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Wink Re: September 19th Prediction - Dead On the Dollar


I wouldn't worry too much. Web Bot is based off of searching keywords through the net with a software program. It's sort of like the biblecode but it's using the net.

They were one year off on the financial crisis and anyone could have predicted that. And there has not been any flooding. We got hit by some hurricanes in the US but that is something that happens more frequently because of the weather changes.

These are general predictions. And so far they haven't been right on anything specific. I have also had a few predictions that I don't like about my particular area. I'm no way prepared. But I am prepared spiritually.

I apologize if I posted fearful information. That was not my reason for posting this. I just wanted people to observe the information.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Web Bot is just a software program. We create our own future.

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