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SoldierOfTruth808 09-30-2008 08:02 AM

Really? Our own space?
Hey I noticed Hawaii has its own subforum on the US Forum...Well if we are given a space we should be thankful and use it. So....

Aloha from Hawaii, its kind of alarming to think of how we are off in the middle of the pacific so far away from the rest of the world...but at the same time not. When we had our earthquake last year it was a big wake up call...that I dont think alot of people even to a conscious look at. We didnt have power, I felt like the rest of the world just disappeared. Earth changes are also something that I personally have concern for because well...were a tiny spec in the middle of the ocean. How will we survive....well im glad we have our own spot to discuss that.

Roland K

Highwhistler 08-15-2009 09:21 AM

Hawaii is a sanctuary

My sense is that Hawaiians who know how
to grow their own food and have the space
to do so, and those who are positive, grateful,
worldly-wise and oriented to the natural energies
& intelligence of their immortal soul ... they are
in a fantastic place on the planet to THRIVE
over the next decade and beyond.

I would encourage a strong intention to not
have your home, your land, your sanctuary
right on the coast
, but back up the mountains
a bit so that you are at least 100 hundred feet
above sea level
. The planet will be going through
natural shifting which will cause sea levels to
rise and there could be tsunamis wash over
the beaches and up the valleys ... and so
being safely on higher ground is a must.

The collective human fields of thought,
feelings, intentions and dreams on the
Hawaii islands, are certainly among
the highest and most advanced
on the planet. Tune into the
fields of existence in which
you feel the happiest, the
most safe, and the most
inspired ... and you will
be all right.

In peace & with blessings,



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