dimension.

Now is the time of Mastery of Self.

Start with your thoughts and beliefs.

Now you are asking: "What is happening?
I feel lost. I feel separated from my guides."

Please re-member the story of Ana and the Bird
for Spirit is integrating within you.

You are becoming one with the whole
and as you begin to incorporate the fifth dimension,
the magic begins.

First you must shed yourself of the binds that hold you firmly
in the third dimension.

We ask you not to try too hard.

Do not look for things to release,
simply be ready to release what your heart tells you.

Be ready to release that which is holding you
as you grasp the truths of Lemuria.

The Planet of Mu is returning.

The land of Mu is coming Home.

We tell you it is a magical time.

You have made it so.
You are doing well.
Watch the numbers and when you see them,
whisper the magic words, thank you.

We tell you with great joy in our hearts
that we thank you for inviting us here to be
among this gathering of masters.

We re-mind you to please treat each other with respect,
nurture one another as you would yourselves,
and play well together...
And so it is. . .
Copyright Notice:
Copyright 2000 Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated
in whole or in part provided that there is no charge for the information
and provided that this notice is attached.
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THE eXchanger 11-29-2009 11:36 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
1/1/1999 was the original 1 1 1 (1/1/10-1)

2/2/2000 was the original 2 2 2

3/3/2001 was the original 3 3 3

4/4/2002 was the original 4 4 4 or 4 4 (22)

5/5/2003 was the original 5 5 5

6/6/2004 was the original 6 6 6

7/7/2005 was the original 7 7 7

8/8/2006 was the original 8 8 8

9/9/2007 was the original 9 9 9

10/10/2008 was the original 10 10 10

11/11/2009 was the original 11 11 11


11/29/2009 is another 11 11 11

1/1/2010- is the start of a 1-1-3

3/3/2010 - is the start of a 3 3 3 sequence,
that will repeat itself

in 2011 - 2+0/20 + 1 + 1 = 22

watch for amasing things ~ 3/8/2011 will be pivotal

1-1-22, 2-2-22, 3-3-22, 3-8-22 (will be pivotal)
4-4-22, 5-5-22 etc.,

the eXchanger

morguana 11-29-2009 11:56 PM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Wow extanger, you have been busy, sounds fasinating :original:
Love bou x

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 12:09 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
may The "boudicca" in all of us, ride again ;)

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 01:28 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
If anyone else would like to bare their soul essence readings, here's a good spot. I believe there is also another Michael Teachings Thread.

ESSENCE AND PERSONALITY PROFILE done by Troy Cocteau, a Michael Channel

STUDENT: A A P (aka "Hubby")


Role: Server

Casting: Warrior

Cadre/Entity: 1/5

E-Ratio: 65m/35f

Frequency: 39

Soul Age/Level: Old/3

Manifested Age: Mature


Role: Warrior

Role: Scholar

Role: Priest

Goal: Flow

Mode: Observation

Attitude: Pragmatist

Center/Part: Intellectual/Moving

Chief Feature 1: Arrogance

Chief Feature 2: Stubbornness

Troy a.k.a. CocteauBoy

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 01:34 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
The admonitions about feeding the Ego are something I still process within myself, however the "feed me" messages are more manageable now.

The value of systems such as the Michael system is that it gives me a way of looking at myself that might provide me with more understanding and act as a road map for my chosen path.

Here is a good higher viewpoint of our individuated relationships:

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 01:48 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
It is quite interesting being around Old Souls who are actually doing their "work". But I lilke those zippy young souls too, just shouldn't feel bad for being different when I'm around them.

As you can see, this tired Old Soul is still quite driven.


Role: Priest
Casting: Sage
Cadre/Entity: 01/03
E-Ratio 35m/65f
Frequency 78
Soul Age/Level: Old/5
Manifested Age: Old
Essence Twin Role: Scholar
Task Companion Info Role: Warrior
Goal: Growth
Mode: Passion
Attitude: Idealist
Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual
Chief Feature 1: Arrogance
Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation

As I mentioned I've done a lot of clearing of ego and its polarity so the expressions are not as compulsive. Still more work to be done.

Sal mentions the possibility of merging with one's future self and recently I did become more acutely aware of my future self. Anyone know what race of beings look like tall whitish (with blue/grey tinges) humanoids with long drooping featherless wings?

Perhaps I should schedule a session with Sal?


THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 02:03 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 (Post 192585)
Sal mentions the possibility of merging with one's future self and recently I did become more acutely aware of my future self.

Didn't you mean SUSAN mentions merging with the future self ;)
wasn't it me, who told you, that is what you were the process of doing ?
the eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 02:35 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
OCT 12TH/2008
NEVER POSTED to the boards
(might be somewhat dicey) :mfr_lol:


Originally Posted by Mark (Post 44926)
As the NWO are doing their level best to kill most of us, I feel that aliens showing up with the promise of love and unity is better for us all. They would just attack if they were going to - zap, end game, that easy.

NOW, do you think, "dead slaves" are "worth much" ???

it is quite clearly obvious, it is NOT about money,
they have almost all of that

it certainly could be about taking your land...
the earth is limited, in how much of that there is

or...raping the raw materials, stealing water, etc.,

or...stealing millions of children, to eat / or to breed with

Did you know, they take / or steal women
and, strip them bare, of their eggs ~ or take men,
and, utilise their sperm

or...perhaps, they are after gold/and, silver
and, copper - as, that makes for 'good contacts'

essences--with those ingredients in them
turn on your minds
left brain - right brain - is quite amasing

the natives, speak about most folks
on earth as being: part of the walking dead

my main guide,
refers to 'the aliens', as, being
either the 'good ones' come,
that, are in 100% alignment,
with your missions, purposes, and, tasks,
and, he refers to them,
as 'visitations'
and, speaks of them, as 'the star beings'
and, NEVER refers to them, as ALIENS ???

albeit, he does, have nasty words
for reptiles/and, insects~and, how to make sure
they do NOT come to visit you

he tells me,
it is very important,
to develop your own higher aspects,
and, tap into the star beings,
that are in 100% alignment, with your missons, purposes, and, tasks,
as, it is possible ~ and, almost anyone
who takes time, can develop themselves,
to do so

and, there is a war, that is much higher than 3D
and, it extends up into the 32nd dimension...
at the 9th density/and, 33rd dimension,
it's free sailing~you enter into an 'untouchable' zone

most of the people on earth,
do NOT even realise that 9th density beings,
are already here, and, they do NOT pay much attention,
to those, that are aware !!!

a lot of people - scattered from here
as, very few, that are here, appreciate 'good work'

Certainly, there are many creating "awareness"
which is "good"...however this 'blossom thread'
requires major "discernment"
esp. in relation, to 10/14/2008~
as, it is likely one of those 'blue beam' events
and, there are lots and lots of 'good' ET ships
that are already around the earth
they have been here, since, the being of 'earth time'

we are NOT here alone ...

and, we on earth,
are NOT waging the higher dimensional spirit wars alone

get a pair of 'night goggles' if your own eyes, won't see

you'll be shocked at what you see !!!

you need to learn yourself, to do --
if you do NOT do,
you CAN not BE !!!

everything you hold the full potential to do ...
requires, some real effort, to put all the pieces
back into alignment

it is just that simple ...

it is like many worlds / many dimensional levels
are all happening at once ...
and, yet, most can NOT even clair-see the 3RD Dimension
(when it is clearly possible to know/and, learn
and, fully merge with your 9th Dimenional Earth aspects
and, your future self
and, then pull your other two completed matrixes,
12+12+3(+4+5+6+7+8+9) for
27/28/29/30/31/32/or 33rd Dimensional operating

and, what pisses me off the most,
is that i do have many solutions,
and, yet, i can NOT seem to get heard,
one person, who should have listened to me, did NOT

many have departed here,
due to these types of discussions here,
in my opinion,
you are just are NOT listening to the right people,
there are people, here and NOW,
that know things


We discovered one lady, who thought, she was EVE
and, a chosen one

turns out...

it was

masquarding at the mother,

or The imposter G.O.D.,
masquarding as The Father,

it is 4D,5D,6D discarnate spirits,
that can NOT ascend out of the astral
that are tricking people, and, telling them,
they are ascended beings coming to them,
or, that they themselves are ascended beings
which most of them, clearly are NOT

right NOW, I AM really wondering,
why on earth, i came here,

what type of choice did i make in choosing to come here ??? !!!

KulKulKan says, be patient

You are ready,
give it 13 months :cup:

october 12/2008 :mfr_lol:

Ummm 11/29/2009 - eXactly 13 months & 22 days !!!

NOW, we are ready !!!

The eXchanger

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 03:02 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eXchanger (Post 192590)
Didn't you mean SUSAN mentions merging with the future self ;)
wasn't it me, who told you, that is what you were the process of doing ?
the eXchanger

Yes, I first got the idea from you over coffee and then today I read Sal's article where he also mentions the same thing. I thought you got the idea from Sal...

Currently it seems to not be a process of my own volition, but more initiated by Birdman and perhaps the Maitreya being -- anyway they seem to be "pals" :-)
and myself an awestruck onlooker.

I don't know yet what I can do to move the process forward, except incidentally through my ongoing clearing work. That is something I was thinking Sal could help me with. I also keep getting a picture of a newborn version of "The Birdman". Remember, he is from the future, but I don't know what planet he/me got that body type from and I don't know from what date in the future. I just know that I am in a peaceful time and place to complete my ascension work and then take off for parts unknown. The "portal" is up in Cottage Country. I feel like it might be a portal for some others too.

Robert, my practitioner, and I are doing a "Clearing Mankind" approach which hit a nerve with someone a bit higher in the heirarchy of rulership of mankind. Robert is busy helping me sort through that can of worms (almost literally!) and the next time that should happen I wish to experience it differently. Overall it feels GREAT!! to be able to create some good effects with this work.


Gnosis5 11-30-2009 03:06 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
You wouldn't happen to own some "night goggles"? I'd be interested to see thses battles Sal speaks of.


eleni 11-30-2009 03:15 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Wow, all very interesting information. Much resonates with me. As far as energetic numbers go you asked if it meant anything to any of us.

I can only say I was born on the 22 day of a particular month in the year 1966.

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 03:17 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

You might have to stay for the duration -- don't worry, I promise to help you keep your morale up.

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 03:19 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eleni (Post 192605)
Wow, all very interesting information. Much resonates with me. As far as energetic numbers go you asked if it meant anything to any of us.

I can only say I was born on the 22 day of a particular month in the year 1966.

Plus it appears your were also born in the Chinese year of the Fire Horse.

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 03:23 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Sal, and, i have eXchanged stuff since 2002 - he is a brilliant guy

however, it wasn't him, that planted the idea in me,
to merge, with my future self
NOR, work through the road-map, i utilised
which i have, semi-shared, with him

i was already into the 7d-9d,
prior to crossing paths with him,
in 2002/2003 ~ we were already aware,
we were an 8th density being.

Some of his stuff, i am sure,
definitely, set me, on the right path ;)
and, confirmed to me, i was already on the 'good path'
and, definitely headed in the right direction

i have studied a number of his courses~
and, travelled with him, while he did some of his seminars in 2004/2005.

I did his halls of amenti activations - back in 2002/2003
and, also did several of his courses,
we are close/and, good friends~not, just in this lifetime
but, in many other lifetimes/and, grand cycles.

Sal, myself, and, two others,
did a trip through england,
London/ North Hampshire/ White eagle lodge / Cornwall/Tintagel/Cadbury Hill/Glastonbury/Averbury/Stonehendge/Devon, back in 2005
even walked in the crop circle, Swallows Nest
where i picked up, clues on crop circles,
that, i utilised, as, part of my own road_map

Both of us, studied directly with Krishnamurti back in the 70's
who is also, a sixth level, old soul,
myself, in my 18th year, at 17, in 1986,
and, Sal went to many of his talks, in 1984.

Both of us, have also studied Silva.

The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 03:28 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eleni (Post 192605)
Wow, all very interesting information.
Much resonates with me. As far as energetic numbers go you asked if it meant anything to any of us.
I can only say I was born on the 22 day of a particular month in the year 1966.

wow-a master number of 22 - for a birth year, is really pivotal

and, if it's after the chinese new year - a 'fire' horse, too boot !!!

i know a lot about that year since:
my best friend, a sage cast priest,
a wizard, from Cornwall,
was born, at eXactly the same time,
i drown, in my first NDE (near death experience),
on 7/29/1966 - he's a horse
(and, at 7;02 pm GMT / whilst my drowning was at 2;02pm EST
WHICH is eXactly the same time
there is a time difference of eXactly 5+ hours

The eXchanger

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 03:33 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
eXchanger wrote:

"...and, what pisses me off the most,
is that i do have many solutions,
and, yet, i can NOT seem to get heard,
one person, who should have listened to me, did NOT

many have departed here,
due to these types of discussions here,
in my opinion,
you are just are NOT listening to the right people,
there are people, here and NOW,
that know things...."

You have already demonstrated your organizational and leadership skills.

That's why I'd rather charge for my time than for my solutions and know how.
Although someday I may pull together an e-book and get an eXchange for it. How about you, you have at least one book in you?

Also I think part of the answer to your lament is in the work we are doing that could very soon remove some heavy suppressors which keep people "sheeple". Just a shot in the dark right now.

Get the feeling of what it would be like if people did wake up and start paying attention?

Okay, I'm going to bed with that nice thought :-)


THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 03:35 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
"TODAY is a pivotal date
11-29 (IN A YEAR OF 11) ANOTHER 11-11-11
it is, the day, that we have decided,
to start a communication,
through this channel, Susan/The eXchanger (publically)
there are many on earth, who are aware,
of my alignment, to her, and, to her, alignment to me,
suffice to say ~iT iS a moment in time ~ that is 'seamless'

It is 11/29/2009
a real 11 - 29=2+9=11 - (2+0+0+9) 11
much like, the date 11-11-2009 (11)
which occured earlier this month,
when, a specific grid of 33 stones,
were laid, that makes this communication process,
quite simple, as, the ground work,
was laid, to an assortment of 'light libraries'
one - at the core of this waterworld/Mother Earth/or Gaia,
aka Panchamama
one - at the core of alcoyne, within the 7 sisters star System
and, one - in the 9th density of Venus
The channel, has worked with the 28 guardians of The Moon
(WHICH we mentioned here)

We invite your questions...
Susan / The eXchanger

eleni 11-30-2009 03:36 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
Wow- you were lucky to study and travel with him and Krishnamurti!!

I am a fire horse- born in the 7th month at XXX PM EST.

EXchanger- how many NDE's have you had? That's life altering. I had my first one a few days before Princess Di died (I knew she would as I had predicted it 10 days before) in 1997.

Wow, a wizard in Cornwall. One could call him the wizard of Cornwall.

Did he help you during this experience?

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 03:44 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 (Post 192602)
You wouldn't happen to own some "night goggles"? I'd be interested to see thses battles Sal speaks of.

my dear gnosis / my good buddy / my good friend

-you are humouring me :naughty:

-it was 'me' that talked aobut the 'battles' & 'night goggles' :lmao:

ahh - enjoy your dreams :mfr_lol:

(we know you do that well,
since, we shared that with you)

you should have video-taped me,
over our 6 hour lunch/coffee/dinner,
and, 'fall on my face' ;)

i should have told you, i do NOT walk well, when altered ;)

- they sell the goggles on ebay

- maybe ANT can shot them, with his new fancy camera

- we've been working in the higher spiritual wars since 1986
and, see without goggles

the eXchanger

ps; we don't know how to share photos
and, would share a lot of stuff
(if someone would help us,
to label photographs, etc.)

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 03:55 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eleni (Post 192617)
Did he help you during this experience?

The one born, at the same time of my drowning,
yes/and, i know,
i think we help each other
he is one of a group of 12 wizards,
that were at their prime,
in cusco, peru, back in 1200 BCE~in a grand cycle
at that time, i was the 13th member-or, the orator
of the group - this is the member
of a secret group / who speaks on behalf of the group of 12,
this member, is commonly referred to,
as, 'thirteen' or '13'

it is were 12 operate, as one - in the 13th

He is from Cadre 1 Entity 3
- part of GNOSIS5's soul family
- a part of the larger cadre 1
there IS ALSO cadre 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... (that we are aware off)
and, with each cadre,
are 7 entity groups.

i was aware, of him coming in,
at the time, that, i was between worlds
and, was hanging out in an old ancient 'tree of life'
and, were observing his birth,
it was a really impacting eXperience
for someone at the age of 7
in their 8th year

i'll never forget it

we crossed paths in 2002 - for the first time, online

although, in 2005,
we walked past each other,
at Merlins Cave, when he was going up to the top,
whilst, i was going down, to the cave
he had a sense, that i was there,
although, at that time,
we did NOT meet

major essence contact - occured between this person/and, myself
over the past 7 years within dreaming.

he is an artist - and, drew me,
'naked', in charocoals
without ever seeing me, in person,
and, got everything in the 'right places'
including, capturing my essence

(i am NOT sure, we are allowed to post,
those types of pictures)

or, put them, in our 'photo' section

(i will put it, in my book)

it just might improve - the book sales ;)

the eXchanger

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 04:02 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
My apologies. I'm glad I took one last look before I tucked in. I might be up til midnight now, lol.

No, I was not bullbaiting you at all, just wasn't sure what you have been posting is from Sal and what is from you. Thank you for clarifyiing.

Yes I did feel you were channeling at that moment and I would only have recognized it because I am also starting to be able to channel, so I sort of recognized it when I saw you doing it.

The thing about channeling I still find disconcerting is that after I've said something really marvelous and timely, I then become my "stupid self" again, lol. A real ego-buster, lol.



Originally Posted by eXchanger (Post 192622)
my dear gnosis / my good buddy / my good friend

-you are humouring me :naughty:

-it was 'me' that talked aobut the 'battles' & 'night goggles' :lmao:

ahh - enjoy your dreams :mfr_lol:

(we know you do that well,
since, we shared that with you)

you should have video-taped me,
over our 6 hour lunch/coffee/dinner,
and, 'fall on my face' ;)

i should have told you, i do NOT walk well, when altered ;)

- they sell the goggles on ebay

- maybe ANT can shot them, with his new fancy camera

- we've been working in the higher spiritual wars since 1986
and, see without goggles

the eXchanger

ps; we don't know how to share photos
and, would share a lot of stuff
(if someone would help us,
to label photographs, etc.)

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 04:06 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eXchanger (Post 192615)
"TODAY is a pivotal date
11-29 (IN A YEAR OF 11) ANOTHER 11-11-11
it is, the day, that we have decided,
to start a communication,
through this channel, Susan/The eXchanger (publically)
there are many on earth, who are aware,
of my alignment, to her, and, to her, alignment to me,
suffice to say ~iT iS a moment in time ~ that is 'seamless'

It is 11/29/2009
a real 11 - 29=2+9=11 - (2+0+0+9) 11
much like, the date 11-11-2009 (11)
which occured earlier this month,
when, a specific grid of 33 stones,
were laid, that makes this communication process,
quite simple, as, the ground work,
was laid, to an assortment of 'light libraries'
one - at the core of this waterworld/Mother Earth/or Gaia,
aka Panchamama
one - at the core of alcoyne, within the 7 sisters star System
and, one - in the 9th density of Venus
The channel, has worked with the 28 guardians of The Moon
(WHICH we mentioned here)

We invite your questions...
Susan / The eXchanger

If KulKulKan would like to answer this question:

What, if any, is the relationship between yourself and the being who I see and know as Maitreya?


THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 05:06 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 (Post 192606)
You might have to stay for the duration
-- don't worry, I promise to help you keep your morale up.

We are already in 'the new world'
on Friday, when i went to the bank,
i saw, that 9th density being,
the man, i told you, i meet back in 2000,
in the coffee shop.

The one, i told you about...
and, he was walking with a nap sack !!!
on 11/27/2009 - 11-9-11

Remind me, to tell you the story
of the man, with the twinkling blue eyes
from 2/2/2000~as, this was, the same man !!!

the eXchanger

Gnosis5 11-30-2009 05:26 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
At this point in my evolution I don't think I understand what a 9th density being is or does or how to spot such a one, but I can appreciate the synchronicity of the timing.


orthodoxymoron 11-30-2009 06:04 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
This materials looks very interesting. I scanned it...and will read it tomorrow.

I continue to be very wary of 'Earth Changes' and all extermination scenarios. I keep thinking that this is all about reigning-in the 'Freedom Seekers' (renegade Pleiadians from Aldebaran?). I keep thinking that we are mostly dealing with Human Beings and Interdimensional Reptilians...and variations on these themes. I keep thinking that Human Beings (in and from the Pleiades?) have tasked Interdimensional Reptilians (mostly from Draco?) with managing us...and reigning us in. There seems to be guidelines or rules of engagement...which I tend to think would not exist if the Reps (who hate us) were on their own. Did they get the reps at Rent-A-Rep? 'Gimme Fifty Million Reps...Maggot! (aka Lord of the Flies)

Please poke holes in this paragraph. I don't want it to be true. I want to be Responsibly Free...but I do not want to think of myself as a Rebellious Self Exalting Renegade Pleiadian from Aldebaran who followed Lucifer out of Heaven in Rebellion Against Almighty God. Know what I mean?

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 06:20 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

"The dark lords, the dark ladies, and, the dark masters - do eXist

a simple process, of 'simple' commands/and, demands

will 'boot' them, and, remove them, from your space(s)

and, can even remove them,

from between time, and, between space,

and, anywhere, you do NOT know, where to ask for it !!!

SER work - or, spirit entity removal work

is one thing, the channel, has mastered !!!

interesting enough...

in an incarnated form

you can choose, your anchor !!!

Earth is a rare place,

it is a waterworld

surrounded by The Trine/or The Trinity of Ether

there are 7 elements, NOT 4

there are 13 cycles, in a year, NOT 12

and, believe this, or NOT

there are NOT 24 hours, IN DAY !!!

(ALTHOUGH, a man_made clock,
would have you thinking that way)

it was one, of a 'rooster' of 'tricks' played upon humanity

(more on this-to come)

Gaia/Mother Earth,
The Pachamama, as, she is also called

entered into
an 11th density, state of being !!!

on 11-11-2009 ~ follow her, as, she is the 'real' leader

We are simply, a messenger

Brightest blessings of energy, light 'n love to all

through Susan / The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 06:31 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
"extermination ???

it does NOT truly eXist

there is NO such thing, as a death

a physical body-death, yes

a 'real' death of an "original spark"

does NOT eXist

you will simply transition, into something else

as, we said,

ANCHOR yourself,
and, brace yourself
for the most amasing ride
you can imagine

We typed all day,
many messages,
will be slightly edited,
and, posted

Welcome to the NEW WORLD

all of you are co-creating it, with US

in the neXt 13 days...

WE will likely write a book on PA/PC

THROUGH this channel

in the NEW WORLD - you will leave much of the 'old' behind

albeit, for a new eXchange to rise,

the old system,

might have to ride side-saddle to the new one

before, it get tossed.

The 'evil' eXchangers,
will get transported to worlds,
that are vastly different,
than the 'new world' the new eXchangers
will live within.

a place were all souls
are equal,
where 'much' is the only thing
that can 'gather' more !!! "

through Susan/The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 06:36 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 (Post 192630)
If KulKulKan would like to answer this question:

What, if any, is the relationship between yourself and the being who I see and know as Maitreya?

"That is simple, you, and, susan, have shared one 'grand cycle'
this on the planet of Acturus, the two of you,
were part of a group of '12 high priestesses'
the channel, was NOT the group orator / or known,
as, 13 at that time, in that lifetime, it was you, to the fore.

Questions asked, are best, to be general,
so, Information, given, is much better,
to be utilised, by everyone ~
so, that, a myriad of souls,
might benefit, from the answers

So, on that note,
it might be, a good idea, to give out,
general information, for general souls,
who are in the process of searching/and, seeking answers,
to things, that will be useful, to them, at this time.

A grand cycle, is a completed cycle,
thus NO residue, remains,
thus it will do you, NO earthly good,
to know, of these, past grand cycles.

Know this,
there are many souls, who have agreements,
they are forged in sets of 4
where one, carries knowledge
where one, carries love
where one, carries power
where one, carries support

(more on this, on neXt post)

as, this information, has already been given
quite eloquently, by another channel

(and, these agreements,
can eXtend, to 5 - 12 souls)

for example,
you could have a group of 6,
who overlap, another group of 6,
and, they would total 12 souls
operating together

(some of them providing,
energetic imputs, related to the 4 sectors, mentioned above)

the orator-of said group, would be known, as 'thirteen' or '13'

in this lifetime, the channel, is involved, in one quadrate,
where she carries, knowledge

albeit, old souls,
are involved, in much more, than just one of these
and, have an assortment of agreements
with other souls, to work in groups

In my agreement, with the channel,
i provide the knowledge,
and, she provides only the power.

there is an old saying,
when two of more gather--'good' stuff can happen

also, we might remind you,
that, knowing, the 'end result'
is, always, the best starting place

this is why, you live in a world of 'fine' eXamples

there are many, who are on earth, at this time,
that are showing many, they are anything, BUT !!!

this is why
'discernment' is important, in everything you do

you can learn, just as much,
from a poor eXample,
as, you can, from a good eXample

On the 2nd question

That is simple,
Maitreya / KulKulKan
and, 10 other beings,
are part of a group of 12

seen as, two groups of six,
who overlap, with one another,
as, eXplained above
(forth coming, in the neXt post)

as, there is NO point to waste hours of work
(to give the same information twice)
we will insert that, when we are finished here

As, an oversoul group from 10th density,
we have already emboided
the requirements of love, knowledge, power, and, support
and, we can play, each and everyone of them,
as, the masters, that we are

~ this is why 'we' are here at this time
to guide the 'empty' vessel,
who has chosen to empty herself,
in this moment,
who has chosen to step to the side,
in this moment,
and, to co-operate with me,
in this moment,
so she might operate on a clean/clear/& crisp channel

go easy on her, as,
we do NOT want her turning into a 'crispy kritter':naughty:

her selection, by us, was NOT a random act,
but, something, that she has risen to,
and, accepts,
as part of her responsibilities,
to fulfil, her missions, her purposes, and, her tasks,
we honour her, for having the courage,
to finally, step up to the plate,
this is NOT easy work,
and, by doing so,
it could be said,
that a 'grand page' in 'the cosmos'
is about to make, and, to take, its turn

This, we might remind, all of you,
is NOT easy work, to do,
done right, it is,
what we will call "good work"

We are here,
at this time,
to be, in service, to all

All of those, who are choosing,
to step into, all, that you are,
with all, the potential,
each, and, everyone of you,
possess, is already on_board equipment,

it does NOT take,
the mastery, of an airplane mechanic,
to fly your bird,
(pardon, our pun)
it does take,
the mastery,
of simply learning how to 'still' your mind
the mastery,
of learning how to 'balance' your heart
the mastery,
of learning how to 'balnce' your physical being

of The Lower Mind/and, The Higher Mind
of The Lower Heart/and, The Higher Heart
has within it,

It is, your neXt destination ...

aim for it,
just command, and, demand it

will it, to be,
so, it, will be,
and, so, it is
(333 333 315)*

do it,
to be,
be it,
to do,
(333 333 315*)

*Simply sub, your own soul sigil/or soul signature
in place, of the numbers, given
WITHIN the brackets

simple, is it NOT ???

yes...your neXt question???

through Susan/The eXchanger

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 06:41 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them


channeled by : Channeled by Terri Claire Benning

Task Group Dynamics ~ The Quadrate

What is the difference between a "Quadrate" and a "Quadrant?"

A quadrate is a whole unit consisting of four distinct quadrants. The whole unit can be a circle, a square or rectangular in shape. The word "quadrate" refers to the whole unit, while the word "quadrant" refers to each of the four individual "parts" within that greater whole.

There has been some confusion regarding the correct use of these terms over the years, thus clarification of the terms is offered below before continuing on with the section on "Quadrates."

Dictionary Definitions:

quad·rate (kwä′drit, -drāt′; for v., -drāt′)

(adjective) ~ 1. square or nearly square; rectangular
(noun) ~ 1. a square or rectangle 2. a square or rectangular space, thing, etc.

quad·rant (kwä′drnt) ~ (noun)
a fourth part of the circumference of a circle; an arc of 90°
a quarter section of a circle
any piece or part shaped like a quarter section of a circle
an instrument similar to the sextant in design and function, and superseded by it
Geom. any of the four parts formed by rectangular coordinate axes on a plane surface
The Four Quadrant Positions ~ Corresponding Centers, Roles and "Departments"

All people will experience each of the four different quadrant positions at some point in their lives. Most experience them even in the course of living just a single day. Groups of four fall into these quadrant positions quite naturally in the course of their everyday life activities, such as when two couples decide go out to dinner together or a family of four plans a weekend outing. Each person will feel naturally drawn toward the quadrant position which best suits their own essential nature, easily and effortlessly, and they will naturally begin to take on the function of that position, with or without awareness of the fact that they are doing so.

Whether long term, spanning lifetimes to accomplish a specific task, or short term, lasting no longer than a few hours, quadrates are a natural part of life. It is not truly necessary to know who fills which position for the task to be fulfilled, as quadrates will operate quite naturally and automatically all by themselves. Conscious awareness of the four positions can, however, be fun, informative and can assist you in recognizing and validating each person's part in the play. This makes the whole "game of life" even more fun and rewarding when one can become consciously aware of the dynamics of the game itself.

In the Michael teachings, certain roles tend to gravitate naturally to each of the four quadrant positions, however, ANY role can fulfill any of the four positions at any time, if they so choose. This is simply the most common way the roles in essence will tend to show up in quadrate group formation as a general rule of thumb. We have adopted the analogy of a business or a "company" environment as an example of how each of these four positions might show up in one's daily life experiences.

1. LOVE ~ Artisans or Sages ~ Emotional Center ~ (Marketing Dept.)

Love position says, "Lets do a new line of products."

The Love position person is the "visionary" of the group. This is the person who first comes up with the original idea for something new and different, and proposes this new idea to the rest of the group. They see the potential that the new concept, invention or product represents. They are the ones who "see" what other's have yet to envision and/or to recognize as potentially valuable or useful to others. The love position person provides the creative "vision" and inspiration for the new idea, concept, invention or product to be launched and made manifest in the world.

Due to the highly creative and expressive nature of artisans and sages, they often find themselves drawn to fill the Love position function quite naturally.

The LOVE position corresponds to the emotional center in the Michael Teachings. Such creative inspirations are often a "labor of love" initially, which is a good term for the function of the Love position as well.

The Love position person works closely with the Power position person.

2. KNOWLEDGE ~ Scholars ~ Intellectual Center ~ (Research Dept.)

Knowledge position says, "I'll find out how many American's own x widget".

The knowledge position person has all of the pertinent information related to the new concept, invention or product at their command. They often act as a kind of advisor to the group, and can give grounded feedback supported by well documented and researched "data," when called upon to do so. If they don't know the precise piece of information requested by their quadrate mates, they usually know exactly where to find it, and are often eager to do the research required on the subject matter in order to bring the needed information to light. The knowledge position person is the key "go to" person for any and all information as it would pertain to successful completion of the agreed upon task, project and/or purpose of the quadrate.

By nature, scholars are often drawn to fill the Knowledge position function, and excell at doing so, although any role in essence can fill any of the four quadrant positions, of course.

The KNOWLEDGE position corresponds to the intellectual center in the Michael teachings.

The Knowledge position person works closely with the Support position person.

3. POWER ~ Warriors or Kings ~ Moving Center ~ (Production Dept.)

Power position says, "I'll start the machines!"

The Power position person is often the last person to join the quadrate group, and often shows up when the new concept, invention or product is ready to go to into production and/or be taken to market. Because the power position works so closely with the love position person, this person may also show up in tandem with the love position person, although this is not as often the case. Once the Power position person has joined the group however, things will really begin to take off quickly. The rest of the task group needs to be ready for the arrival of the Power position person, for once they have arrived on the scene, the group is poised to move forward very rapidly from that point. This is why the Power position person is often the last to join the task group quadrate. The power position person is the one who has the "power" to make it happen in the real world, and to "make it so."

Kings and Warriors are often drawn to fulfill the function of the Power position, due to their natural proclivity to take grounded actions when needed and their great sense of organization and timing. Of course, this function can be filled by any role in essence, although it is quite likely that the person who fills the Power position in the quadrate will have either strong king or warrior casting placements and/or action axis overleaves in their charts, if they do choose to assume this role and function in the quadrate.

The Power position corresponds to the MOVING center in the Michael Teachings.

The Power position person works closely with the Love position person.

4. SUPPORT ~ Priests or Servers ~ Instinctive Center ~ (Personel Dept.)

The Support position says, "I have just the person for you to talk to."

The Support position person gets along well with the rest of the positions in most cases and this person helps to grease the wheels between the quadrate members when differences of opinions, stress or conflicts arise between them. Thus, they are often the "glue" that keeps the group working together more smoothly so the quadrant has a stronger probability for successful completion of the task they have chosen to undertake together. The support position person has a good feel for each of the other members of the quadrate, and may be the one to introduce the other members into the group and/or to one another initially. This person usually takes time to listen to each position's "concerns" in turn, and keeps communication flowing between all four quadrant positions. They are usually compassionate and can see all sides of an issue or a problem and can facilitate a neutral decision or course of action to take that will keep all of the group members happy and content working together as a group on their chosen task.

Thus, the Support position person functions as the "neutral" center for the group, and assists the group in assimilating the best of it's notions into a working whole that benefits all concerned.

Here, Priests tend to gravitate towards and to excell at this "job" due to their exalted perspective, however Servers are also very good at supporting their fellow quadrate members as well.

The Support position person works closely with the Knowledge position person.

Regarding Axis Pairings in a Quadrate

Within the quadrate structure, the 1. LOVE and 3. POWER positions are strongly drawn to work together toward the accomplishment of the goal, and the 2. KNOWLEDGE and 4. SUPPORT positions share a close reciprocal working bond, each pair occuring naturally on their own axis. All members of the quadrant will engage with one another in due course of fulfilling the chosen task, of course, however these natural axis pairings do tend to be relatively consistent across the board.

[For more information on the above materials, see pages 156 - 167, in "Tao to Earth" by Jose Stevens, Ph.D.]



(IT WILL give you some working example)

NOTE; NOT all michael channels agree on the soul family
for Obama / NOR, on his chart !!!

THE eXchanger 11-30-2009 06:48 AM

Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them
29/11/2009 7:37:43 P.M.

aka 233 233 215 ( 8/8/8)

He is a 10th density, 34th dimensional being
who likely, should i allow,
have some interesting things to say
to those, who might, care to hear,
what it is, that, he has to say ~ ask questions
He is wise, and, knows a lot of stuff

He has been with me, since, 1966
when i drown - he has been a major force in my life

In my 3rd NDE in 2007
(2+7=9 completion / new beginnings)
on 10/25 = 1+2+5=8 (8= the infinity loop)

This merge, came on the 'real' 9-9-9

2+ 0 + 0 + 7 = 9

9-9-9- was NOT in the year of 2009- for that was an 9-9-11

At this time, something, that referred to itself as
333-333-315 (another guide, that had been around, since 1993)
POPPED into the picture,
we also discovered, that merging,
with the future self, was also possible,
and, that, was brought in,
through THE PIVOT OF THE NOW !!!

and, this was done on 9/27/2007

Unfortunately, this is NOT an easy thing to do,
and, without anyone else, who could show us,
what to do ~ we learned a 'grave' lesson,
you can NOT do this ~ without a higher/and, lower 'heart'
and, a higher/and, lower 'mind', anchored through

ironically, AS, we sat between the worlds,
in the ethers, and, telepathed out messages,
it was Rebecca Jerrigan,
who came in, and, actually saved our physical earth life,
when, we were stranded in ethers,
when, we were NOT quite aware,
of just how far,
merging with this 9th density-monad/& future self might toss us,
well, you could say, it tossed us,
out of the physical earth loop :mfr_lol:
and, we did NOT know how to get back into our body !!!

We also discovered, that Rebecca Jerrigan,
could telepath, and, when a message went out to her,
she responded within seconds, and, that was an amasing moment in time.

We got an 'etheric heart' transfusion/and, transmission,
for another 'sister of light'~ our words would 'pale'
what occured,
suffice to say, it is, at that moment,
that one realises, just how magi-icent, we really are !!!

And, just how magi-icent, other people, are too !!!

When our heart, re-started
we saw, the fibernaci sequence,
as, our heart, refilled,
and, began beating properly again,
for over, fifty five minutes, our heart,
had only one long beat, for about 3 seconds,
once, per minute.

so, on 10/25/2007 -
i, or, you could say 'we' had a pivotal moment in ethers
when we discovered, that a 9th density eXistence,
was possible upon the earth :)
(and, interacted with another soul)
who also, could do this too~Rebecca.

We also discovered,
that we are a part/or, one piece of the 144 crystalline points of light,
that make up, a part of our main guide,
The KulKulKan, and, we are here on earth,
to carry, that last piece, back to him,
so, we can finally 'go home'...yes, 12 x 12 = 144
so, we are, we all are, parts of a grouping of 144.

This earth incarnation, is NOT an easy one, for us !!!

although, we know, we are here, to have the best incarnation,
we have ever had, and, it holds the potential to be,
our most favourite one, it must be done...

with you, or without you,

quite frankly, we have reached a point,
where we no longer care,
what it is, that any of you think,
the real answers - lay, way beyond 'earth' thoughts


we are here, to do our job
with a 'rich' heart, and, a 'full' mind
it is time, to empty that, and, share it,
so, we might be refilled with 'new' stuff
for a 'new world'

our well-is so full - it slooshes !!!

it's 11/29/2009 - and, it is time, to do it !!!

no ifs, no buts, no maybes,
and, NO MORE, erasing posts !!! :mfr_lol:

and, to the last person, who said, in a private e-mail
erase your stuff - they will laugh at you - UP YOURS !!!
(who the hell, do you think, you are ???)
trying to tell us, what we should, or should NOT say
(and, that~this type of information - should be PRIVATE) :mfr_lol:

There are 'no secrets' in an "age of information"
and, the truth is always recorded into all the 'libraries of light'
(and, for those who can tap into it, themselves,
they can discern it, for themselves)
NOT need, to pay other people, to get into records for them,
as, they do NOT have the developed abilities,
to read them, themselves
~and, then take that information,
SECOND hand from another, and, hold it, as their gospel/or truth)
that is why, we NEVER responded, to your last email.

Truth is found, when you KNOW how to mine for it, yourself !!!

and, to the group, who visited me, do NOT come again !!!

We are choosing, to NOT be quiet !!!

We are all in this together ...

we are all part of a magi-ificent tapestry,

that needs all the threads,

in order, to re-assemble itself,

there is NO DARKNESS, where there is light

there is NO MORE, when finally,

those of you, on earth,

embrace, the who, the what, the where, the why, and,
most of all the when, of your eXistence,
wise words, have been spoken here,
on this site...for eXample:


(AS, one of the other, advanced beings,
here in PROJECT AVALON, has said, many times)


iT is TiME...to bring it, back to The ROUND,
THE ORiGiNAL ROUND ~that is why,
a few other advanced souls, started this website

it iS TiME, to rock 'n roll this PACHAMAMA,
like it has NEVER been rocked before,
with you, or without you

count my words, it will happen !!!

We started here, as, the 8th member of this group

We believe, that, was a sign, it is here,
that we must, start a process, of revealing, all that we know

We hope many of you, will choose, to support us,
and, contribute to this thread, THIS is NOT easy,
to stick out your neck, alone.

We are, an old ancient bridger, known, as, 13,
the 13th member, of any group of 12,
is the orator, for the other 12.

There are 13 aspects,
to your consciousness,
and, we can NOT think of a better place,
to let it out, than here !!!

Thank you Bill Ryan, and, Kerrie Cassidy,
for all, that, you do !!!
Thank you also, to all my friends here,

It is appreciated !!!

The eXchanger

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