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Default Re: World in Chaos January 09

Originally Posted by IndigoChild1986 View Post
I just had this bizarre shocking dream, I think this was the worst dream I ever had in my life.

It started with some shooting between my father and hes sister, but she is already dead, then also involved a friend of mine who passed away few weeks ago he was getting him new teeth white at United Nations head corners, it was very strange but to make this story short, after I went out from the office with my dad outside waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. The buildings started to shake and break apart in few miles before, I then could see there was earthquakes all over the place, this was in Poland I think happened. I saw also a big ship go apart with same donations as 9 11, it was very big ship in the ocean and after that happen I can see people run away the donation as the boat broke apart, I could see in Warsaw big sky scrapers and important building like that go apart as well, people could not understand what was happening, when I though this was over I went to another place in Warsaw but I saw a very big missile get launched into the center of city and then on distant ram into a central building full of fuel or something and explode, I was afraid for a moment, but then I said there is nothing to be afraid of we know that and suddenly I got message in my cellphone from my girlfriend saying are u ok? I say yeah are u? then I keep going with some family running behind me very scared... it was in daylight all was happening, I came also across some TV and saw this happen all around the world, for example I could see south Africa and Africa, Australia, America had some war going on in their country there was lots of shooting and military troops involved, then it said to me telepathic way this is about to happen in 5 6 days or if it was 5 6 months I missed it but I remember the numbers, and I should warn people about this, but I feel I have no power to do this alone without my indigos as union..
Indigo Child your dream was a scarey one alright. I;ll share a story with you of an experience I had of a bad dream.

I heard a story a couple of years back of a person having a dream of their impending death. Actually it was as much a vision as a dream when I think about it. Anyway in the dream/vision this person was lucid and just ordered the dream to be changed.

I thought at the time "Thats cool, just change it" About a year after hearing this story I woke from a nightmare in which I saw my daughter on her way to school with her friend, both in school uniform. They were driving our old Nissan Pathfinder and they were completely taken out by another car coming at them from the right! I saw the grief and turmoil of the school body and the headmistress addressing the other school girls.

I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled NO CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Lay back down again and went to sleep. Didnt even remember the dream the next morning. It wasnt until I saw my daughter the next day that it was all remembered, when she told me about the close call she had travelling to school that morning. She said "Mum, we nearly got wiped out. This car came from nowhere" We were soo lucky?

Was this a prophetic dream that I changed deliberately? I like to think it was and that we have that ability.

I would love to have other people's ideas about this/
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