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Default Re: Concerns Members Have About Enforcement of Forum Rules

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Another thing is that I feel that the trolls are just going to keep on coming back using whatever it is they do to come back and I think banning them just gives temporary relief.

We've really and truly ignored them in the past and it hasn't worked?
I agree with you on both points......the truth is that trolls have a specific mission, & that is to disrupt, frustrate, denigrate as much as possible before they get banned. They know before they even start here that they will be banned. Its a big game to them. No amount of ignoring them works....its been tried I posted before, they are the school ground bullies.....they keep doing it, until someone stops them.

The question becomes how do we stop them before they even start. There not interested in spiritual lessons, its been tried also.
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