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Default Re: Proton accelerator / black holes September 10th

Interesting...I found this this morning. Can't vouch for this person, never read her stuff, but it is another way of looking at what might be going on. There's always more to things than is immediately obvious. Just love the names of these them lots of credibility. Good intentions...bad decide.
The Large Hadron Collider

Posted September 7th, 2008 by Taliessa Pink

Magenta Pixie

Can you speak about the Large Hadron Collider due to be switched on September 10th?

I have communicated with the Nine about this.

They tell me that this cannot be understood by third dimensional thinking...if you don't open the pathways of energy within the body & brain then you simply won't understand what they say here. therefore ...this response is for multi density thinkers

Now The energies and information I normally receive from the Nine is easily interpreted by myself from their energy...into language.

However....regarding the Question about the Hadron Collider I am picking up many energies I am finding it difficult to interpret...

The Nine tell me if I had a scientific mind I could understand what they were saying...
as they are speaking....
for this from my perspective is deep physics that I don't have knowledge of. They tell me this is related to quantum physics, particle physics and string theory. Ihave very limited knowledge of these theories….

The reason I'm finding it hard to bring into words what I am seeing is the fact that all these timelines & possibilities and quantum realities are converging around this event of the Hadron Collider being switched on. It seems that what I am seeing is a mini reconstruction of what is occurring naturally on 21st December 2012....a mini version....but in the wrong space..or in the wrong time maybe.

So basically all these timelines are converging together around the switching on of the Hadron Collider. Every possible eventuality of everything that can ever happen in drawn into this moment.

Now the nearest word I am getting is "wormhole" It has also to do with time travel.'s like 2012 can be recreated in mini form....& bought forward into 2008.

Because the timeline hasn't occurred yet..from one perspective no one knows what is going to happen even the Nine. But then there is another perspective where they do know....because this is a created convergence not a natural one....even though once it is set in motion it becomes the same thing.

I see all these beings lining up ready to kind of "jump" in through this mini gateway that the collider will create.

But these realities are on mixed levels...each being jumping through has counterparts within every reality....all ready to jump through...and if they jump through they may not even end up in 2008...isn’t just a gateway to's a gateway to anywhere...depending on the "trajectory" I am told...again I don't know what that means

The energies of the Nine are there just like always for me but the subject matter itself is tinged with convergences all over the place...

kind of like I have "one set of white winged consciousness of Nines" but in the reality I am viewing now...there are millions and billions of consciousness of Nines.

Now the not see this from their reality as fact I get a very excited feeling from them about this....they are excitedly pointing to this convergence...because it's absolutely great..
wonderful for everyone.
What is being created is wonderful.

But the timing isn’t quite right….you see the living beings that can jump through this wormhole gate….are particles. These particles are part of the decision to turn the Hardon Collider on….it won’t be done only when we in third density want it….it shall be a 50/50 decision with the beings from the future…or the particles …they are one and the same. So on the one hand all timing for all events is divine & never wrong..on the other hand the timing for 10th September isn’t quite right.

So the Nine...from the future...along with a huge group of other beings of Light a group of intelligent living particles...shall contribute to the decision of the switching on of this wormhole creator…and it won’t happen until the time is right.

so from our current timeline here in of today (6th September 2008) .the Hadron Collider will in some way be "blocked" from working...
The reason the Nine and the other future light beings are waiting for the right timing is because of something to do with a small collision....a collision in time and in the microcosm of time...

It’s like a birth moment and everything has to be right.

But they assure me it's nothing to be afraid of...its indeed a wonderful thing....the problem is that third density thinkers....and multi dimensional scientifically minded thinkers are operating this. What they don't realise is that intelligent life...consciousness....shall be moved.

They see this as a re-creation of nature and indeed it is...but nothing can be "created" for all things exist already...creation is simply the act of recycling what was already there into a different form....

Now this happens all the time in nature anyway....but nature is designed by a higher mind and everything is laid out in perfect symmetry...what may seem like chaos to many. is indeed symmetry & order.

The Hadron Collider is created by the third density occupants....this is the issue here for in one respect this is the first time this has ever been done (whilst of course in reality it has occurred infinite numbers of times each in a different way)

So something shall change and whilst the higher light is "delighted" (that seems to be the best word to use) at the understanding & ability that we have on is like a Mother watching her three year old going off to university to study for a degree....

So it looks as though something will stop this from happening for now. As I said I see some kind of block

It will happen eventually…it will be turned on. It happens in all timelines and it signifies man’s ability to create as God creates. Life…new life as we know it…will be created…a wormhole will be opened…and life shall “jump in”

This is a destined event it will happen, it’s in everyone’s blueprint.

Each one of us can have an individual say in what shall happen here. Consciousness is being created and we have consciousness, therefore we can communicate with the life that shall be created by the Collider being switched on and indeed with the beings who jump in through the wormhole.

The Nine are asking that we send love…in meditation…from now as often as we can towards the Hadron Collider. This way only beings on the same frequency…the frequency of love…shall be able to jump in through this wormhole..this time portal that shall be created.
They stress again, it is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, but the timing of when it is switched on must be right.

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