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Default Re: Would Disclosure = Nuclear war?

I don't think disclosure would be used as a reason to polarize the world and start a nuclear war. Rather, it would be used to unify the world against a common enemy. The reason would be to generate a large budget for the war effort (money going into the pockets of you know who), and in order to drastically reduce or eliminate our remaining personal freedoms.

Think of this: which is a greater threat to individual freedom, ETs that look like lizards, or ETs who look exactly like us? If they look exactly like us, how do we know who the enemy is? Everyone will need some form of positive ID. It will have to be checked frequently to help find the aliens among us. It will be an excuse for the police state they want to impose, and people will fall for it.

In Greer's latest interview on Veritas, he said his greatest fear was that there would be a hoaxed alien attack, and that would be used to unify the world under military rule.
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