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Default Gangstalking and Covert Harrassment

I am going to come out and say that I am a victim of mind control and covert harrasment. For over ten years i have been constantly harrassed every waking second, for things I did not do or would never do. I hear voices as plain as day interacting with my very thoughts. (There is technology that can be used where only the target hears the voices) They are trying to make me as negative as possible. It seems that almost everyone in my environment or family participates as well. They insult me and accuse me but in ways I could never directly battle against. When I have confronted the people involved, they deny it and say I'm the one with the problem. Many seem to hear my thoughts. Because the voices harass me constantly, I end up insulting everyone in my environment with my thoughts. I dont know why they chose me to do this to. Maybe because of a lot of jealous or vindictive people in my life, or maybe because they thought I was initially a "push-over" and too nice to fight back making me an easy target. Maybe because I was a left-wing artist living in Canada. Although now, after years of enduring this torture that no one will admit to in my environment, I have some other ideas on why they do this;

In the past, the government, whether it's the CIA or FBI or whatever harrassed and killed people like Dr. King, JFK, John Lennon, and other people who didnt agree with their ideas, ways of life, etc... These days the Governments of the World are not just assasinating or discrediting those in the public eye who disagree with them, they are doing it to anyone who may have the POTENTIAL to disagree with them. Just google Gangstalking or Covert Harassment. (Or Google the website "Freedom From Covert Harrassment and Surveillance" or google Eleanor White - a vocal gangstalking victim) Fake suicides, heart attacks, robberies, accidents, etc... are now common place when people disagree. Also, the mind control victims are targeted within the community as a criminal, usually they are branded with some horrific label like a rapist or child mollester or murderer. The community, scared for their safety, join in with the police and government agents and "voices" to harrass an individual. Thousands around the world are suffering under constant harassment of being labelled criminals when they havent done anything wrong or would never do anything wrong except maybe disagree with the powers that be. The "voices" (or the agents on the other end of the microphone) are constantly accusing the vistims of being a murderer, rapist or child molester, when they are none of those things. Yes these mind control voices are trying to ruin them body and soul. That's the new secret holocaust. And nobody is doing anything about it except joining in. And I know, because for ten years I've been the victim of this government(who else has these resources?) abuse when I dont even have a criminal record. So I know what I have and havent done and what's true for me and will protect it till the day I die. I will give you an example of what they have done to me. They congragulate me whenever I have a negative thought and insult me whenever I have a positive thought. They disagree with me no matter what I think about whether it's true or not. And they do it every waking second. It's only with a tremendous amount of willpower that I've surviived this long, let alone worked while going through it for 7 years. Yes, I worked in an office, suffering from the voices as well as harrassment from my co-workers. Only my willpower saw me through. They are also lucky I'm non-violent. Although I think they wanted me to do something violent or illegal so they could put me away.

Today it's thousands of victims, tomorrow it will be millions, whether it happens to you or your children. So fight it when you can and stick up for those who are being harrassed. Also question all gossip and anything the police tell you about certain people, especially if they dont have a criminal record. Make them back up their accusations and research it thoroughly before you decide to get in on the action and "join in". Because everyone has a right to free speech, free thought, free expression, or so they told us as children.

And the whole notion of thought control is utter uselessness. Whenever I think anything negative I'm attacked. But let me defend myself with the following statements: Just because someone reads about and then through reading thinks about the atrocities of Hitler or George Bush doesnt mean they agree with the actions of those people. Just because you've heard the phrase "Kill so and so" or "kill such and such people" and then the words are swimming around your subconscious does not mean you stand for those words. If you read every word in the dictionary are you to be condemned for all the bad words that swim around in your head? If you watch a violent movie (most of them are) does that make you a violent killer? You may have images and thoughts remembered from the movie but that doesnt mean your a James Bond or a psychopathic killer like Javier Bardem's role in "No Country For Old Men". If you read Mein Kampf by Hitler out of interest to see what a madman like him stood for, does that make you a Nazi? Or just curious to see how screwed up that person was? (About the same level of entertainment as watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and to be clear I've never read that book, I'm just using it as an extreme example.) My point is you can't condemn a person with thought police for what a person is thinking because most of the thoughts swimming around are bound to be horrible, especially in such a violent and racist and sexist society like we have today on Planet Earth. What the consciousness or personality does is sift through the good and bad thoughts and then presents themselves through speaking, actions, deeds. That is the true person. What she/he tries to present to the World. What they stand for. So the whole notion of thought police is ludicrous, since absolutely everyone on the planet would be guilty of having negative thoughts from the Dalai Lama, to Timothy McVeigh. What separates these people is that one is a widely respected spiritual leader and Tibetan Rights activist and the other was convicted for blowing up a building and killing hundreds of innocent people. It's what they do that counts, not the good and bad thoughts swimming around in their head. There isnt a human alive or dead who hasnt thought of something horrible or remembered something horrible in their lives.

In conclusion to this real IN THE NOW Orwellian nightmare, I will just say that when the thought police are involved, everyone will be found guilty of something or anything given enough time. The victims will have negative thoughts, just like everyone else, then they can also be brainwashed to have even more negative thoughts, especially in reaction to controlled psychological triggers. But I dont call that brainwashing, I call it braindirtying.
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