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Thanks for your reply Luminari, Atherton was my first choice because of elevation, however according to the Zetas (if its correct) there will be hoards of people from Indonesia coming down in boats. I know Tassie is already too cold, but because its an island perhaps it will be safer. I guess when the time comes our intuition will tell us. One of my daughters has just moved down here from Brisbane and so now I have all my immediate family here and when I said I think we should consider Tassie, they were not impressed because Ive always said Atherton before. You know Ive been researching this topic for years and I read heaps and listen to lectures, and to me it seems everyone has a different story to tell. However during my whole life Ive had the feeling I had to be up high but didn't know why. We are only 400 feet above sea level here and unless this area has a major shift upwards I doubt we'll survive, besides I don't like the thought of being only a couple of hundred kilometers from hundreds and thousands of people who may become very hungry for what we have ie, macas, avacados, bananas, fruit trees and volcanic soil. Dr. Stein has confirmed so much of what I already new to be coming our way but its hard to convince all my loved ones. If your going to his lecture, could you please relay to me why he has chosen Qld only for his venues?

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