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Default Re: Any one have a dream about the GFL ship last night??

Thanks for sharing your dream. I have had simalar dreams in the past. Earlyer this summer whilst in spain reading a book called The secret. I put the book down and focused on feeling joy and bliss. Whilst in this state i opened my eyes to stare into the blue sky. I was amazed to see an organic rainbow grid like structure forming in the blue. Like those deep sea creatures which have luminecent pulsating rainbows. I'm really not sure what i was looking at, but i feel that it was something that was there, but in another dimesion. My focus was disturbed when some friends arrived, who found me smiling from ear to ear! My research has since led me to a guy who calls himself Gridkeeper, he has a site on you tube. I highly recommend you look at his work.
As for that date in october, i feel it may have something to do with project bluebeam (which has been removed from Wikipedia!!). you are right thou, a "manfactured" mass sighting would cause a massive shift.
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