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Default Project Camelot audio interview last night on Paranexus

Hi, All:

We did an audio interview last night with Paranexus. We don't usually post details of our own interviews, but this one was actually quite a good one. The audio quality is NOT the best, but here's the content:

1) A detailed summary of the "Big Picture", including the Roswell crash, time travel issues, future human visitation, and the 2012 problem.

2) A detailed analysis of the October problem (i.e. what may be happening in the next few weeks).

3) Project Avalon and its mission.

69 minutes (23 Mb). Enjoy.

[PC users right-click and Save As, Mac users option-click]

We've tightened it up to remove music and superfluous chat, so it's a lot shorter than the original. 20 minutes of the original was also irretrievably lost - the first time this has ever happened to Paranexus. We edited around that.

Please forgive the audio quality, but you may appreciate the content. It contains some interesting information that has never been published on the Camelot site and may be the best audio summary of our work to date.
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