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Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
I have a concern about the mission of Camelot witness Dr Bill Deagle being undermined by his critics.

Specifically I am referring to the fact that evidently Clif High of Half Past Human has said publicly that Dr Bill is a paid CIA agent.
As best we understand, Clif High set a PI [Private Investigator] on Deagle's bank account without Deagle's knowledge or consent, with an instruction to look for something that could be used against him.

The PI found some income that he could not account for and Clif therefore assumed that he must be a paid agent.

It's an understatement to say that this is very dumb of Clif, who is normally a bright guy. If anyone looked in to my bank account, or yours, or anyone's, they would find things they didn't understand. I don't even understand my own bank statements sometimes.

And because this was all done without Deagle's consent, he was never asked if there was an innocent explanation.

Not good research - and very underhand. We should not be doing this to one another.

My solid opinion: Deagle is a very good man. We've spoken with him extensively, on and off record.

One amazing conversation I witnessed two years ago and have never forgotten (because I was physically in the room where Henry Deacon/ Arthur Neumann was talking with him on Skype) was Deagle and Henry comparing places and projects where they had both worked. Project names, codewords, clearances, everything. They figured out that they must have bumped into one another but couldn't recall where. The conversation lasted 45 minutes and was quite something else.

We've visited his house and met his wife and children. He's a huge-hearted soul with a brain the size of a small planet. He is also human. I respect him highly.
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