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Default Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVALON

If you are concerned about this forum and the discord that is blowing through it, please read all of this post and allow me to put some ideas to you all. I promise you this is the best I can do right now. I am sure some of you wont agree with all of it. I hope the intent and love shines through all that.

I am under pressure to accept an administrator role again, but it is clear to me that the way people relate to my posts as a moderator is entirely different to the way in which they relate to my posts as a member and I much prefer the latter.

I am quite sad to see the irresponsible/inappropriate/misguided use of energy still on this forum. I think we are not learning as fast as we should. However, I remain extremely optimistic that this situation will be resolved for the highest and best good of all and in a satisfactory way.

What we need is to stop feeding the thoughtform’s that got us in this mess to start with.

The recent weeks have seen a wide range of potent catalyst brought to bear on this forum and change has resulted. We have to deal with and process that change. There is no going back.

Recently in some posts, I have seen reference to "In the Mists" as a ban. I can tell you, without even needing to get a moderator to explain it, that it is not a ban. It is a moderator device (changing the security group) that has the effect of removing someone’s posting privileges – it can be temporary and very often is. Evidently a moderator or admin felt that Myplanet2 (or whoever) needed to STFU for a bit

On MP2 - I have known MyPlanet2 from this forum and from his past contributions as a researcher. I have watched him go through some profound changes, culminating in the recent focused effort he made to try to get a message over to you guys. His message was largely understood by a surprisingly wide spectrum of members. He is light. Please do not "demonize" him just because he pushed it too far one day.

On Astral attacks.

Yes you read it right. Mr. I don't talk about Astral stuff Anchor is breaking ranks! It is time and because of what we have done I think it is important to have a mature discussion about it. You must test this information before accepting it.

As has been noted by many, there has been a high level of what looks like psychic activity associated with this forum. My personal belief is that this is TRUE.

It was catalyzed by the extreme reactionary positions taken by some members to the Thuban material – bordering on hysteria both expressed and not expressed. This has led some to suffer some symptoms and astral attack. The modes are: Fear and Stress, Astral disturbance, attack or worse, or a combination the former preceding the latter.

Furthermore I do not think abraxasinas/Thuban material was directly to blame. Even if you did, he is gone now. I forgive him - please join me. I think we all are capable of this.

I think that the root cause of the psychic activity (astral energies attack) was via the following vector:

1) Improper discrimination and prejudice when reading, in particular the Thuban material. I have seen similar behavior with some of the fear mongering threads we have on here. It is believed that this is a common PTB attack mode, but this time I don’t think it was PTB I think it was an simply a bad accident waiting to happen.

Anyway this led to:

2) Interpretation that was more based on the "Dragon" /Alpha Draconis/ racial memory, frightening voodoo imagery of “eating people” “invasion” and other such with the ever-present hooks into many people's assumptions, learning, information and stance on the Reptilian, PTB or otherwise agenda etc – repeated and summed in a word: fear.

Fueled by:

3) Fear or suspicion that the website was being attacked and those in it. Unfortunately some of the time this was actually physically true. The site came under real attack fueled by some real hack attacks we suffered from China – where the forum was up and down like a whores knickers for a few days – the re-emergence of some past troublemakers that we repelled – and the Kerry's and Bill's contra-positions and fallout there from, and topped off with some rather rushed thinking and unclear communication (in private) leading to me closing the Thuban thread and the consequential re-opening of the thread and old wounds.

And to really make it worse:

4) Along come the ego's - these were the in private whisperings and rumors, the in public displays and grandstanding by self styled expert demonologists, semi-coherent ramblings from the “other side”, exorcists, egyptologists and symbologists who were all ready to pile in and say "I told you so" “burn the evil” "its a fight to the death!!" "Wont someone please think of the children!!" and in so doing - with these brands of polarity and mode of expression probably scared the bejeezus even more out of many somewhat innocent and less prepared people.

I hope we all learn. On top of that – contrary to the good advice of many people myself included – Abraxasinas kicked off on the sexual topics – talk about explosive!

As stated I played my own part and made my own errors especially that of trying to control the Thuban thread so that it was restricted to Q&A, I have beaten myself up enough about that but it did happen and it caused more angst than was already extant. I cannot change the past. Had I not done what I did, perhaps the thread would have descended into its own self defeating chaos more quickly - a bit like this one might.

So now we have made a monster !

At this point the fear, chaos and attention, again in my view and according to my perception DID open doorways better left shut (via the laws of attraction) and DID allow low level astral attacks against people who were in fear and undefended.

In some cases these were alleged to be more severe; especially in the case where some forum members were taking the fight to each other! I see this as vast power misused and backfiring - luckily not directly affecting the forum and only those within the scope of their conflicts.

We have seen the classic fight or flight response result. Now you know that there are many very tough fighters on Avalon (as there should be at this time, nothing wrong with that) - and a few people took flight.

So the fire burns hotter and hotter.

Bifurcated, split, closed, opened, closed and replicated, round and round in a chaotic spiral - the – "thuban threads" – incoherent "emotion" threads – threads and thoughtforms sprouted and fired with that energy into the almost tangible beings created; only to see these temporal monsters take on the energy of those in the loop. They do exist. They still exist. They need to be dissipated with love and compassion. Remove your energy and attention - bless them - forgive them - appreciate them for the experience and opportunities they presented us.

We are all, both the good guys and the bad guys, and the saints and the sinners; we are ALL jointly and separately responsible for this mess.

However instead of removing our attention and allowing things to dissipate, for some reason, we just couldn't let it go (so far anyway). Why?

Removal of threads from view without moderator consensus has been an unmitigated PR disaster. It was done. It has passed. Personally I forgive all those connected with that action. We ALL know (or should know) that this was done out of love and for the best protection of all – but now the energy has deflected into INDIGNATION – how dare one or a tiny few person/people do this to us?

Obviously with the benefit of hindsight this could have been done a different way.

I'll come out and tell you right now that I am not in my comfort zone here.

I don’t want to be a moderator anymore. I don’t think a moderator, administrator or co-founder can solve this problem, certainly not acting alone. I want this problem solved in a way that people don’t keep trying to make me come back as one I want US to do it.

I am begging you all! Please relax on whipping up the storm – allow it to pass. The moderators will fix things. The errors of judgment should be forgiven. We must do this to make this right and heal the damage. We can if we do this right all emerge stronger and wiser.

If we don’t do this simple thing – the forum will not stand.

If we don’t do this simple thing – we will learn less than we should learn!

We must unite.

We must internalize the new wisdom that the perceptive here will reap and share.

Don't be frightened to speak up.

Grasp your swords of truth.

Speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - speak it simply, plainly and with clarity. Distortions such as we have seen, cannot stand against the truth.

In conclusion:

This is not any demon, this is not any dragon, this is not any administrator or moderator, it is not any spiritual force for good or bad; IT IS US, we made this happen either by commission or omission and WE MUST LET IT END AND LET IT HEAL. .

I know that there are bound to be some inaccuracies in the presentation of my thinking above. I am very freaking far from perfect. I love you. I want to help. This is the best I could do right now. Please don't take those inaccuracies as you will see them and turn this into a bone crunching debate about my portrayal of the metaphysics involved. I know I am not a master of this illusion. Please focus on the restoration of harmony.

In the Love and in the Light of the one Infinite Creator, please bless, guide and protect this forum and all of its members without exception.


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