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meekforce 09-25-2008 03:12 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
Here is a link to one more that caught my eye but have not had the time to try it out - maybe someone here who is to the electrical field may want to experiment with it - those who had experience with earth batteries would see why this link holds some credibility

another is about a gentleman who says his coil will increase energy if I remember right by about 5 times the input - but if true and if one could but these coils in parallel then even earth batteries may be a viable solution.


Lance 09-25-2008 04:22 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
I am in talks with Arthur to get the mfg rights for the PNW (in BC, Washington, Oregon and Northern California) to get this made here


korzinabaskets 09-25-2008 09:47 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
I folks i have been working on a Badini motor and have a small model working, we are going to scale it up this year.
Has anyone out there had a go at it and if so have you generated electric from it!

links to Badini pages





soulrider 09-25-2008 04:37 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
Heres a great site i've been looking at for a while. Theres loads of different DIY projects as well as a shop for all your projects, hope this helps. http://www.reuk.co.uk/

minimeister 09-27-2008 03:52 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
Sorry to be so blunt but there are only a few posts I have seen on this subject that are actually good advice. The rest is going to get people killed. Your energy supply in a SHTF scenario could mean the difference literally between life and death so I want to share a few things in hopes that a few more people might live when the time comes. I sell alternative energy systems so here's the deal;

- This is no longer about saving the planet, it's about saving your ass
- Get yours now! Do not wait! There is no silver bullet on the horizon and waiting for it will leave you with nothing soon. You will not save any money by waiting because inflation is driving up prices on everything at least as much as innovation is bringing costs down. This is not the computer industry, you do not see radical price changes in short periods of time. One year from now prices will probably be about 40% higher if you can get the stuff at all.
- Focus on getting your energy output to a level that will enhance your physical security. This means enough for security lighting and communications such as walkie talkies and wifi. In the short term absence of modern services security will likely require more effort than food and shelter acquisition.
- Don't think about a grid tie system, get a completely stand alone system that you or your family can move and install yourselves on short notice. The technical knowledge you need for this is easy to acquire and something you should know for yourself versus having to find someone to do it for you.
- Water pumping...crucial...this is the one that will get most people I think. There are lots of ways to go about this, most of them wrong for what we really need. The one thing about this people overlook is the life of the batteries. What if batteries are no longer available? Most batteries have an average life of about 4-5 years. This depends on the type of course but even the best batteries will eventually go south. This means if you have an AC water pump running off an inverter and the batteries no longer work you will not have water. This would be a nasty surprise down the line. To avoid this problem you get a DC water pump that runs DIRECTLY from the panels. When the sun is shining it pumps, no batteries involved. The water is pumped to an elevated tank where it is stored and gravity provides the pressure. The only pumps I use are from sunpumps.com. The only limits to this system are the life of the pump and the life of the panels. Both should be good for about a generation or two. You may want to get an extra pump to keep as a replacement. At least get replacement parts.
- To keep the initial costs of the system down go pure DC and only use pure DC stuff. It's easy to find DC fans, lighting and adapters for laptops. If you have $1500.00 you can get a good starter system that can grow without having to replace anything. The amount of power this provides will be enough for a fan, a light, laptop and networking equipment. This may be a step down in comfort level for most folks but believe me it's better than none.
- Remember that survival Mad Max style will always involve clean water as a commodity. With this one resource you will be able to trade for ANYTHING else. Also, water pumping allows for agriculture and caring for animals. This is what will allow you to live an agrarian lifestyle versus hunter-gatherer. Herein lies the key to living versus surviving.
- You don't have time for experiments. Buy proven components only and then experiment once you have a base established.
- As far as EMP goes, this only applies if you live in an urban center. In this case, your biggest problem will be the 'zombies' not that your solar panels got fried. If you are not out in the country when this goes down you're dead, sorry. EMP should not be a problem in the country as only infrastructure will be targeted and the power of the EMP falls off at the inverse of the square. You will want to protect against lightning and other environmental damage of course but that's all standard stuff you will learn while studying the basics.

I've been living overseas off grid for about two years now so I'm not just talking out of my ass. I found a new level of peace in my life by making this transition. I'm long out of the realm of just talking about it and I put my money where my mouth is every day by running both my home and my business off grid. If things work out in the world where we don't have this anticipated upheaval, wouldn't you still want to be self sustaining? Which is more important, a shiny new (insert needless consumer item here) or energy independence for life? I'll leave you with one last thought...

"When it all went down the people were expecting the state to maintain control with a technical Police State matrix. They never thought they would rely on the time-proven method of controlling their food and water. If you can produce your own food and water you are much harder to control. If your family is starving even a proud man will submit. Every siege in history has been based on this one simple idea."

minimeister 09-27-2008 10:20 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
Hi bhoss,

Here are a few links to answer your questions;

Some pre-designed systems from wholesalesolar.com...

Some other kits from mrsolar.com

These kits start as low as around $300 and go up to around $5000. Good range of kits, all balanced and tested. I must emphasize again that learning a little about this stuff isn't really optional. Consider it an essential survival skill in our world today. realgoods.com is a great place to start learning and they do have a reputable business selling systems as well but I think they're pricey.

As far as keeping it portable, this is a trade off between total production capacity and transportability. If you have enough help and a truck you can move a big system in a hurry. If you have to bug out quick you might want something more like this;


Even being able to charge AA batteries can be extremely useful so if you're on a tight budget you may want something like that. It's $90, plus $20 for some rechargeable AA batteries.

If you have the money and the ability to transport a larger system it's very important to have the ability to pump water so go for that.

If you need to purify water use a solar distiller, which can be made very cheap and easy;

For cooking solar ovens work great on days with good sun;

And please remember water purification is tactical. Water pumping is strategic.

Powerinourhandsl 09-27-2008 11:44 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
hopefully not completely off topic , but i would like to mention the fact that Magnets are very useful for generating electric etc. In a time or circumstance where there is no where to plug your microwave in , i suggest you scrap it , and any more you might find and remove the large magents that lie within these devices. These can then be used to make a generator.

Unfortunatly there are no Free energy machines just yet. Any one intending to make one of the many published designs that are out there must prepare themselves for a long frustrating time trying to get them to work. But that will not last forever , i am associated with one design that will give free energy to the world soon. I cannot give any more details so don´t ask. But the future when we get there lol will be a bright free one. I mention this a another glimmer of positive hope for us.

Love to you all , together we can do anything

peaceandlove 10-04-2008 05:00 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
On this Site you can download:

Army Survival Manual
http://projectavalon.net/us_army_survival_manual.pdf 277 pages

Also Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute - Mega amounts of info.
Goods for Barter, Outdoor Survival, you name it, I think it's there.
Requires you do some searching

Patrick Kelly Free Energy Guide 1776 pages
How to boil water and more.

With Peace and Love in Mind, :wub2:

DiVineEnvy 10-04-2008 06:43 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
John Moore recommends a setup that involves wood or charcoal combustion in a boiler which in turn powers a steam turbine electric generator. This seems to make sense especially where combustible material is readily available.


whitecrow 10-04-2008 08:10 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by mudhog92 (Post 7424)
Someone's claim to do it for $200 raises my eyebrow. ...When I read it, my gut didn't like it.....

Likewise. If it was really that simple...

...although I did have a co-worker a few years ago, who quit his job to work with his dad producing a small wind-turbine they'd invented and said they could build for under $100. I never saw a working model but I did see a short video on a CD-ROM that they'd put together, and I was impressed.

I have to confess to a nagging gut feeling that small-scale self-production of energy is not only feasible but will become the way of the future. I just don't know how to put it into practice, yet.

Brinty 10-04-2008 08:59 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by pilot (Post 7128)

I want to do something practical and not spend all my time speculating about the illuminati and what's to become of us-and I am sick of paying for electricity when it is entirely possible to get it free.

This is something I have control over and can do-and I want to do it soon!

If it's of any assistance to you Pilot, some years ago we looked into what was available to produce electricity at home and it was pointed out that at that time (1988), there were three options - Wind, Solar and Hydro electric.
The problem with wind was that there wasn't always enough to generate power, the same applied to solar. On the other hand, if you were able to have access to a river, then running water would be a permanent source of energy.

I have to say at this point that at that time we were living in New Zealand where if it didn't rain for six weeks we'd be crying out for drought assistance.

Norval 10-05-2008 05:13 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
Living on a boat I have often thought of using the tide for generation of power.

Seva 10-05-2008 10:16 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by Sky Otter (Post 8664)
Hi Guys

i'm not exactly off the grid but working on anything i can to lessen the dependence on others..
one of the best sources i have found for really good honest info is called
Countryside & small stock journal
it can be accessed on line at


it covers all types of stuff from wind and solar as well as livestock and
farming plus tons of other pioneer stuff if you are serious
and really great reading and knowledge if you are only curious

personally i would like to do the wind thing but my hubby insists that you need too many batteries for storage...i'm looking into it.:thumb_yello:


Thanks! great info

Realview 10-10-2008 05:23 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
May have missed a post on this but you can also easily create a "Fueless heater" if you you tube and google you'll find two plus an infrared system. The principle on the two is simply to rotate a cylinder within a cylinder where there is water in the outer cylinder. Actually one type uses oil, transmission fluid what ever at about 1200 rpm. The result is perpetual heat varying by the size of the unit. People claim to heat their home by this method even outputting the heat to the central heating ducts. The other type produces steam or hot water with cylinder cavities in the rotating drum. They claim over unity by as much as 70 %.

meekforce 10-10-2008 07:04 PM

Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by Realview (Post 46064)
May have missed a post on this but you can also easily create a "Fueless heater" if you you tube and google you'll find two plus an infrared system. The principle on the two is simply to rotate a cylinder within a cylinder where there is water in the outer cylinder. Actually one type uses oil, transmission fluid what ever at about 1200 rpm. The result is perpetual heat varying by the size of the unit. People claim to heat their home by this method even outputting the heat to the central heating ducts. The other type produces steam or hot water with cylinder cavities in the rotating drum. They claim over unity by as much as 70 %.

www.fuellesspower.com seems to be a scam site, selling a lot of "free energy" plans that do not work.

This article, http://www.keelynet.com/energy/clem1.htm, which is about the Richard Clem engine, mentiones fuellesspower.com at the end. There are other complaints about fuellesspower.com elsewhere online.

"In the last part of June 2001, Rick Harrison, president of Creative Sciences sent an email to KeelyNet saying he was prepared to sue if we did not stop 'bad-mouthing' his company. The website is http://www.fuellesspower.com and I told him go ahead, since I and many others would love to see them prove their overunity claims in court. Since then he has not responded back and the website is not responding, so I think they are changing their claims. We also have several emails from others who say Creative ripped them off and one from Brazil saying its been 60 days after he sent about $115.00 and received nothing."
Fuelles Power Plans Scam
Submitted by Seen the Model (not verified) on April 13, 2007 - 22:07.

My next door (mentally ill) neighbor has several plans they are all fraud. The fueless heater is a rod dangling in motor oil. The generator plans have you wind copper wire around a plastic tray.

But - no one really cares because only nuts order the plans and they will never think its a scam. You can show these nuts demonstration models on how things are in this life - but theres no use they will never get it.
These nuts think free energy is real using household items they wont listen to simple laws of 1st grade science. They choose to live a lie.

* reply

what has your nextood
Submitted by esaruoho on April 15, 2007 - 07:11.

what has your nextood neighbour got to do with www.fuellesspower.com , please? could you clarify if this response of yours is based on "oh, yes, theres something quite like that somewhere, its a scam", instead of visiting the premises of the company and finding information on it?

* reply

Sorry your wrong
Submitted by deltafour (not verified) on July 26, 2008 - 17:05.

The person who commented "My next door (mentally ill) neighbor has several plans they are all fraud. The fueless heater is a rod dangling in motor oil."
Is totaly wrong. Thats what i thought it was by the depsecription . Reason they say this is because they dont want to give you the secret, making you buy the plans. But i wasnt going to spend $40 to find out.

One day i was surfing and found this site by accident. Someone put the actual plans online and I quickly downloaded them. I was reading them and found it quite interesting and I can assure you its not a can of oil with a zinc rod dangling in it.

No, I havent built one yet to test it. But I can sure you looking at it and the physics of it and hows its built there might be some claim to it. Time will tell

MacGyverCanada 10-10-2008 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by Norval (Post 39387)
Living on a boat I have often thought of using the tide for generation of power.

Tide doesn't really have much power in the open water; you need have a tide generator anchored to land in an area where tide is fairly extreme (the Bay of Fundy in NS, Canada is experimenting with tide power). Portugual just launched their prototype wave power generator, though I haven't heard about how it's doing.

I think it's important to really understand the system that you decide to build/buy. You can buy a great $12000 wind generator and power storage system, but there's no gurantee that you'll have a handy repairman around a few years down the road. For now, keep it simple. The fundamentals of power generation aren't too tough to grasp, but it takes time to learn. My plan is to study renewable energy next year (if everything stays 'normal'), but for now I've been experimenting with building wind turbines out of trash; that is, for zero dollars. Pretty poor results so far, but I haven't found much good trash (anyone throwing out an old treadmill?). The point is that I'm successfully generating power from junk salvaged on the city streets.

If you've got some money to spare on a nice new system, I have to recommend geothermal energy as a prime source. It's not so good at generating electricity on a small scale, but it'll heat/cool your home and it runs when there's no wind and no sun. I'm a fan of wind power as an electricity source, because you can do it on the cheap with only a few tools and some quality magnets. Links to resources below:

As for 'free' energy (overunity), there is some compelling evidence and research out there... but it also seems to suggest that success in generating free energy relies heavily on precise engineering. It's certainly not a backyard project. But keep your fingers crossed; we might see something of the sort in WalMart soon enough. :winksmiley02:


Hope this helps. I'd love to link up with other people experimenting with free energy!

Metamike 10-11-2008 07:36 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
For those that are considering solar cells for energy - remember that the sun gives very little power during the winter months if you are in higher or lower latitudes. You will be surprised by how much less energy is available during the middle of december. To compensate, you might want to have a wind generator as well. That being said you will need to down size your electrical needs, unless you want to spend really loads of money just on power. I suggest that you think of using electricity to power diode lights, charge small batteries and at the most your laptop!

Unless you figure a way to make free energy from the vacuum, you can forget about generating heat, powering a car and that sort of stuff. Batteries just can not deliver.

Fun 4U Leader 10-15-2008 12:27 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by storm4ce (Post 14226)
What will happen to the solar power installations after EMP attack or emission? Will they work or fail? Can someone please clarify this.


Without getting too technical, the whole reason for EMP protection of electronic equipment is that the microcircuit chips used inside these devices usually operate around 5 to 24 volts, and more importantly (critically) in the micro-ampere or nano-ampere current range. That is extremely small electrical currents in circuits that are easily damaged by power surges. To a micro-amp circuit, 1/10th of an ampere surge is the same as a lightning bolt, and just as fatal. EMP's easily overwhelm normal surge protection and A/C power filtering.

I hear frequent discussions about EMP pulses and how to protect electrical appliances and consumer products from them. The information given is usually pretty good and work quite well with one little addendum that I seldom here:

Protected equipment must be isolated. Isolated means that any protected appliance, or PC or whatever, that has cables connected to it for power or for network connections MUST have those cables shielded as well. The simplest way is to unplug the thing and put all the cords inside the protective cage.

For example, having a working PC in a Faraday cage is useless because the pulse energy is so powerful that it will be introduced into the power cord or network cables (the cables acting like an antenna) and flow right through the wall of the cage and into the protected equipment and "click" goes the microcircuit chips that make the thing work.

Before anyone asks, WI-FI antennae will not work in a Faraday cage either or it wouldn't be a Faraday cage. A working Faraday cage stops ALL radio frequency emissions from getting inside, or from getting to the outside.

The only "sure" way of protecting electronic equipment is to completely shield it with all cables pulled in with it or else removed. Protecting the loose cables is only needed if the cables have built in electronic filters, AC-DC adapters or the like, in which case the cables must also be completely within the protected area.

My favorite example of cheap protection for laptop sized electronics, is an empty military metal ammunition can which surplus stores may carry. Wrap the equipment in cotton, then aluminum foil, then place in the can and close the lid. The final protection would be to connect the can to a source of electrical, Earth, ground.

For large PC's, appliances or even vehicles, a walk in or drive in Faraday cage can be built, not real cheap though. And, I mean "cage" with protection on all six sides, to include the floor. It must also be completely isolated. If sheet metal sides are used, no holes for light are allowed. That's why highly conductive mesh screen built into a mosquito netting style shed or booth is the best. You can see through the stuff. Doors must have no air gaps to the outside and must also be strapped over to the rest of the shielding. Don't rely on the metal hinges alone to do the job. Every square inch that is NOT connected or is not "grounded" (like the unstrapped door) is considered "floating" and will not stop a pulse. No wires for lighting, or pipes through the walls are allowed as they will act like antennae and re-radiate the pulse inside the cage, defeating its purpose.

Installing electronics and keeping it EMP protected was one part of my job in the USMC and where my experience comes from. Many military applications have two input power supplies. The one on-line takes the whole EMP pulse and bites the dust. Operators throw a switch to put an isolated backup power supply to on-line, power up and go. Fail safe as that is, few can afford it.

No links to provide. Best to you.

For the cause.

Gnosis5 10-22-2008 03:28 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
I googled this website after someone told me it worked in their home:


Has anyone else used it with good results?

NorthernSanctuary 01-01-2009 02:44 AM

Re: Alternative energy for your home
I googled this website after someone told me it worked in their home:


Has anyone else used it with good results?

The degree that it works depends on what appliances you use regularly. It does not work for any lighting, stove.

It has some effect on motors. Motors causes a phase shift in the voltage and current in the AC electricity, which means that at some point, the power is pumped back into the power utility. The power meter may not register this (I assume) and in this case you are charged for it. The device cost a minimum of $250, so you really need to analysis your situation to see if it is worth it, even if it works.

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