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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Continuation of timeline-

The Emerald Chambers- mid 80's


Classes continue at the facility in Brazil. We are taught the basics such as telekinesis. We move various objects around in the classrooms such as pencils across the desks. Much of the mind training centres around 'concepts' as well as practical aps. We are taught the greatest block to these abilities comes from the false belief in an external God. We are taught we come from the 'Great Water', not a literal sea but a sea of infinite potential energy where anything the mind can concieve it can achieve. This is the source/force that is our essence ( a type of quantum physics again ).
We are also taught that Jehovah the biblical 'God' is an extra-terrestrial, a human being just like us.
Days go by and we are brought one evening to the large hall with the two swastickas next to the entrance. George Bush Snr is in attendance with many other men in various types of uniforms. GBS and the others are interested in our physical ability in this test and we take part in martial arts matches, climbing ropes, vaulting over tall objects, stamina tests, etc. The tests are very hard but not brutal, we hit a peak after a while and can not really get tired after we hit this. We can go almost indefinately when we hit this. The test goes on for hours. The worst is the hand to hand combat- full contact but quite easy really. After a while pain becomes pleasure.
After the test we shower get changed and then come into another large room we have been in before. Another hall with a huge table set out with fine food. We all sit down and GBS and the Germans in their mid 30's stand up raise their glasses to us- saying something about the future. He seems like a very friendly guy who likes to have fun, always laughing and joking with everyone. At the end of the meal we line up and GBS pins medals on our jackets. We are then escorted back to our dorms, exhausted but feeling good.

Dr Green

Now it is time for the Emerald 'torture' chambers. We are taken from the facility in Brazil. It is hard to remember when I travel from the place. We arrive at a temple somewhere in a jungle region. A small group of men lead approx ten of us children down steps into an underground section of the temple. Dark, damp underground chambers are situated here. Men are already inc one these rooms with machines that light the chamber up with a green light. 'Beds' and chairs ( medical looking with restraints ) are in the room. We are strapped in. I am placed in a chair near the middle. Electrodes are hooked up to various parts of our body. We are told by the man in charge that the session will be divided into two parts. The first will be a 'still' session, where electrical currents will be administered to us. We are to become still "like water" and not "leave our bodies", if we can do this without dying, we will 'spark', namely the fire elementals in our bodies will activate and we wil be capable of 'reality programming', which involves teleportation, pryomancy and shape-shifting. This is 'Pheonix' programming and is the advanced levels of this area.
The machines are switched on and the burn and pain starts slowly. It gradually builds until we are screaming, the pain is indescribable. I think I am going to die, then just as I can't take any more, I 'spark'. Some kind of energy kicks in and I cross over into pleasure. The pain becomes pleasure. I hoping the other children have made it across but my head is locked forward with some kind of head clamp so I can't see. Images of fields are flashed on the rock wall with a projector the man have brought along with them. The man in charge says "focus on this place and traval there". The scene starts to change but my body is not going anywhere. I am changing the enviroment with my mind. The walls of the chamber start to fade away and the field starts to manifest in front of me. I feel the wind on my face and smell grass. Another couple of seconds and I am fully sat in the field in the chair. I feel the electricy level go down and kind of miss it as I come back into the chamber.

"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'

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