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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by James Casbolt View Post
To carry on the post above-

The craniel implants put in the skulls of project Ibis and participants of other programs suppress conciousness, lifeforce, awareness and intelligence.
They are switched on in everyday life and keep Jan and I often in mental states of five year old idiots, with our mothers ( main handlers ) babysitting us by doing our washing, cooking and telling us what to think and how things are. Reinforcing our false memories with stories from our childhood that never happened!

When Jan and I have our craniel implants switched on, we have 'learning disabilites'. Turn the implants off and we become 'ourselves' with full capabilities and talents.
This is what happens when we are involved in military operations under mind control. Our suppressive craniel implants are turned off and we become genuis leaders who the military and political leaders of this planet look to for guidance. Even 'positive' factions in Majestic/Com-12, the NSA and MI-5/6 believe letting us loose with full abilities, cutting around St Ives with thesefull abilities and functionality is too much of a risk to national security.
Any ops that I advise on from now on wil be done in full concious awareness with me signing secrecy oaths to protect senstive facts.
I'm burning mt chip out and this process cannot be stopped!

To carry on post above-

By James Casbolt/Commander Michael Prince

I'm not going to end of like 'Roger Harry Arm' from upstate New York. An elderly man who has a the IQ of child and lives a double life. When he has his craniel implant switched off, Harry becomes a genius who works for the US Air force with the rank of Lieutenant.
In his everyday life after operations he does not remember what he's been involved in and is babysitted by NSA agents posing as his doctor and carers who organise his medication and drive him around to appointments.
I used to talk to Roger on the phone and it was like talking a retarded child in many ways, then all of sudden he would have sudden flashes and inspiration and genuis and tell me to look into Delta Force at Fort Bragg and start telepathically 'tuning' into the computers there.
It was a lifetime of suppressed memories through mind control that was keeping him in this state!
Back to the 'Oneness' concept that Jan and others talk about on this thread, it does no good screaming the old worn out concept of

"God how could you let this happen!"

We create our own reality, you are your ultimate authority. 'God' is a title given to advanced extra-terrestrials but we are capable of doing anything they can.
This is not to say that light beings in various dimensions cannot help us. Just this morning I asked for help and was soothed and comforted, but we are all equal in this. There is no power greater than yourself!
Sacred geometry is the underlying structure behind reality itself. Thoth and others showed that everything that has ever been created has been brought into form by the geometrical pattern known as the 'Flower of Life'.
Contained within the flower of life is everything. There is nothing in the universe and never will be that is not manifested in this image-


The flower of life maps the order of the universe from the invisible atom to the infinite stars. THE TRUTH IS THAT WE FIND OURSELVES AT EACH STEP!
So how do we practically apply all this and uncover the secrets of Project IBIS, Thoth, Kamagol and the rest of the Immortals?
Let it be known, the immortals are here again!
Studies into the data presented here on this Ibis thread, combined with the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, Leonard Orr's 'Rebirthing' techniques, the AMORC Rosicrucian home study courses and a study of Dianetics is a must from my experience.
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'

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