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Default Re: Gangstalking and Covert Harrassment

Greetings ,

I do not know if you are aware that some European countries allow even the grandchildren of people who migrated to obtain the citizenship .
I regained the Italian citizenship and my wife got hers in about 16 months after applying for it .
The gang stalking is still present here in Italy but it is a watered down effort . The worst part was in Sydney . The OZ state criminals were using colleuagues and relatives of my wife for psy- operations with the purpose to convince my wife to make peace with the adoptive mother . Now opportunities to use relatives and colleaugues do not exist and there is anothor problem for the spooks collaborators from OZ : the language .
My I suggest to you to find out if you are eligible to another passport .
Also I heard that in Ecuador a person could get citizenship easily especially if he has got money .. Might be worthwhile investigatiing this aspect with other countries that have a poor political relation with the crims in Washington .
In my opinion from what you say and what I read on different websites gangstalking in Aglosaxons countries is much more vicious .....
Can you shut down the voices with a " mantra " of your choice ?
Keep a positive attitude always . Cheers

Well, my familly is from Ireland and England. I dont know what it's like there, although England seems to be another Orwellian nightmare from the recent reports I've read on it. Unfortunately I dont have the money to move. Keeping me scared and poor seems to be a way to control me. Maybe it's as simple as trying to learn another language. Maybe I could think in Japanese or something. But I dont really have the strength to try to learn a new language right now.
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