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Default Re: Radio show today & Project Camelot Site (Both .com & .org) Down

Originally Posted by TruthWillSetUFree View Post
Thanks guys it isn't me then, I kept reading the post over and over wondering what she was talking about and why two totally opposite thoughts were in the same sentence making no sense whatsoever.

If Carrie or anyone has clarification on this it would be appreciated!
I was on the show today.
I came here to see if I was remembering right in regard to my posting here.

AND if you did read any of my 76 posts you will see that I've said before and I paste here what I have said before..

Originally Posted by Carrie1971 View Post
I am not very good at writing.. So bear with me..

I wanted to share with you all I know that "UFO's" are real.

I close with a question????

Can you all understand that I may not be the BEST at writing words.. BUT fact is I do "feel" very much the tone of the confussion..

I did not post today to have a whole 3 people tell me they are confussed.

I guess no one is hearing the Radio shows, and I am going to back on out of here...
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