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Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
Teachers do make a difference, unfortunately much of the material being thought in these organize learning institutes may be detrimental. And it also may be the (disruptive) students subconscious protecting its mind from absorbing the inaccuracies that’s being programmed into the minds of the youth. What’s being cultured in these schools is how to stay confined to their system.

There’s an influx of young bright individuals (probably Indigo and Crystal Children) failing in today’s school systems….ever wonder why? Well, most of us know the body heals itself, so maybe the brains deterrence of this info is seen (by so called professionals) as having a predisposition …therefore naming the child un-teachable and a distraction instead of a thinker or innovator. Something to ponder…

As far as teaching morals, responsibilities and respect for self and others…teachers can, and often do play a big part in that.

That's funny...I had a long conversation with my 5 year old last night about how the dinosaurs really did not die out entirely and that Daddy thought there were still smaller Brontosaurus' in Africa and Pterosaurs in Texas.

Of course when she repeats that in school she'll be laughed at and "corrected" by the teacher.

I'm wrestling with all this as we speak because I'm getting to enroll her in kindergarten.




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