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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

so easy to point fingers, and, blame someone else
for spirit invasion/and, spirit attacks

and, yet - there is a law
- the law of attraction
and, one doesn't need to read too far into it

to discover, you are, what it is, YOU ALLOW

suit up ...
protect yourself...
& always, and, in all ways be diligent about it

there are as many timelines, as, there are people

there also is, a collective conciousness,
where everyone, is a piece of that

everything we have ever suggested to anyone,
we do it in a way, it totally protects you,
from all others, including us, by keeping things, in 100% alignment with YOU

we find it quite sad, that after, all the energy,
and, all the sharing, after 1000's of private emails,
that all these, so-called attacked people,
that many of you, do NOT choose to more closely eXamine,
the source of the root, that can block it,
thy_selves ...
yes, learn to know thy_selves

also we are aware of other things,
and, quite frankly, at this juncture,
if more of us, looked at our own roots,
and, built from there, NONE of this would happen

why is it, so many, need others, to answer their own questions ???

these answers, are your answers
~ NOT answers, others are supposed
to find for you, and, just give you the answers

we all need to get with it, and, get with ourselves

KNOW THY_SELF - or, aspects of THY SELVES

after a life, there is a review room,
during life, there should also be a review,
sometimes, when you just do NOT know,
it is time, to remove, the interference of others,
and, sit quiet, with thy_self/selves
and, discover, the 'real' answers

that is, what is called mining for your truth
and, doing it, that way,
is part of 'the responsibility' you have to deal with,
in peeling thru, all the layers of YOU

isn't it time, you all looked to the 'real' cuprit, in any equation ???

which, ironically, is always, and, will always be you,

what saddens us the most, is, that some of you,
actually were trying to hook us, up to some of these
so-called, 'the attack' senarios ~ when, in truth
we have done a lot of work, to help many people
to insure, that, they take back, their own control,
thru harnessing their own force/and, their own power
there are actually some of you,
who have been playing both sides of the table,
and, a round table, goes round, it has NO real sides
right now, my best advise, to anyone,
is this, learn to know thy_self, and, thy_selves
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