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Default Re: PETER SCHIFF ~ 5/29/2009 Big Moves

Blessings Beany,

Dollar hammered again today.

Dollar index closed around 79 l/4.

Dropped 12% from peak 2 months ago.

Higher inflation.

Commodity prices conceived as surged.

Oil prices closed the month at 66 1/2. Biggest weekly or monthly gain in oil prices in over 10 year.

Biggest monthly gain in silver in 23 years.

Gold surged.

Collapse in bond market.

Interest rates moved up substantially.

More on economic news abroad....not nearly as bad as people thought.

Looking at the momentum, I think we're going to continue to get more dollar weakness from here, further strength in commodities, bond market continue to get clobbered which means interest rates are going to keep rising despite the fact that the US economy is going to continue to deteriorate.
That's the first two minutes of the video. I'm wondering if you can call a friend who has youtube and have them play it to you over the phone. Just a thought.

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