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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

1983 Penang

A time passes and loud explosions fade away. Eventially the unit doing the chasing through the jungle emerge from the trees. From my link with the computer I know the entity has escaped. A look of disappointment on the face of the soldier who scaled up the tree. The soldiers talk to each other about the creature getting away. One of them turns to me and says "You did well". I know we are in for a hard time in the next few years becuase of this. We head back to the facility.

Next memory-

I'm a room with military officers. The outcome of the previous operation is being discussed and my future is being discussed. It turns out a renegade force of Plieadians from Aldeberan came in at the last minute and attempted to assist working group in capture of wolf type EBE. The ships that flew over our heads were these Plieadians. A renegade group because they do not follow general 'federation' policy of non-intervention.
A captain is there dressed in some kind of naval uniform. The Plieadians are on the base and will come to this meeting. Three blond 'giants' walk in the room. Each well over six tall, very muscular, shiny eyes and very erect postures. All dressed in a blue uniform, believe it or not the leader is wearing some kind of red cape over the back of his uniform. I have never felt auras like that before, godlike beings of war. They take seats around a large table. I am sat here with a woman and the human officers. The operation is discussed, there seems some resentment from working group as they seem to think the Aldeberans let the creature go. The leader says something about the creature being worth more alive and talks about the future. Eyes are on me now. Brazil is mentioned, the word Kamagol is mentioned and my past. Ultimately the Albeberans are in charge of me and working group will bow to there wishes.
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'

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