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Default Re: What do you make?

I would like to add a personal experience and viewpoint on the educational system...

When I was in High school it was a nightmare... I would like to add two comments here... 1, fault of the system (the teachers did not know better) 2, I am grateful for those times, because they made me who I am today.
So when I was there, in those days all Iíve got out of it was intimidation and a fear based hierarchy system. And both of those are hard to deal with for an indigo kid. The system is wrong and outdated, because the overcrowded classrooms and the curriculum are both useless. There was a lot of stress on our teachers and so they acted out fear of underperforming children and the pressure from the head master, who would have been better off as an army officer, rather than a positive authority figure for children.
And even tho I find it easy to learn massive amount of information quickly and sufficiently, the whole thing was a catalyst to rebel and wanting to destroy the system that caused us children so much grief over the years. It was separating us from each other. Those kids, whose parents were donating money to the school, were always safe from intimidation and even bad marks. My parents werenít, so for me it was a struggle being bright, yet non-conforming. Until this day I feel strongly about the public school systems and its dangers to society. It just wonít cut it any longer. I sincerely hope, that what the indigos came to change (old systems) and re-build with the help of the crystals arriving, we can have an educational system for all, that is not based on corruption, fear and intimidation, but on true values, integrity and enough space for the left and right brained children to learn life skills as well as academic knowledge and develop into confident and smart individuals. A system, that brings joy to the teachers and students equally.
I am proud of being different now, but God knows, just how happy I was finishing up and never looking back. Maybe thatís what I needed, the stimulus, to go against and stay gifted, rather than conform and die, like a caged bird, which never learned to fly.

Thank God for the gifted and those, who dare to teach them with patience and love!
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