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Default Re: Dreams that are not dreams...

My most recent dream:
Far Flung Earth

I had a dream a few nights ago where the Earth had been knocked out of orbit.
Something happened that sent us hurtling through space. The ocean waves became extremely restless, people hurried about. I was living or staying in an old shack of a house, really falling apart, the floors were about to give out. I was searching for things I needed to bring with me, but mostly my boots.
At one point someone asked what was happening, I told them we had been knocked out of orbit and flung further out into space and pointed out the stars whizzing past us at a pretty unusual speed. Just then the ocean waves froze in place, it was as though time stopped.
I was made aware the alien crafts where approaching and that we needed to get to a certain check point to meet them and be taken to safety. I was still wondering about my boots. When I woke up from the dream, I had the idea to search on the Internet for any connection, I searched for (boots constellation, stars and space)this is the first link I came upon:
Exiled Stars: Milky Way Boots Members

I found this very interesting. Another note on my dream... it was a little worrisome, but I wasn't afraid.
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