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Default Re: What do you make?

we know quite a few people,
who choose home schooling~and, it did make a huge difference

most of the knowledge out there ~ is incomplete/and, is missing

which means, the mother/or the father ~ are always, the best teachers

as, celine says ~ if you can put your truths, into the making,
of the ones, who, when we are old, will be handling this world,
imagine, what a great world, we could be in

we are all for home schooling

my cousin, successfully, home schooled 4 children

and, all of them, are 3.5 out of 4 (in universary today)

1 graduated, and, 3 still going

(also, we believe, continuing educations
like college/trade school/universary, etc.,
should be FREE to everyone)

also, we think, there are a lot of things
kids, should be exposed to
art/music, etc.,
learning to do things with their hands
woodworking- crocheting, knitting, sewing, cooking etc.,
learning how to interact with others
lots of lots of activies, out in nature / as, well as, team sport etc.,

so much, parents can do

when was the last time, you took your kids
out into nature,
or, stopped to listen to crickets/or, loons on a lake,
(who make 3 funny sounds)
or, just stopped to listen to the sound of rocks/and, stones
in a brook/river/or stream

yes, parents can do, so much more, than anyone else can do

your kids, celine; and; richard, are so very lucky
to have the two of you, as, their parents

pretty amasing, we are sure, to become grandparents, etc.,

so much the grandparents, can teach, the children

yet so many of them, are stuffed alone, and, into old age homes

what a world, we are in !!!

ps; once in awhile we go up the street to the old age home,
to take books, etc., locked in there, are some of the greatest people,
one could ever meet - if you ever have idle time on your hands,
go to a place like that, for 1 or 2 hrs

ask at the front desk,
is there anyone in here, who never gets guests,
and, that you would love to go visit them,
we can tell you, some of these,
poor dear old souls ~ will be very happy you stopped by
and/or volunteer a few hours a week, in an old age home
just to help them out

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