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Default Re: Inter-persoal Relationships and the new energy

Found myself really resonating with what you have said here David, in particular, the two quotes below:

'As we build these new communities, it will serve us to consider the new and approaching role of relationship, the relationships within the communities and the relationships among them.

If we focus only on survival, we will miss out on an opportunity.'

And it occurs to me as I sit here, that opportunity really is a key word. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will manage to avert the worst of the various possibilities, through our collective intention. I believe we really can do that. Infact I not only believe that we can do that, I believe that we are doing that So maybe the worst won't happen, and life could just carry on as it is, and then an opportunity would be lost. The opportunity we have is to consider our relationship with the wider community, and the planet, and start relating and living differently right now.

Thinking about survival has started to focus us, but for many of us the focus is on survival of self and those we love, which is understandable. Could this also be an opportunity to flow that energy out towards all those we come in contact with and thereby trigger a change in the frequency they are resonating at? In other words, we could initiate a spriritual awareness revolution.

David wrote:
'As you build your communities, look for ways that you can demonstrate your love (and not just your self expression). Look for connection, and not just use. Two people may be equally qualified to provide a particular need, but which is more open-hearted?'

It seems to me we have a wonderful opportunity to adopt a community approach to living as of this minute. And how much more can we learn about ourselves and how we relate to each other, if we can look just beyond the immediate goal of survival?

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