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Originally Posted by firefly View Post
could you please relay to me why he has chosen Qld only for his venues?
Yes, will do.

I am familiar with the Zeta info.

I have run the scenario of a couple of million indonesian refugees landing on the cape.. through my mind many times. There is plenty of room for them on the Gulf of Carpentaria side of the cape... They will have to do battle with the hordes of monster crocodiles there. I think they will overrun the Normanton area in the Gulf all the way up to Weipa.
It is such an enormous journey through desert wastelands for them to reach the other side where Atherton is, they would need alot of supplies which they will not have. If any make it will be a very small amount and good luck to them.
My group will have martial arts training and certain systems in place purely for our own protection.

If there is such a thing as a 'safe place' I am confident Ravenshoe is one.
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