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Originally from Tel Aviv,Israel but have been living in Berlin for the past (almost) 6 years.

Actually I am more into the David Willcock general positive & optimistic approach and i think we all should try to stay away from sinking into darkness and fear, thus avoiding creating more of it!
But i do keep my eyes and ears open and I do believe some events (especially earth changes) are going to happen and that it is indeed time to start creating communities and joining together - especially for after 2012! unfortunatly i have no real knowledge in new energies,agriculture,survival etc - i am "just" a musician... but I do have positive energies and the will to help!

furthermore as a child i have been gettng dreams and messages about these time that we are now in. some of them were apocalyptic and some were about the new world after.

I have been wanting to leave Israel ever since i was little because i felt this was the wrong place to be in. these days i am getting different feelings about this place. sometimes my gut feeling tell me its safe and sometimes the total opposite! I do feel, that some areas over there have very strong energies - something i dont feel here in Berlin at all!
Basicly I am now starting to focus my energies on moving out of germany probably to Canada.
Unfortunatly I dont feel the south of Germany is for me

Its so thrilling to to see how big this forum is (in just a few days!!!) and I really have a feeling thats something good is going to happen even if we have to go through "hell" before.

anyway, would be happy to contribute in a any way or just meet likewise people!

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